Thursday, July 28th, 2016

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Bristol Palin Mocks the President and His Daughters

In a hypocritical twist, President Obama and his daughters Sasha and Malia are now receiving harsh attacks from Bristol Palin of all people—daughter of former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. That would be the same Bristol Palin whose mother angrily lashed out at the world—referring to herself as a Mama Grizzly—when people went after her daughter for having a baby at age 18.

In a blog post on the Christian website,, Bristol suggests that the president was weak and ineffectual for being influenced by his daughters in his decision-making on gay marriage.

“It would’ve been nice if the President would’ve been an actual leader and helped shape their thoughts instead of merely reflecting what many teenagers think after one too many episodes of Glee,” Bristol wrote, in a piece entitled “Hail to the Chiefs—Malia and Sasha Obama.”

“So let me get this straight—it’s a problem if my mom listened too much to my dad, but it’s a heroic act if the President made a massive change in a policy position that could affect the entire nation after consulting with his teenage daughters?” she continued. “I guess we can be glad that Malia and Sasha aren’t younger, or perhaps today’s press conference might have been about appointing Dora the Explorer as Attorney General because of her success in stopping Swiper the Fox.”

When Bristol’s mom was running for the second highest job in the land, she pleaded with the media to leave her family out of the campaign morass, saying that families should be off-limits. But Bristol now feels comfortable deriding the president’s daughters for influencing their dad?

This is the same Bristol Palin who has perversely become a symbol of heroism and admirable judgment among conservatives because she chose to have her child after being impregnated while still in high school—and who now earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as an expert on teen pregnancy prevention.

If Bristol wants to attack the judgment of the president’s daughters, maybe we might encourage the 2012 version of Obama vs. Palin—except this time it’s a debate between Bristol, 21, and Malia, 13.

I got my money on the brown girl in the White House.


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Nick Chiles is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author. He has written or co-written 13 books and won over a dozen major journalism awards during a journalism career that brought him to the Dallas Morning News, the Star-Ledger of New Jersey and New York Newsday, in addition to serving as Editor-in-Chief of Odyssey Couleur travel magazine.


  1. Shaun Shaka Pascall says:

    This CHILD is a retarded , misguided idiot.. The president is not a know it all, why do you think he have advisors … It's comes in many shapes and forms

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask any of the President's advisers, and they'll tell you Obama has an obsession with being "the smartest guy in the room." He actually said that once, referring to a meeting with his top staff. He reminds them on a fairly regular basis. His advisory staff is comprised of the cream of his personality cult, so they don't mind not having to question whether or not it's really true. Ms. Palin's comments may have been below the belt, but to say the President is a "know-it-all" is, to most who know him and have remarked on the matter, a pretty sizable understatement. She got that much right. Apparently, you're another one of those who refuses to believe any statement against the president, even when it's got a little more than just a kernel of truth behind it.

      If that's not a stock photo taken out of a 5×7 store-bought picture frame in your photo, I would assume you are a married adult. Allow me to congratulate you for really making things better and calling a young woman with a mentally retarded son "retarded." High class. Maybe it'll happen to you, too. I hope your old lady knows what a brilliant specimen of the human race she's hitched to, you'll probably have the sharpest kids on the block.

    • Anonymous says:

      (I just hope you didn't learn your debate skills at CUNY too — I had been thinking of going myself. Now? not so much.)

    • David Van Buskirk says:

      He reminds me of A Rod.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      inthewestnonews get a life and stop camping posts you dont agree with. UGH I get tired of seeing your danmed title let me read someone else's oppinion you have made your point.

  2. No libtards protested when all the leftist types were mocking Palin and her children (most evilly, her retarded child). Frankly, turnabout is fair play. Good for Bristol!

    • Typical right wing puppet response and another lie! Obama never did anyone on his campaign or his family say anything derogatory about Sarah Palin or her family! So puppet you have proven your ignorance to the truth and then lied about it publically ! Bristol Palin claims to be a devout Christian yet her words and actions speak otherwise!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ron Lorensen Where's the DISlike button? The national media was by and large a mouthpiece for the Obama campaign, and there was plenty in the way of derogatory remarks from Olbermann, Maher, et al. Obama never spoke out against their comments. Bristol shouldn't have said what she said, but when she was a kid of 17 and 18 during the 08 campaign season, comment sections like this were full of whooping and cheering for those who openly mocked her teenage motherhood. I'm getting really tired of selective memory on the left.

    • Anonymous says:

      Obama claims to be a Christian too, yet much of his life history speaks otherwise!

    • Why should have Obama spoken out, and gotten into that mess?

    • David Van Buskirk says:

      He just let all the other morons like Letterman and that other pig Maher speak for him instead

    • Are you a christian? I would suggest you re-read the teaching of Christ puppet.

    • Kelly Krogman says:

      People still openly mock her. That's not President Obama's fault. He still has too much class to respond to the idiot things that come from her mouth. Don't decide all by yourself that the President Obama somehow instructed the media to act as a proxy on his behalf because it simply isn't true. The media and the general population saw how ridiculous Bristol Palin was (and is) and rightly responded by mocking her comments. You need to face reality and stop blaming atrocious behaviour by the GOP and friends on anybody liberal. That's called projecting and it really only shows what everybody else already knows about you.

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      Ron Lorensen He didn't need to. He had the media to do it for him and all of those foolish people that actually believed they'd get to live off the bounty of this land in return for doing nothing. BO BROUGHT HIS CHILDREN INTO THE SUBJECT. NOT BRISTOL. What a dumb ass left winger you are.

    • How you can you say good for Bristol when she's going after a 13 and 11 year old, WTF!! She couldn't find someone her age or is it she couldn't hang with someone her age. Come on.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      I was waiting for this from you. What a dumb fucking cunt you are.

    • Alice, he has Downs Syndrome and who is mocking them now. Tell me what you heard Obama himself say?

    • Anonymous says:

      with a last name like ramirez, people like hardy, denis or better yet madame white would probably point the finger at you and call you an immigrant that is taking jobs from us blacks!

    • Ron Lorensen, Obama didn't have to. His shills in the leftwing "news" media, Hollywood and prominent libtards (like you, although prominent, unlike you) did his dirty work for him.

    • Imaginary history from a Palinite. Quelle surprise.

    • WTF are you talking about? Oh another he's munk, no a fish fry, dog-gone-it a a muslim and sweet Jesus he was born is Kenya. Do you know who racist you are?

  3. Otis Morgan says:

    This bitch is a non factor.

    • Fresh out of ideas are we Tex?

    • @Denis. I love a good curmudgeon. Very witty.

    • Anonymous says:

      Robin Ann Freund Kearney We shouldn't have to praise his wit, we should all be saying the same thing! This comments section would be funny, if it wasn't for the sad display of what must be the Star's typical online readership.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Otis. Apparently, so is the space between your ears.

    • dennis studebaker!

    • Denis Gray How about some original content from you, feller? By the way, I am LOVING your witty first-responses to everything. For a better America.

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      And thank goodness Otis that you took the effort and time to inform us.

    • Denis Gray

      Do you want to voice an opinion on the subject, old timer? You seem to be filled with responses to posters who are bashing this chubby bimbo… but have yet to voice your own wise-brilliant opinion.

      Just so you can say something about this comment… here:

      Bristol Palin has no room to talk, being a single mother. She's not just a teenage pregnancy case… she's a young single mother! If she would have stayed with Levi, I would give her more props… but since Levi she has been on a sexcapade and doesn't deserve to talk to my daughter about pregnancy and I would go up to the school and complain if so. Rich whte btch getting richer for having a baby under 17 and never staying or planning on staying with the dad… what trash!

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Why is the color of one's skin matter so much? We are always telling our children that color doesn't matter only for them to grow up and go out into the world and find out that it means EVERYTHING to many people. It's not fair to them. If it matters so much then let us just admit it and teach them reality instead of make believe. And lastly, 70% of black women have babies without being married so how can anyone reasonably bring up the fact that Bristol is white? Is it not apparent enough? And who cares how much money she has. I am happy for anyone who is lucky enough to have money. I once did and it was fun. I guess I was just a rich white bitch to all the non-rich white bitches all the while I was a mom to four sons and married. That part isn't as important in our world today. Must be so confusing for children. It used to be for me but I now I just accept what I can not change.

