Kim Kardashian Wants Her Old Body Back, While Kanye West Pushes For 2nd Baby


Kim Kardashian not ready for second baby Kim Kardashian and Kanye West still can’t seem to agree on much as the couple is on completely different ends of an argument regarding whether or not they should already start trying for their second baby.

It’s no secret that Kim has become obsessed with trying to get back in shape after giving birth to daughter North, but Kanye is ready for her to undergo another hellish nine months of weird cravings, swollen feet and crazy mood swings.

Kim K refused to even step back out in the media spotlight until she was comfortable with her body again, but if Kanye has his way she might be hiding away for yet another year.

“Kanye recently suggested that they start trying for another baby as he doesn’t want a big gap between their children’s ages,” one source explained.

Kim, on the other hand, isn’t focused on being a mommy-of-two.

“Kim’s really focused on getting back her size eight figure,” the source added.

The source went on to say that the reality star doesn’t even want to think about having another baby right now and everyone knows that her pregnancy wasn’t necessarily a walk in the park.

Either way, it seems that Kanye gets his way in most arguments in this relationship – including the decision to have kids before getting married – and it wouldn’t be shocking if he won out this battle as well.

The only problem is this time he’s facing his toughest adversary yet, Kim’s obsession with her appearance.

The reality star is considering plastic surgery on her stomach, love handles and possibly her breasts, despite the fact that her boo is freaked out about the idea of her going under the knife.

“Kim’s main concern is her boobs,” the source continued. “They went up to an F-cup during her pregnancy, which is twice the size they were before, and she thinks they look droopy. She’s already set up a few consultations and is looking into non-invasive lipo on her tummy and love handles.”

Kanye West pushing Kim to have another baby Meanwhile, Kanye told Kimmy K that she looks “beautiful and doesn’t need anything done.”

Ever since Kanye’s mother, Donda West, died after complications with plastic surgery, Kanye seems to be  paranoid about any other women in his life undergoing surgery, which is completely understandable.

The good news in all of this, however, is that Kanye is stepping up as a father.

Reports revealed that the “New Slaves” rapper lets Kim get her rest at night while he tends to North.

“He is really loving being a father,” another source told “He’s on North duty in the house all the time. He is in love with her, all day, every day. She’s the last one he kisses at night and the first thing on his mind in the morning.”

The source then went into detail about the Kanye’s night duties.

When baby North wakes up crying in the middle of the night, Mr. West hops up and kisses and cuddles with her until she falls back asleep.

“…he’s making sure he’s a hands-on dad and he wants Kim to get all the sleep in the world,” the source added. “He’s really taking care of them and being everything to them. His little girl changed him and it shows.”

One can only hope that this new soft side to Kanye will continue to grow until he gives up on smashing cameras and starting all his shows with lengthy, angry rants.

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