Laz Alonso Gets Dapper On The Cover Of Rolling Out Magazine

The talented and dare we say very easy on the eyes actor Laz Alonso sat with Rolling Out magazine to discuss his new highly anticipated movie “Jumping The Broom” and life as a sex symbol.

“Jumping the Broom” starring Laz Alonso tells the story of a young and successful businessman from Brooklyn preparing to wed a wealthy uptown woman played by Paula Patton and the many perceived differences between the two groups.

On how his life mirrors his character in “Jumping the Broom”:
I have friends from D.C. and my Howard friends and Wall Street friends. Now, I have my Hollywood entertainment friends. Plus, my character’s mother was a loud voice in his head and, coming from a single-parent home, I have a loud [mother], too. She’s louder than Loretta Devine and in two languages. So, there is a balancing act because you can have the same situation, and these groups give you different ways to respond. One thing the film taught me is that, at a certain point, you have to stand up for yourself and make your own decisions. You have to have that to make love last and face anyone in your life to put love first.

Do you think you’re a sex symbol or not?
I don’t because I’m very silly and goofy. In my personal life they know I’m just Laz. I do work out a lot, and there are things I do for myself and my business. I gotta stay in shape for my profession, and I like the way my clothes fit, and I’m more energetic. But I just appreciate that people feel I’m attractive and support what I do and how I do it.

On women approaching him…
One time, in New Orleans, I was walking down Bourbon Street, and a blue minivan pulled up. One of the sisters leaned out and said, “Are you Laz Alonso?” All of a sudden all the doors came out, and eight women almost tackled me. They were all hugging and groping [me]. When it’s one against eight, you go with the flow. So, that’s the biggest set-up line. Now, when someone asks who I am, I make sure there is nobody hiding in the bushes so that I don’t get ambushed.

..and him approaching women:
It depends on the setting. I won’t approach a woman at a grocery store or gas station. If the conversation naturally strikes up, and I’m feeling the energy, then I’ll ask for a number and see where it leads. One time, I tried to approach a woman on the street in passing, but I crashed and burned. It’s a special skill, and I know guys who do that well, but I’m not that guy.

“Jumping the Broom” also stars Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine and Mike Epps and jumps into theaters on May 6th.

Although Laz Alonso looks a bit awkward in this shoot – we’ll happily file this one under *sexy* 🙂 Oh did we mention Laz confirmed he’s single?!

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