    • And yet the comments Bristol made about the Obama girls, you are ok with that.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Obama brought up his girls. The constitutional lawyer, now the leader of the free world said he made this decision after talking to his girls. Terrifying. You choose which parts of the story to make a point rather than taking the story as a whole in order to make your argument. Thuse it makes no sense.

    • Otis, you are actually the non-factor. Bristol Palin is articulate and she is having the last laugh. By the way, what is your income? I bet it's sort of a non-factor.

  4. Children should never be brought into the digs. The president never mocked Sarah Palin's son and Bristol Palin is the last person who should talk about the type of people that should be raising children.

    • Bristol Palin is precisely the person who can talk about raising children. She's a mom.

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      Erica – So many cowards have disdain for the couragous. It's much easier to throw stones when your sins are hidden. A mother can talk about raising children. Bristol is a mother. Er go, she can talk about raising children. I think what she said is perceptive. And if you took the time to notice, bo first brought up 'the children'. Bristol only responded.

    • Mike Jones says:

      Joan, you know that shot smell you keep smelling? It's your fat head up your ass.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      LOL! So clever. Must have taken you ages to think up this one. When are you going to be graduation from junior high? Are you excited about going to high school soon?

    • Joan-Bristol Palin and Couragous are not two words that should go together. Bristol stated her opinion which she has a right to do but the year is 2012, not 1912. The symbol of a family isn't just a mother, father, 2 kids and a dog. The symbol of a family is two parents who love and provide for their children whether it be a man and a woman or 2 people of the same sex. Bristol wrote, "It would’ve been nice if the President would’ve been an actual leader and helped shape their thoughts instead of merely reflecting what many teenagers think after one too many episodes of Glee.” Teenagers are a big part of this world today so why would the President not listen to what is going on around him and his daughters lives?!?! So if you're trying to imply that I am a coward because I think that Bristol Palin's words were tacky than so be it.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Hi Erica. Thank you for the opportunity to have a civil debate. I was not calling people who disagree with Bristol cowards. I was calling the people who where calling her a ho and stating that she should keep her legs closed and other crude comments regarding her cowards. Her sin is known world wide whereas most of us are fortunate enough to not be in such a situation. I meant that we have all sinned and it's hypocritical and easy to castigate her while hiding behind anonymity. I appreciate your opinion and your point does reflects Bristol's situation. After all, you are correct. It is 2012.

    • They are his children and he showed the world that he listens to them. How is that wrong. Some of the greatest ideas in the world come from children. But I guess your kids are stupid so why bother. See how inappropriate comments about people's children are. I aplogize, but made my point.

    • Corri Anderson says:

      Joan Hardy Perhaps if you viewed the world not thru a lens tinted with belief in God, but from a standpoint of reason, you may be a little more tolerant of those around you. I have no time for the name-calling, however I responded to the substance of what she said: Laughing at the idea our children help shape our worldview, and believing that our government should not provide the same benefits and titles to same-sex marriage couples as they do men and women. If your church will not perform same-sex marriages, then why is it an issue for you if others do? Leviticus also tells us not to wear clothes made of more than one material. You can see why some of us may find judging others within a Biblical context is unpalatable, no? I have little respect for Sarah Palin because she shoots animals for sport (from a helicopter!) and shared niceties with one of the worst war criminals of the 20th century in Kissinger. Not to mention she is an engine of partisanship in our political system. Her infamy should not give her daughter license to be an expert on anything, that is what education is for.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Your house is built upon sand.

    • You are very arrogant.

    • Isn't it amazing how puerile are the insults coming from the libtard Left!

    • Demauri Nycole Mumphrey says:

      Joan Hardy it doesnt matter if she is a mother or not. you dont bring up the kids in any way! she should know.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      I guess you should tell that story to Obama then Demauri. He IS the one that brought up his kids as decision makers in his administration.

    • These are not the words of a courageous Bristol! These are the words of a young mother who has no maturity under her belt and is spewing juvenile opinions that fall hard on the ears of those who have been around for a while. Joan, you need to stop talking.

    • Corri Anderson says:

      Um Alice, put the thesaurus down. I think "libtard" represents exactly what you meant by "puerile." The fact that you don't see the hypocrisy makes me think you don't use big words often unless you are alone on your computer. Plus "the insults are" would have made more sense.

    • Tambria Williams says:

      LOL Mike

    • I don't care if it took Mike Jones 10 seconds to say what wrote. It's funny and you do have your head up your white republican ass.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Sleepy – I can see your compassion for Mike. You both probably sell your food stamps, have children out of wedlock, and a criminal past. At least statistics show that the chances of this are great. Your level of comedic intelligence is on his level as you proudly proclaim. And you can't control your compulsive need to bring in race. Remember, you are only 12% of this nation and this nation is getting tired of carrying your sorry asses and your propensity for crime. Start acting normal and integrate. If you want a race war, the odds are severely against you.

    • However coarse Sleepy and Mike's responses were to your god awful comments not once did their remarks equal your incendiary, bigoted, hateful and ugly comments. Not once did they mention race but you threw every piece of trash you could think of into their faces. You're a nasty, ugly, vicious and filthy person. But then you're white and you're entitled when you feel that a person of a lower race has insulted you. I suspect that you feel that they should step off the sidewalk when you pass. Doesn't work that way anymore missy and thank goodness all you can do is spew your hatred on these sites and nowhere else.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Talk about stupid. He called me a white Republican. HE brought in race you dumb bitch. READ before you get all self-righteous. Jeez. Even if you all stick together you are not going to win the war! Do you know what 12% is? It's just fine when YOU bring up stupid white stereotypes but you can't take the heat when you're in the kitchen. Step off the damn sidewalk and take a hike.

    • What war? He called you a white Republican so what! That's as insulting as he got with the exception of bringing to your attention where your head was and that was just a fact. What did you respond with? You're getting frustrated Joanie by the language your beginning to use and your starting to use percentages like you're scared. You're assuming that if there was a race war the blacks would be in it all by themselves. Think again and go away.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Who do you get along with? Not the Cubans. Not the Mexicans. Not the Chinese. Who would be willng to help you make the trouble you do? You just don't like the truth. Why would he bring up me being white? You imply it meant nothing. You are being purposely ignorants. Typical.

    • I get along with everyone that's fair and just and non judgemental and diversity is what I live for. You make no argument about him saying you're white. You just ramble. Do you remember what you posted about him and his people? You're awful.

    • I have to ask you who you get along with? According to the posts not anyone and the language that is used to describe you is vulgar. You're not highly regarded Joanie and you're negative opinions are not respected. Nobody likes you.

  5. This chick should learn to close her legs and her mouth.

  6. Harriett Ottenstein Krucoff says:

    why would anyone care what this idiot thinks?

    • Don't be so hard on yourself

    • Your POTUS is the biggest joke on the planet and the biggest failure in US history. His "Hope & Change" has been nothing but Nope and Pain for the economy, jobs, finance and everything else he has touched. He needs to step aside and let someone with qualifications and a bit of know how in. The Affirmative action experiment the democrats went with in 2008 turned out to be a major mistake. NOvember NObama 2012

    • Care to support these wild comments with anything resembling fact or evidence? I think the majority would beg to differ and in fact would suggest the exact opposite. By the way..the Affirmative action experiment? What? I guess I shouldn't even entertain a conversation with someone who could make such an uninformed and stupid remark but please do explain what that means.

    • Don't be so hard on yourself. Not ALL democrats are stupid, there are alot working very effectively to ensure Obamanation is out on his A$$. Only Obama could lose half the delegates in a state to uncommitted, or an unknown or a guy in prison. No matter how you look at it Obama is a FAILED experiment. Vote him OUT, form the grand juries, indict for treason, then dump his a$$ in Gitmo with all the other useless scum

    • Scott Morgan I would reiterate the aforementioned comment; where’s the facts in this diatribe. Children that either don’t know of or don’t have a coherent argument or comment will resort to ad hominems just as you have.

