LaLa Anthony Launches ‘5th and Mercer’ Clothing Line


LaLa Anthony launches 5th and Mercer clothing line LaLa Anthony teamed up with friend and stylist Jason Bolden to launch her new clothing line “5th and Mercer.”

LaLa has made the most of her 2012 as she proved that being a basketball wife doesn’t mean you can’t have your own hustle as well.

The mom, wife, and successful entrepreneur launched the sophisticated yet edgy clothing line which was inspired by her love for New York.

Mrs. Anthony explained that the line “encapsulates everything we love about New York – the chic toughness of downtown and the refinement of uptown.”

The clothing line is new to the fashion scene, but it has already been flaunted on some of the best bods in the business.

La’s pals Gabrielle Union and Kelly Rowland rocked the sleek jumpsuits on the red carpet and suddenly the photogs couldn’t look away.

LaLa launches 5th and Mercer clothing line “We hope to create a massive collection and ultimately make it into the major retail stores,” Jason told BET about the clothing line. “We’re excited about the road we’re on.”

The “5th and Mercer” clothing line is only the latest of LaLa’s many business ventures this year.

She may have started out as a host for MTV back in the day, but now she has emerged with her own reality show and has been steadily building up her acting resume.

VH1’s “LaLa’s Full Court Life” has been a successful hit so far and gave her fans a behind the scenes look at her busy life.

Carmelo Anthony’s gorgeous wife may always look stunning when she hits the red carpet and makes other public appearances, but that doesn’t mean she was at home pampering herself all day.

The reality show revealed the busy schedule La faces on a daily basis from rushing in and out of meetings, making appearances, and of course fulfilling her daily duties as a loving wife.

This year she also made her way unto the big screen after she bagged a role in one of the biggest 2012 movie hits “Think Like A Man.”

Of course, she showed TV screens some love too when she guest starred on VH1’s “Single Ladies.”

The gorgeous 33-year-old businesswoman also began building a beauty empire as she launched her line of beauty products called Motives.

Mrs. Anthony is yet another strong minded woman on reality TV who turned her reality gig into a collection of other business ventures.

Other lovely ladies such as Kim Kardashian, Draya Michele, and of course NeNe Leakes have also turned their reality TV debuts into full blown entrepreneurial careers.


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