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Sunday, April 19th, 2015

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10 Actors Who Made A Living Stripping Before Making It Big

carmen electra stripper pole

Every one knows that becoming a star is one of the most difficult things to do.  Those actors who have been lucky enough to get their big break, had to do all kinds of low paying, dignity bashing, odd jobs before raking in the big bucks associated with stardom.  A number of these stars even had to bare it all on stage just to make ends meet.

Here’s a list of ten actors who made a living as a stripper, at one point or another, before making it big in Hollywood. Turn the page to view the peep show of stars like Carmen Electra, the rapper Eve, and even Brad Pitt, taking it all off on their way to fame….

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  1. I have soooo much pitty for strippers, whores, nude models, sex-cam prostitures, etc. having to “make ends meet” this way. Oh, what ends? Certainly not financial! Millions of people make a living through hard work at a decent job. There is not excuse for the firthy acts of these strippers, whores, prostitutes, etc. And there is no respect for those who droooool over these and support them. Those support the demoralization of America. Shame on you!

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