    • Scott Morgan,i see and read from what you said that your brain only started working from 2009 when potus Barack Obama came into power. oh what a pity!!!

    • Michael Nelson Fox says:

      Scott- It seems to me that he has ended one war that he inherited and under his administration has managed to decimate Al Queda's top leaders, something that the previous administration didn't come close to achieving. When he took office, the economy was shedding 850,000 jobs a MONTH, and now has turned that around. So where exactly is he the biggest joke and failure? Don't bother, I can see your mind, or what little there is is totally closed. Not that your opinion makes any difference in the world.

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      So funny Scott! Thanks for the laugh.

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      Sabrina Cire Oh how a loser doth protest too much.

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      Dan West If you are so ignorant of what is presently happening in our political environment then you couldn't possibly read much. Do your own research instead of demanding such from those who post replies to your uninformative posts.

    • Joan Hardy "Oh how a loser doth protest too much."

      Such irony in those words, coming from you.

    • Scott Morgan i suppose you thought Bush was the Greatest President Ever. it is fascinating how short the memory of some people in America is.

    • Republicans are like a bunch of dum, messy people in a dark room. You make a mess but you dont see it, so you convince yourself that the mess is not there. Then someone intelligent , like President Obama, comes in and turns on a light. Now you are face to face with the mess you have made. But instead of saying, Mr. President thank you for bringing this mess to our attention, how can we help you clean it up. You blame the mess on him because he brought it to your attention, sabotage any attempt he makes to clean it up, and implore him to cut the light back off and leave you in the dark. Bush was the mistake, thousands of fatherless kids would tell you that. Don't stay in the dark, come into the light and work to clean up the dead bodies and deficit mess that President Bush left us with.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      I'm sorry. Do I know you Simon? Your picture is difficult to make out.

    • Joan Hardy Just because you have decided to put your mug as your facebook photo doesn't make anyone's opinion with out a photo less valid. You are so arrogant.

    • Ann'Drea Cheatham Bush was a joke. He's just fortunate to have been followed by Obama. He makes Bush look good. Welcome to the real world where the great Hope and Change is a failed experiment with mediocrity and inexperience. If the Dems had at least picked Hillarious Clinton, there might have been abit of growth. Instead they picked the useless one and unleashed a movement to ensure he is replaced. Ron Paul is being supported by both Dems and Repubs. Obama is the only Dem in their history to lose a delegate to both undecided and an incarcerated criminal. Says alot about his chances in NOvember. I predict mass turn out at the polls and about 29% support across the US for Democrats. God Bless the USA.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Why thank you Fleur.

    • Arianne Dionne Ray Charles Your saying Obama's 4 years of failure is Bush's fault. Love the logic. This would mean the falling of the twin towers and the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan are Bills fault. Man you Dems are war mongers. Don't forget to thank Bush for getting Osama. Now is the time for you come to reality, Obama's failures are his just as his gains. He's gained in debt, deficits, job losses, respect world wide. The quicker he's sent to Gitmo the better for America. NOvember, NObama 2012.

    • Joan Hardy

      And you point is? You do know that putting a picture on doesn't make you any more of a "courageous" poster. You still have a high level of anonymity when posting online. You still say things that you wouldn't say in a person's face.

      To think the opposite is to think like a child. Only one under the age of 15 would feel themselves brave for making Facebook posts with their pictures. Your photo tells me nothing of you, and chances are, I still wouldn't see you in real life.

      As said, that comment really proves the type you are. You haven't done much but try to poke fun at anybody disagreeing with you, while feeling yourself brave because you have a picture up. Hell, you barely explained why you disagree. People have said ignorant things on both side of the fence, yet if the stupid, ill-informed comment agrees with your position, it gets an A in your book? When questioned directly, you'll make classic troll responses ("LOL ur funniz!1!!), and ignore the subject entirely.

      So yes, Joan, unless you really are that foolish offscreen (and since that picture doesn't feature you with a black eye, it seems that you aren't), I wouldn't put much stock in having a picture. Hell, I'd be embarrassed to have it up.

    • ever noticed how if their is obsenties, abunch of blathering that says nothing, put downs, etc., you can usually find a liberal upset about some truth stated by a conservative?

    • Scott Morgan I tend to see that on both sides of the fence, as it turns out.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      I've posted lengthy explanations of my position here. You obviously jumped into the middle of this game Simon. And of course I support the posts of those I agree with. Now who is foolish? What on earth do you think the 'like' choice is for? Jeez.

    • You need to be careful. You could be asking a very difficult question.

    • Joan Hardy Yeah, figures as much. Ignore the crux of what the person is posting about, and try to steer it in a direction that you can (try) to fight on. Though I am glad you dropped the whole "facebook name/picture = less anonymous" route you were going, that was sort of silly, despite you bringing it up, of course.

      That said, I have no issue with you supporting the comments you like. It is weird, however, that there are many stupid comments coming from your side of the field (not talking about you this time, just your position and those that are speaking from it), yet you give grief to others making stupid arguments. You try your hardest to snark at those who post silly, single sentence phrases (e.g.: This bitch needs to keep her legs closed) while praising those that do it on your side. Even worse when you make those aforementioned troll response, which makes you look just as small and petty as those you disagree with. That said, this "game" isn't as fun as it was a few days before, so have fun trollin' away. Trust me, I know the joys of a good troll, but you're doing it wrong.

    • Demauri Nycole Mumphrey says:

      Scott Morgan ummmm> you do realize he had to fix 8 years of mess after being elected in.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Simon Caldwell I thought that your defense was weak so I showed you a little respect which you appear to take as a win for anonymity. Feel free.

    • Joan Hardy And your riveting arguments of "lol u dun haf a piktur" makes all the more sense, eh? Keep thinking yourself important because of Facebook of all things. I'm pretty sure I'll get a good look at who you are from there.

    • Scott Morgan Your an idiot. Bush, remember him? He is an idiot like you. Bush ruined this country and Obama has worked his ass off to build it back up. I have a questions, who killed Been-hidden? OBAMA!!!~!!!!

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Bush had a democratic majority congress. Who is the fool? You the uneducated poster. Learn something instead of repeating what you've heard at your Black Panther meetings.

    • Sabrina Cire "It behoove you." I do love that expression.
      You have put a smile on this old face. Thanks for that.

    • Sabrina Cire "It behoove you." I do love that expression.
      You have put a smile on this old face. Thanks for that.

    • Scott Morgan Are you waiting for the Great White Hope? Me too.

    • Adiamond Isforever says:

      Hey, That's YOUR PRESIDENT you're talking about there pal. (I love reminding you folks of that)

  7. Bristol Palins 15 min. of fame should have ended a long time ago.

  8. John Birch says:


  9. John Birch says:

    Soledad Mountain is a Sanctuary for beaten down husbands. No bullies allowed.

  10. John Birch says:

    Oh no…………..I see my spouse comming up Solledad mountain road. Code 3…oh ohg. must hide

  11. Really, doe's anyone really care what Bristol Pallin thinks? She chose to have a child with the brilliant Levi Johnston so I wouldn't put much into any thing that comes out of her mouth. She should be ashamed of herself bringing Obama's daughters into her warped way of thinking. Momma Grizzly should have a talk with with her cub about making a fool of herself and her family. Obama never critized her when she was pregnant and he could have crucified her but he had to much class to bring shame on her for being a tramp.

    • I think your chances of being the Ajax High School's valedictorian may become much poorer if your principal reads your thoughtful comment.

    • I agree with you whole heartily. However I agree with Denis too, if not as grumpily. Using the correct to, two, too, when writing is fairly easy to do. I am reading way too many comments from other readers, and reporters too who just don't seem to want to exert the effort of typing in that extra "O". I find that it distracts me from what you are trying to say when you use the wrong word. You have a wonderful mind, logical, with well put together thoughts. Please exert the effort, and make your opinions clear by using the correct words. Thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sheila, is that your kid in your photo there? If so, you would appear to be one of those brilliant minds who posts pictures of their offspring all over Facebook, thus leaving a complete record of their existence online dating to long before they're old enough to have a say in the matter. And can I assume that since you're listed above as being in high school, you're mocking a fellow teenage mother?

