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Mildred Baena Breaks Her Silence On Arnold Schwarzenegger Affair

Mildred Baena has finally broken her silence on her shocking affair with former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The story of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair that resulted in a love child, Joseph, sent shock waves through the industry. It was later reported that Arnold’s son with Mildred was born a week apart from Maria Shriver’s last son with Arnold.

Mildred tells HELLO magazine how she revealed the news to Maria Shriver and cleared up when Arnold found out about his son.

“Last summer, I brought Joseph over to the house. After that, people in the house started whispering about how much they looked like each other.”

She added,

“Maria would ask if I needed to talk to her, and I kept saying no,” she reveals. “Finally, she asked point blank. Maria asked me directly if Joseph was Arnold’s son, and I just broke down. I dropped to my knees and I was crying, saying that yes he was and I was so sorry. She cried with me and told me to get off my knees.”

“Since I was retiring soon, I said I would pack up and leave right away, but she said to stay until after the holidays,” Baena adds.

“He’s a good man and I know he’s suffering too. He loves Maria. I hope with time they work things out,” she says. Mildred also added that she and Schwarzenegger had a short affair and he only found out recently about Joseph.

Maria Shriver seemed very polite in her response to Mildred’s revelation. Could you imagine yourself responding to Mildred Baena revelation about her affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Maria Shriver did?

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