Eva Mendes Expresses Her Disdain For Marriage On Chelsea Lately

Let’s get one thing straight – Eva Mendes is not a fan of marriage. The actress who starred in Hitch will likely not find her self down the aisle anytime soon. Eva stopped sat down with Chelsea Handler to discuss her disdain for marriage and that stinking piece of paper.

“I’m not like anti-marriage or the institution, like for other people. And I love the idea of a union — that’s all very beautiful. But I think, you know, it’s a very old fashioned, archaic kind of thing. We did it for land originally. How unromantic is that?”

“Well actually,” Handler quipped. “If we were doing it for land now, I’d probably be more interested.”

“I actually think it’s really sexy to be with someone in your fifties and sixties and be like, ‘That’s my boyfriend,'” Mendes added. “I think husband and wife is just… very unsexy.”

It is difficult to follow Eva’s logic on this one. So marrying for land is “unromantic” therefore bad and calling your mate husband or wife past 50 years of age is “unsexy”??? Something tells us Eva believes the romantic comedies that she acts in and may believe that the 50% divorce rate comes from couples who married for land and the other 50% married for romance – sheesh! We’re with Chelsea on this one who also opposes marriage but for practical and sane reasons! What’s your take on Eva Mendes’ take on marriage?

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