      For the vitriol the Palin family — daughter Bristol especially — endured from camp Obama during the 2008 campaign (supporters, snide remarks caught on microphones, and news commentators eager as kids on Christmas to assassinate the character of Obama's opponents by some of the lowest means employed since Hitler went after the Jews), this young woman has more right than anyone in sending some of it back. It doesn't make it right, not by a long shot, but I think she's got more cause to talk about the Obamas any of us. The media made it personal on Obama's behalf. I'd probably lash back at some point, too.

      And by the way, Palin is spelled just like that — with ONE L. I bet even the brilliant Levi Johnston knows that. Maybe they just aren't big on spelling at Ajax High, but then again, why would they when all the kids spend half the day suckling on Facebook?

    • Anonymous says:

      I just realized you put "Obama" and "too much class" in the same sentence. I needed a good laugh, thanks.

    • Sheila, Nice to see you must have agreed with Rush about the sluts and birth control.

    • Wow. Who made you God, Denis? You must be the most self-righteous pompous critic I've ever read. Well done you.

    • Robin Ann Freund Kearney : The phrase is "wholeheartedly", not "whole heartily". Thank you.

    • I would like to be very clear that yes I went to Ajax High School but that was in the seventy's so I am not a fellow teenage mother and the picture you see on facebook is my Grandaughter that I am very glad for all to see.I am so sorry that I don't have the intellect that you so credit yourself with but I make my point across as best I can. Furthermore I am rarely on facebook as you implied since I have a very hectic schedule and find facebook to be rather boring and I have better things to do with my time. I hope you don't find to too two many errors in my comment as I see it disturbs you because right now I'm going to do something better with my time then suckling comments made by people who know nothing of me, my politics or my family situation. Pleasure chatting with you.

    • Robin Ann Freund Kearney

    • For the record because it say's you went to a certain high school it doesn't mean that you are still a student their just that you went their at some point.But then again your a bright person so you must have known that.Then again maybe not.

    • Клифтон Бэнкрофт says:

      Robin Ann Freund Kearney
      In your very first sentence the word you want is "wholeheartedly."
      Please exert the effort, and make your opinions clear by using the correct words. Thank you.

    • Клифтон Бэнкрофт says:

      Robin Ann Freund Kearney
      In your very first sentence the word you want is "wholeheartedly."
      Please exert the effort, and make your opinions clear by using the correct words. Thank you.

    • Meow!

    • Mike Jones says:

      Denis Gray Isn't there a casket somewhere waiting for you Denis?

    • How do know? Just because she disagrees you doesn’t mean she has a low academic ranking?

    • Obama said nothing about any of the Palin kids. So stop trying to blame him. Bristol's remarks, as with most of her comentary was out of line, but typical of her family background. No strength in the muck you rake so you try to refocus attention to something stupid. Well I speak English and a little Spanish, but I dont speak stupid so save your support of Bristol for the other misguided idiots in the world. She is a bigger joke than her mom. Get Teen pregnancy prevention advice from a teen who wasn't knocked up and clueless at 17. If you want to bestow the pain of teen pregnancy, get one of those young women from the teen mom show. Thats the reality that the world can relate to and understand. Not some snobbish, teen mom who has been protected by her mom for most of her sad life. Her making any comments about Malia and Sasha was wrong. She knows nothing about these girls and should never have mentioned them, she is such a Tripp.

    • Anonymous says:

      inthewestnonews why do people continually associate hitler/obama? COME ON! Hitler would turn over in his grave! And shit, as a BLACK AMERICAN who has a GERMAN husband and is highly versed in GERMAN HISTORY, what grounds do you have to compare hitler to an american? I'm sorry, but americans are continually pointing the finger at Hitler and the nazis but look what we've done? Whites came over and kicked and indigenous race of people off their land and hunted them down, labeling them "savages" because of their will to not be enslaved. Then they went over and took another indigenous race of people that where fine where they are labeled them "beast and animals" bought them over and had them work their fields, rape them to produce more workers and then get angry when they where freed. Atleast Hitler killed his self after realizing what he did was fucked up and wasnt going to work. White americans still stand behind the justification that "you wouldnt be here if it werent for us", dont want the past to be bought up(its our nations history!) but readily want to sympathize with jews? Oh shit, SUCH HYPOCRISY!

    • Anonymous says:

      and as far as i am concerned, white men where the first ones to be dead beat daddies…all the "mulatto(which is yet still derogatory)" children they had and forced their own flesh and blood to become slaves sold them to other plantations with the hopes of no one finding out that they are the "babies daddy". Man c'mon, it would be hilarious is half you whites found out you where blood kin to most of the blacks walking around. That'd piss you off! And don't get pissed because race is brought in. I've noticed that the white americans on this page have bought race into the issue, if you realize it or not. You've made subtle statements now lets attack the issue head on. They're enraged at the idea of a black american being intelligent enough to comment on ignorant statement made by and INDIVIDUAL. That individual happens to be white…so quickly you feel the right to make bigot statements then use god(yes you joan)! oh my! denis and joan, you two are toooooooooooooooooooooooooo(you like that?) Old to be passing opinions! And denis, what have you done for america? Your obviously too old to be in the work force, half us black individuals on here are paying for your medicare, etc. Do you employ people? Have you employed individuals? Yes you are a grumpy old curmudgeon just like your allies on here have bought out. Your negative and dated! Just like a pair of wing-backed dress shoes. And the best thing you dated wing-backed mofos can say is use proper grammer? well, if that was all that they where saying, it would be a cinch to make sure they're grammer is correct. But they are too busy passing statements of fact. Sheila, don't argue with these fools. You cant. Sometimes you have to speak the only language ingnorant people speak. And yes, that does include using grammatical errs. Cuz deez folks's get's what's use is sayin`

    • Joan Hardy says:

      It's going to be tough to find a black advocate to speak against teen pregnancy and out of wedlock births based on your standards considering that 70% of blacks are born under exactly those circumstances. And are you all enjoying your internet, computer, and cell phones? I'm pretty sure these things didn't exist during the time that your family were slaves. I bet they would wonder what the hell you are complaining about. I bet they would tell you that you don't know the first thing about being a slave. I wonder if they would tell you about the freed black slaves that owned Romanichal people as slaves. No one hears them talk about it but it's in the history books because it's HISTORY! Some of my ancestors were raped, pillaged, and killed for who they were but I know that isn't my issue that God has planned for me because I'm clear that it is HISTORY!

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Boy Mr. Rabbit. You sure need to reach far into the past to find evidence of a white dead beat dad. Yet we only need to watch the news TODAY to see that 70% of American Africans are NOW dead beat dads. Things that make you go hmmm.

    • Joan Hardy What does 70% of blacks being born out of wedlock have to do with Bristol's hypocritical idiocy? Is this one of those childish 'I know I am and so are you' republican deflections? Your rant says a whole lot about you and it has absolutely nothing to do with what Sheila Harris said who obviously is a white woman??? You have absolutely NO idea what it is like to be a slave either, lady, so save writing like you know what people were thinking or feeling back then. You think you know so much. No wonder you support someone like Bristol Palin, you both talk drivel. You consider Bristol Palin and advocate? An advocate of what? Getting pregnant out of wedlock and making money off of it and fooling herself and others by saying she is some 'born again virgin" who has taken up co-habitating with another guy calling it a 'trial marriage'. She is her own advocate and pocketing cash along the way; just like dear old mom. They make their own rules which change according to which way the wind blows.

    • lady where do you get your facts from.. lady you really need your Valium and gin. sssssshhhh be quite , your ignorance is showing…..

