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Tyrese Gibson Pens A Poem To His Daughter On Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers!! We’ve gathered a few shots of celebrity fathers taking some time out with their children. Transformers actor Tyrese posted a touching poem to his daughter Shayla on his blog. Read a sample below:

I am more than just a man.. I am a father.
A boy is excited about the opportunity to be a dad.
A father is more focused on the “Responsibility” of being a father.

To all of the REAL FATHERS around the world..
Through good, bad or ugly relationships with the mother…
If you are NOT there for your kids, it is ONLY the kids that suffer in the end.
Take a stand and do any means necessary to be a part of your kids lives.

God knows your heart… God bless all FATHERS around the WORLD for Father’s Day!


What is your wish for your father today?

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