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Michael Jackson Remembered Two Years After Untimely Death

Michael Jackson is remembered two years after his untimely death. The mega pop star was on his way to a sure fired comeback with a “This is It” tour when on June 25th, 2009 he was pronounced dead. The event sent shock waves through the world. I recalled I was traveling back home on a Delta flight when I flipped to CNN to hear the shocking news – still sad.

Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial for involuntary manslaughter as he stands accused of administering the fatal does of meds to Michael. Conrad has long maintained his innocence and may have a surprising ally in his corner. Michael’s sister La Toya Jackson who’s out promoting her new book “Starting Over” has called Conrad the “fall guy”. La Toya sat with Matt Lauer and shared that Michael feared someone was out to get him.

“I could never perform again, because I know they’re going to kill me”. Matt continued to prod asking for specifics. Jackson responded, “Everyone that surrounded that and was involved in that.” “When you read the book and read between the lines … Michael led you to that. To what was going to happen. When you read the book you understand completely”.

Despite all the drama surrounding Michael’s death, his legacy still leaves on. MTV charted a list of Michael Jackson’s posthumous success. Most notable is Michael’s best selling album ever – “Thriller”. According to MTV, Michael sold more than 16 million digital tracks since June 28, 2009, the first sales week following his passing.

So in remembrance of the late great Michael Jackson, here’s “Thriller”

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