    • inthewestnonews You're assuming that Sheila Harris is a student at Ajax High School. She never said she was. You're also assuming that the photo of the child is hers suggesting that she's an unwed, teenage mother of a small child. You also criticized her for posting the picture of the child you are assuming is hers and then you go on to defend the Palins. Nothing you say makes any sense to me but everything Sheila Harris said made absolute perfect sense. Sorry you couldn't see it. You're another person that needs to just stop talking. Oh by the way check your own spelling in your first paragraph before you criticize the spelling of others.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Fleur – I'm pointing out the hypocrisy of posters here who call her derogatory, classless names for doing the same. Those who call me whitey because I disagree with them have made it about color. It is to them that I addressed my post.

    • Joan Hardy You're rambling.

    • Why does Bristol have to cry soo much? She had unprotected sex, I'm sure her mom had told her about the ramifications. She was drinking under age too. I think I would like ZBristol better if she showed she was a stronger person. She cries, wanting her baby daddy there to help. Her family is there to help, she has not raised him alone. She is not living in a crappy apartment. She put her sister down. Her sister quit her job JUST so she could fly to Cali and watch Bristols child. Families in politics are NEVER off limits. Bristol needs to grow a thicker skin and not sinking to the basis of throwing poo. She can not handle it when people throw her and her moms poo on her. She cries. She is embarrassing to all women and motherhood! Suck it up, your in the political spotlight!

    • Anonymous says:



    • Julia Howe says:

      LOL KellyMrRabbit… you said the president was black 😉 Ummm…comment fail on your part!

    • I'm not surprised that Odrama is consulting with his daughters on how to run the country. After all he and Michelle cheated the taxpayers out of money on the Africa trip. They listed the 2 children as "senior staff members" and had you — yes you the taxpayer paying for their vacation to Africa. Senior Staff Members. What a hoot that is! I'd pick Palin over any Odrama – any day.

    • Denis Gray -Denis Gray -Old man what are you doing here?
      Are you trying to insult young people with your witty remarks?
      You remind me a child molester who used to live in my town.Isn't that you?

    • Terry Getright Bolton says:

      Shelia I agree with you. I don't care about the grammer. I'm intelligent to understand your message. So there is no breakdown in communication. Dennis and the other person lacks to tools for an educated discussion, so they're attacking the messenger. I have a rommate who can't debate so they berate.

    • I can't believe someone compared what Obama's supporters said about Palin to the holocaust!! If that comparison was accurate, then nothing worse than name calling happened to the Jewish people in Nazi Germany. As far as the holocaust is concerned, "Get over it!" That is what I am told every time I mention the hard times Africans suffered during American slavery. (Not to mention the crap that black americans still have to contend with.)

    • I can't believe someone compared what Obama's supporters said about Palin to the holocaust!! If that comparison was accurate, then nothing worse than name calling happened to the Jewish people in Nazi Germany. As far as the holocaust is concerned, "Get over it!" That is what I am told every time I mention the hard times Africans suffered during American slavery. (Not to mention the crap that black americans still have to contend with.)

    • Adiamond Isforever says:

      Robin & inthewestnonews….Why couldn't you keep your stupid remarks down to just one sentence like Dennis did?

    • Terry Getright Bolton says:

      Sheila Harris, you have to be careful of the info you put out there I'm sure Denis Gray thought you were an underaged teen. I think I saw him on "To Catch A Predetor". Denis did I spell that correctly, you pervert?

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Just as you did here Terry. What a hypocrite. I guess you 'lack the tools for an educated discussion' because I be seein' me some beratin' in yer postins'.

    • There you go again Joanie thinking you're all that. Is Denis your dad or something that you have to defend him? He does alright by himself. Go away.

    • You sure make a lot of assumptions, and criticize other people without any proof, and you seem a tad arrogant……you must be a Republican.

    • My God Joan, you are such a racist!!

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Mike – This lack of respect is why blacks receive so little respect. You have no self-respect. Why would anyone else respecet you? I'll wave to you when I see you standing in line for your food stamps.

  12. So they can dish it out and constantly attack the Palins, but can't take criticism in return. That's hypocritical.

  13. I am shocked that the Black community is allowing the Dems and Liberal leadership to equate gay rights as civil rights equivilant to Black civil rights. That is just wrong and belittles the Black Civil rights movement and History. What people do privately in the bedroom should not be made into a civil rights issue and strung up the flag pole to make everyone salute to it.

    The biggest Civil rights issue in the USA right now is: the highest unemployment among Blacks ever.
    Illegal immigrants taking away jobs from blacks in most cities.
    Blacks being slaughtered by islamists in Nigeria, Somalia and Sudan.
    And yet our Black president is making Gay rights the biggest issue and into a racial issue. That is shameful.

    • Paid Romney campaign post?

    • wow, you're a self-righteous twat aren't you?

    • You re an uneducated *ss wipe. Dont pretend to know Our history when what you've learned about us is from watching Bill Maher and listening to Rush Limbaugh!!!!!

    • Melanie White – How is the highest unemployment rate among Blacks a Civil rights issue? Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual and Transgendered rights are indeed a civil rights issue? That includes the right to be married and have your marriage seen as such. How would you feel if you were back in the early days where women in the U.S including white women had absolutely no rights. That includes rights over their own body, their education, their marriages,their children, and their money. How would you feel if first your father or any male relative forced you to marry and held your purse strings meaning they were in control of what you could buy. What if you had no real say in your relationships what if you were treated as a child even when you were a fully grown woman by all your male relatives and your husband as well. What if you were not allowed to have any real education besides learning to paint, to sew, to play an instrument and to be the perfect housewife. How would you feel knowing that as a human being you actually are entitled to those rights and are being denied them. Do you realize that even as litttle as less than a hundred years ago it was illegal in all of the United States for couples of different ethnicities/races to marry one another or even to openly be in a relationship with one another. It was a jaillable/prisonable offense. As for the genocide in Somalia, Sudan and Nigeria although it is sad an disturbing it has no true baring on the rights or lack thereof of gays/lesbians to be married in the USA.

    • There's no such thing as "Black Civil Rights". Just "Civil Rights". Anyone of any color or background is equally covered.

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      Cynthia Smith Melanie hit a sore spot did she? I think it's a great point and thought provoking whereas your response lacks imagination, thoughtfulness, and has already been used over and over again, making it redundant and not your own.

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      I think unborn babies should have rights over their own bodies. Once a woman has had sex and taken the chance of welcoming another human being inside her body, she's done making her own choices regarding her body. She just made the choice and now the baby gets his chance. But some choose to have sex with any guy asking for a little and think it's okay to kill any resulting child for her own convenience. I mean, how many guys are going to be asking her for a little when she's pregnant? Very inconvenient for some women. Plus, such women may end up getting ridiculed and trashed and that wouldn't be any fun would it? Then some people may demand that such women stop standing up for themselves and that would really suck. The fact is that we aren't in the 1800s. If you keep bringing red herrings into a debate, you're going to keep smelling fishy.

    • agree totally!!! And I'm black!

    • Kimberly Lyles says:

      you are right.. i dont agree with gay bashing but i myself have found it very offensive that a choice about something as superficial as who one has sex with is compared to who in my fam was hung from a tree for trying to better him/herself or stand up for themselves. my 90 year old granmother who i saw battle inferiority to whites as i grew up in sc and tried to teachme how to submit to the "way things are". while i love my gay sisters and brothers, im afrais it is not the same atruggle

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Yes. No one really knows the history of the American African or where they came from. But EVERYONE knows they still live in a slave mentally and fight hard to keep that mantle even though not even their grandparents were slaves and not even though other races have also been slaves because it pays off. They get off the hook for most anything and everything by yelling, RACIST! They get things for free, etc. Yes, we know that. But you may not know that it is old, boring, and no longer makes any impact. As in, No one gives a shit anymore about being called a racist. American Africans – If you want to be special, why not in positive ways rather than taking pride in not being able to speak properly or write properly or have a reasonable argument rather than calling people names that degrade only you? Why do 70% of American Africans have babies out of wedlock and then cast stones at any white girl that does? Your glass house is shattering.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      What a load of crock. We AREN'T in those days. You have never been a slave or not allowed to vote. Why doen't we talk about today's issues? Because nothing about today's issues makes you special.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      Joan Hardy Please STFU about black issues and "slave mentality" as you know nothing about them and spewing this bs is just pissing me off to read. Not because is it is sore spot, it is because you are promoting ignorance. I read your bullshit on abortion, suprised no one called you out on it. If you are find on being oppressed and having your rights decided by others by all means that is your choice. But not push your misguided beliefs in order to make everyone into a drone. You are one blind, blind woman, and as many things that need to be said to you, I just cant right now. Peace love, and dear God stop spewing your hate. Because you are one hateful person

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      Joan Hardy And you and this "They" shit just shows what a freaking troll racist you are? Who is "they?" Who is crying racist all the time? You chick, are a load of crock. And where in the hell did you get 70 percent out of your ass? Show me your proof, liar. Just like a Fox News hound to pull numbers out their ass. Your racism is showing sweetie

    • Joan Hardy says:

      No I'm not hateful. I'm just tired of the word racist being thrown around by self-righteous 'victims of slavery'.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      Joan Hardy You are so misguided it is sad. Your words spew nothing but vile judgement and hate. Who in the hell gave you dominion over another woman's choices or her body? Get back under the bridge where trolls belong

    • Yeah, almost as annoying as white people claiming to be "the true victims of racism", when they are not only in the majority, but own most of the businesses as well. How hard it is to face such racism, I wonder how they go on.

    • Maybe what the President is saying is that love is one thing that no one can control or restrict. Unconditional and unyielding love is the greatest thing that religion supports. The President lives what he supports. He is married to a woman and leaves the rest of the world to make their own choice. At the end , we each have to answer for our choices. If gay marriage is a sin, God will exact his vengeance. I dont support abortion and would never have one, but I would not tell another woman what to do. If gay people marrying affected my home or my safety, it would be a problem, but it does nothing to me. It is just as limiting as the freedom of racist to make racist statements due to the amendment that protects free speech. Maybe if we all did what we were suppose to do and set the example, most of these issues woud resolve themselves. He who is without sin, cast the first stone. I have no stones in my glass house, do you?

    • Anonymous says:

      i highly doubt you care about the unemployment rates of blacks. You don't really believe that immigrants are taking jobs from blacks do you? Are you trying to pit minorities against each other with the hopes that they do themselves in and whites come out victorious? I bet your idea of an immigrant is someone of hispanic descent right? i bet you would not recognize a canadian(look, come one come all…i have nothing against canadians! at all! i never understood the jokes anyways. They appear smarter than their american counterparts)immigrant if they smacked you in the face. would you? and they make a high population of immigrants!

    • Corri Anderson says:

      Melanie, do you have any idea what happened right up to the nineties in the "gay community?" There was no community, it was not allowed. Men were arrested for being with eachother, it was considered a disease. If you can't see the parallels to both movements you need to try harder. It doesn't take anything away from anybody when you stand up for fellow citizens and demand they are provided equal rights by their government. Ring any bells?

    • Dear Melanie it must be frustrating to have to read some of the replies to your comments.Not only were the respondents coarsely abusive ; but not one of them addressed even one of the issues you brought up. Reasonable response wherefore art thou ?

    • Joan – you are really ignorant and mis informed. you make blanket statements which are ugly and un truthful. i also noticed you been on this news story a couple of days, do you really have a life or a husband? if so they both must miss you terribly. or maybe this is actually Bristol in disguise… lmbo and if you have neither then maybe that would explain the venom you or spewing to strangers.. any who you to read your Bible (cover to cover) for yourself and then may e just maybe you will find that God Made all People and we are ALL equal in his eyes. and he is none too p-leased with you using HIS name in vain.

    • Corri Anderson says:

      How can you say that Denis when the post above you is not abusive, and deals directly with her worldview, and where I think it suffers? It was polite and direct, open your eyes…

    • Corri Anderson says:

      You hold so many of your fellow citizens is such low esteem, or should I say contempt, that the best thing for everyone involved is that you get a life and stop wasting your hours being a cunt.

    • To Melanie White, I knew she was white. It is a civil right dumbass. The right to have the same freedoms and privledges of all people. This is why religion and state need to be kept seperate.

    • i agree…and it seems they have a person on here who seems to keep the commentary stirred up… but some of their post have been pretty ugly while be couched in the guise of their version of Truth…

    • @ Melaine White… do you REALLY believe the stuff you write?

    • Corri Anderson says:

      Kimberly Lyles It's not a choice. The sooner you realize or admit that, the more compasionate you will become on this issue. Do you know why the term "fag" is used as a gay slur? Because during the inquisition (which lasted longer then the 200 years of slavery in the US) gays were not considered worthy enough to be burned at the stake with "witches", so they threw them on the kindling after it was set fire. (Fag is a term for a bundle of sticks or kindling.) Sounds eerily similar to lynching, no? You think if you had a choice that either resulted in being left alone or being burned alive, that you would risk the latter? Please try to use the reasoning abilities you inherited as a human when you were born.

    • Adiamond Isforever says:

      Melanie….don't speak for blacks because you're not educated enough to do so. The highest unemployment for blacks was SLAVERY. And please do not equate our president and his children being black with how the "black community" feels about gay rights. Because you can bet for sure when Bush was using the Muslim over seas as a wall to hide behind while he was knocking down world Trade Centers. The black community did not support that. Even if Bush and his children did. Don't speak for the black community as a whole because many from all backgrounds come ignorant enough to want to deny gays their rights. It's not just a black thing. It's an all around ignorant thing. Who are you to deny rights to gays? Shame on you!!

    • Thanks Cynthia Smith, thumbs up on that post.

    • Thanks Cynthia Smith, thumbs up on that post.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Believing that anyone gets information from both Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh shows your racisism. You think white people listen to all other white people. You are such a racist.

  14. you like 20 w/ a 5 yr. old..shut up bitch!

  15. Now we know Palin had 2 retarded children. She should have stopped after the first (Bristol). Why bring these poor retards into the world?

  16. The "children" are, I believe, 11 and 13. By now they have probably formed a significant portion of the attitudes they will have as adults. It is a wise parent that listens to their children. It keeps the lines of debate and decision making open and avoids much of the "teenage angst" and rebellion (based on the experience of raising our children).

    • Anonymous says:

      I think we've been listening to our children in this country and letting them guide the adult sense of wisdom long enough. We've had our "Freaky Friday," and it's been going on over a decade now.

      I'm only 26 (still a "Kid" in the new healthcare law!) but I still remember a time when children for the most part listened to their parents, and not the other way around. It's high time we stopped trying to be cool for our kids, and started setting examples for them instead…

    • Do you really believe he set this policy based just on what his children said. He seems like an intelligent man, and I'm sure he did listen to his children, but his decision was not based on any one conversation. It's always possible that he heard Rush Limbaugh, who has been married 4 times, talking about how gay marriage would destroy the sanctity of marriage, and destroy the family unit as a whole, and thought…gee if this idiot is against it then maybe I'm wrong about how I've been looking at it. It's possible. However it was probably based on a lot more input than these two sources. And no I'm not a Democrat supporting my party line. I do like to play Devil's Advocate sometimes.

    • Corri Anderson says:

      Depends on what you are listening too. My grandfather was racist, but my parents marched on Washington to hear MLK speak. Glad my dad made up his own mind on that one. I thought they set a pretty good example for me there. Of course parents should listen to their kids, and of course gay marriage should be legal. Sorry to hear you are 26 and a curmudgeon AOL boy.

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      And of course we should all agree with you because of course you say it's so. Of course.

    • Well inthewestnonews, I see why your parents never listened to you, Bravo to them.

    • Corri Anderson says:

      Sorry to hear you feel some citizens don't deserve the same rights as others. Seperation of church and state, remember?

  17. What she said was too dumb to take seriously.

  18. Good for her. Saying what I'm thinking.

  19. John E. Hamilton says:

    Mr. Obama is the one that injected his children into the discussion. That makes them fair game for what ever comes up as a result of the President's comments!

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      So children are fair game? Wow, you people are crazy with your hate and worse off you dont see it. Look at yourself. An adult mentioned his children and now they are fair game to be attacked? What did the kids do? SMH, the world is ending soon, of this I am sure. Wayyy to much hate to survive…….

    • John E. Hamilton says:

      Sabrina…I would hope that you would reread my comments and tell the the hateful parts about it. I simply stated a fact and you come up with some off the wall stuff about people being crazy, and my hate (don't see any in my comment). I never said anything about attacking anyone. I said the President is to blame for injecting his children into the conversation and it is a fact that he did just that. Love, peace and happiness is all you will get from me.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      John E. Hamilton You stated his children are fair game for the attacks. Yeah, I read it

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      John E. Hamilton And like I said, you dont see it, so no use in me trying to beat you over the head with it. I said my peace

    • Joan Hardy says:

      You mean your 'piece'. There is no 'peace' in your posts.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      SO cunt? Why does this affect you? Grammer Nazi, or just a Nazi, either way you are stil a cunt

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Good on you girl. Showing your true colors now! And so intelligently too.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      I am who I am, just as you are what you are, a cunt

  20. Elie Vincent says:

    Sounds like a winner to me. That is, if winning means she has continued to add more truth to conservative stereotypes in the U.S. Reasonable people (conservative or liberal) would probably read this and think of it as idiotic and thoughtless not to mention riddled with hypocrisy.

  21. Bristol needs to become not seen and not heard just like her mother. What allows her to give advice on teen pregnancy? Lots of teens had teen pregnancies but I don't see them trying to make any one believe that their advice is sound,

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      According to her she felt "raped" when she became pregnant because she was not in her right mind due to the fact she had a wine cooler. She is such a nothing I hate even speaking on her

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      Why would an intelligent person volunteer to do something she hates doing? Is bo paying you to post? LOL. He still owes you all he promised you from his last election. I'm pretty sure you don't hate speaking 'on' her as much as you say you do.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      Look you dumb cunt, you are not a woman, not a person, and not a factor. You are a dumb unthinking zombie of a cunt and a waste of a brain. Maybe you should go and try and buy yourself a clue instead of trying to hide your racism behind your lack of wit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Joan Hardy look at that subtle bigot jab. bo….and then she made a "sista" comment. Joan, Allow me to tell you about yourself…I bet it angers you when you see a "sista" in a higher position than you. I bet your quick to label it affirm. action(which sorry, is nearly impossible to use for any black, or we'd be the ones always getting the jobs, not that i need one, as i employ individuals like you). Joan you don't have a brain, if you did, you'd be able to mitigate or aggravate without using terms like this to incite anger. I bet your one of those women who get pissed when you see a "sista" with one of your men, or a "bo" with a white women, when on the low, you probably have a fantasy about a black man. Because you look like the type.

    • Anonymous says:

      Joan Hardy look at that subtle bigot jab. bo….and then she made a "sista" comment. Joan, Allow me to tell you about yourself…I bet it angers you when you see a "sista" in a higher position than you. I bet your quick to label it affirm. action(which sorry, is nearly impossible to use for any black, or we'd be the ones always getting the jobs, not that i need one, as i employ individuals like you). Joan you don't have a brain, if you did, you'd be able to mitigate or aggravate without using terms like this to incite anger. I bet your one of those women who get pissed when you see a "sista" with one of your men, or a "bo" with a white women, when on the low, you probably have a fantasy about a black man. Because you look like the type.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Just bringing about an opportunity for you to show yourselves as you truly are. Always assuming what the other 87% of this country thinks, thus setting yourselves up in your minds as victims. Poor babies. Always looking to be offended. You paint an illusion. You are incorrect but you'll hang on to your victimization with everything you have. Let me tell you something about YOURSELF. YOU are extremely bothered when you see a black man with a white woman. I call bo bo because I think it more accurately portrays his value to this country. He's a lousy president. Period. If there were as much racism as you perceive, as such a small minority, would you not be in great danger? Iisn't the point of aggravating to incite anger? You know nothing about me but in your world it doesn't matter because in your mind all white people are the same. You don't see past their color or your's. You think characteristics come from skin color and you will never be free of this handicap.

    • Joan Hardy

      "You think characteristics come from skin color and you will never be free of this handicap."

      It is so ironic that you say this, when your entire post does the exact opposite. You cannot claim the moral high ground while doing the exact same thing that you criticize to begin with. I see so many people doing this, it's not even funny.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Sometimes it's just the truth. But I know you will never stop yelling racist. Did you know that there were freed black slaves (way back in the day when most of my ancestors weren't even here and many of the ones that were fought for the Yankees) that had Romanichal slaves? What type of reperations will you be giving them? Not that your ancestors were necessarily slave holders but just because you are black. Funny though that no one hears them talk about it. Maybe they're to busy dealing with their own reality.

    • Joan Hardy Because we have the voice of people like you, all too glad to yell "racist" for us. Every time I hear about slavery, it comes from white people, claiming that it is blacks who are "still crying about it", while using as many racial slurs and stereotypes they can think of, I'm inclined to believe that this is all in their heads. Not to mention the amount of whites whining about how they are "the true victims of racism", and that is irony in and of itself. When most blacks use the word "racism", they speak of things that are happening now. And while having a black (mostly black? Black enough) president is a huge step forward for the USA in general, that does not mean that racism has ended or become a "non-issue", and that opportunities are equal all around the board.

      You put yourself (and I am not talking about whites in general, here) on a higher pedestal, and delude yourself into thinking that you are morally superior, all while claiming "blacks" as having all of the problems out there.

      On totally unrelated note, do I really have to post the mane of the person I am speaking too to address them correctly every time? Facebook is dumb.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      LOL! You are too funny. Thanks for the laugh. On a related note though – Pres. Obama is not 'mostly black'. He's HALF black making him a zebra according to Chris Rock who said blacks try to ignore his whiteness. Apparently that's true. His MOTHER was white and he was raised by WHITE people. I guess not all of the 87% of the US that isn't black are predjudice. And since this is a black and white issue I think both sides of this equation may talk about it. Not just one side.

    • Joan Hardy Yeah, that's what I thought. That is the crux of your argument. When you deal with somebody who is willing to do more than spout a few insults, you tend to shrink away. "You are too funny"? Yes, I am. And it hilarious that the only thing that you actually comment on…was the one fact that I clearly did not care about. The point of Barrack's race that I was making is that no, he is not all black, and I really didn't care for how much of it he was (hence my "black enough" comment). Hell, I never even said that whites are not allowed to talk about the issue. Pay attention to what I type, and not what you want to read.

      It's funny, and a little sad. You tend to go out of your way to claim that blacks in general are the racist ones in America, while making sure to paint your race in as many pretty colors as possible. I even mention that not all whites are racist (as that would require me to meet more whites than I have), but I speak specifically about whites like you, who love to pretend that there are no such thing as a racist white person.

    • Sabrina I'm wondering . Are you acquainted with Cee More of L.A. California? He too has written a reply /comment>Just scroll up. I'm sure you'll find it. I don't want to play the match-maker here but maybe just maybe …….

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn Wow! What a high level of intellect you revealed in your most recent comment! I am SO impressed! Typical Obama-bot koolaid slurper.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn Wow! What a high level of intellect you revealed in your most recent comment! I am SO impressed! Typical Obama-bot koolaid slurper.

    • all most all american black people are Zebras, just look at the skin tone…. the black american heritage is a mixture of races. and if you did a dna test on white americans you would find take possibly 80 o/o of those are not as white as they would like to think,..ever heard of the gnome project? why aids back fired if you think on it….

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Simon Caldwell Well Simon, it is true that there are some white people that are racist, but they are still prettier.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn please never call a woman a cunt, we are woman. You can call her a dumbass and jackass but never call another woman a bitch or cunt. We woman need to get everyone to stop using language like that against woman. I too disagree with Joan but to me she is an idiot. Sisters can disagree but we are still sisters.

    • Joan Hardy – Bo is the president of the US and you are a disrespectful and stupid little tart.

    • Corri Anderson says:

      There is nothing pretty about racists Joan.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Aren't you just the cutest thing Sabrina? You seem so fascinated with the c word, I'd hate to smell your breath.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      bo sucks pigs feet.

    • her Mom's knocking down 200k per speech appearance…….jus sayin'

    • Joan, Joan, Joan……how do you sleep with no sheets on your bed? 'Cause I know you cut them all up to make robes and pointy hats…..

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Jeff, Jeff, Jeff – Working at Lowe – such an appropriate sounding place for you to work.

  22. The criticism is of Obama not his daughters. Bristol made it on a Christian site not on CNN so the fact that it is being reported and discussed here shows the bias against her. Anything to discredit her…pathetic.

  23. bristol palin has a she got pregnant at 18 , does that mean that she cannot have an opinion? if obama gets his cues from his kids then I pity the USA.AT LEAST BRISTOL DID NOT MURDER HER CHILD.THE MORE I HEAR AND SEE OBAMA THE MORE I SEE HIM AS A NON LEADER.

  24. Couple of thoughts, we aren't supporting her or her family, and she didm't just have an abortion either. She went through with it even knowing it would cause a media frenzy when it was important that not happen. She didn't just abort to keep it out of the news. She isn't expecting the american people to buy her food or childs diapers. She isn't the smartest young person in the world but she is young and doesn't mind speaking out even knowing everyone makes fun of everything she says. Think about it.

  25. Russ Collins says:

    id f8ck bristol palins brains out. sexy little b*tch!

  26. Drew Mastromartino says:

    The problem with this article is that Bristol is going on the assumption that Obama is stupid and listened only to his daughters.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Monkey see, monkey do..Guess she'll have a big foolish mouth like her mom..

  28. It's sad how the majority of this post is people insulting one another and not talking about the subject at all…what a bunch of trolls. Denis Gray, what do you do, browse the net looking for bad spelling and grammar, so you can insult people to feel better about yourself?

    • No I don't need to look for incorrect spelling and syntax.It's almost everywhere. But that's not my focus. I would really like to read statements and responses that addressed issues in a constructive way. Abusive and vulgar expletives are no substitute for well thought out ideas and arguments pro or con.

  29. Said Z Hofioni says:

    BRISTOL , like mother like daughter , OH , PLEASE WOULD YOU ZIP YOUR LIPS AND LEGS!

  30. Imagine that! Can't believe this girl is still milking ignore people support and the ignore still buying into this busted family. Reminder of the cigar gal who almost brought down Clinton. GTHell outta here teaparty and put your hoods back on.

    • wow!!!!bristol palin? where ya baby daddy????????

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      Jacinta – Have some pride girl. Learn how to talk, spell, and write before you post and save yourself some humiliation.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      Joan Hardy Who by you? You are such a non factor cunt

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Is that the only word that your little brain can comprehend now? Are you getting just a bit angry? Are you an angry American African?

    • This coming from the self important 'whitey', huh? What's wrong, you don't like opposing views? You've got nothing of value to say, better off trying to insult everyone else, huh? Don't worry, your actions does not reflect poorly on other caucasians, we have plenty of them here who can contribute more.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      Well, Cunt, you started with the name calling. Now I know what to call you cunt, and I stand behind that. YOU ARE one BIG freaking cunt.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      Simon Caldwell you and that stinking cunt can kiss my ass. I dont play well with other people's children. Stinking cunts the both of you

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      Joan Hardy And no Cunt I am not angry. I am sitting here working another book, published and successful and you are still a cunt. I dont have to be an angry african american to call you what you are. I actually think you are a cunt. That is my oppinion of you. And it does not come from anger, it comes from knowing a few cunts, and you bitch are a cunt.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn What the hell are you talking about, I'm agreeing with you. Please, take the time to read what you are posting too. Nowhere in any of my posts did I address you.

    • Joan Hardy says:

      I am patient with her as it's obvious that she's autistic. She uses some words repetitively and thinks everyone is against her. It's not her fault.

  31. Eric Mazzone says:

    Okay Bristol and Sarah, Bristol just made it open season on herself. So when people go after her now you have absolutely no room to whine about her being left alone. Hypocritical punk.

  32. I find it amazing that I've not read anyone comment that it was not Bristol that brought the daughters of the worse US president in history into the spot light but Obama himself. Obama has not only shown that he has no idea what he's doing in his policies, but has shown us that two of his advisors are still in grade school. Wow, I thought Jimmy Carter was a loser!




    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      I wouldn't be surprised if you hear from Miramar College begging you to keep their name out of your rants. Didn't they teach you about sentences and periods and things like that because you seemed to be clueless about such things. I'm sorry but I am not convinced that you make a good judge as to who is the dumbest person on the web.

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      I wouldn't be surprised if you hear from Miramar College begging you to keep their name out of your rants. Didn't they teach you about sentences and periods and things like that because you seemed to be clueless about such things. I'm sorry but I am not convinced that you make a good judge as to who is the dumbest person on the web.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      Joan Hardy I am not convinced you make a good judge of anything yet you keep opening your cunt mouth

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Sabrina – You are being redundant and showing a complete lack of imagination. So I'm going to go on to more interesting things. Good luck in your life with that mouth and attitude of your's 'sista'.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      Stop with the sister shit you class self hating bitch. Your are not my sister, you dear are a disgrace to woman everywhere

    • There's that good ol' fashioned prejudice comment! She holds opinions outside of yours, better make a snide black comment! It's funny. You demand so much from people you disagree with, yet you hardly put forth any original ideas of your own, saying such, er, "clever" things such as "you must really believe that", and "I must give you an F in an attempt to sound relevant". It'll be great if you had any actual views, but hey, gives me something to troll.


    • Now in all honesty, if a person's comment has no validity because of punctuation or subjects and verbs not agreeing then Joan it would be seem instead of seemed which means your comment should have no relavancy…….IJS

  36. Somebody PLEASE go tell this backwater, ice fishing heffa to go jump off an iceberg and sit her dumb ass down!

  37. Judith Campbell says:

    So let me get this straight—it’s a problem if my mom listened too much to my dad, but it’s a heroic act if the President made a massive change in a policy position that could affect the entire nation after consulting with his teenage daughters?” I agree with Bristol.

  38. The POTUS is a POTHEAD, and you are racist, "PLAIN, SIMPLE, AND CLEAR". Vulgarity and screaming in CAPS dose not make you correct

  39. Just read post, typical of this Pain in the arse family. People of that ilk should either speak fairly about all issues or say nothing at all.

  40. Phillip Tyrone Ransburg says:

    Yelp, this is Sarah Palins daughter alright. Hold on Bristol, come pick up your apples…

  41. Bitch please!

  42. People, please don't be too persturbed by comments made by someone as silly and immature as Bristol Palin. She did drugs and alcohol with her thuggish boyfriend and ended up pregnant before she turned 18 and now she is trying to give advice to the President of the United States. I don't like trashing anyone for having a child out of wedlock but this child is completely out of order for her stupid rhetoric concerning the president. I will also give her a pass because she is uneducated and very immature. I cannot believe that she thinks the President based his decision about Gay marriage on what his daughters communicated to him. ne thing for sure about our President is that he is a very brilliant man and he thinks about every decision he makes before he making them, unlike Bristol Palin. I am almost sure that the majority of America knows that we have a brilliant president leading America but because he is (Biracial/and considers himself Black), some of our white brothers and sisters cannot accept a person of color being in the White House…Yes, this is all about the color of his skin and I really feel sorry for some of you because whether you like it or not, he will still be President after the November election. See, what some of you fail to understand is, this is not about President Obama… this is about what God wants for His world. This is God's world and He can do whatever He wants with it. So all of you so-called Christians that are spewing out all of this hate toward the president and his family, it is okay…continue.

    • thanks, Alicetine there are so many people who has dis repected the President many by not adding Pesident to his name . and asyou said he is Brilliant. and said many black people voted for him just because he's black I say that not true Herman Cain is black and I personaly would have never voted for him and I ask them is all this dis repecting toward him and his family directed because he choose to embrace his black heritage side of being.

    • Antoine Roby Clearly your statement made a deep impression on me. I think it was because more than words you yourself came through. You have respect for the office of president and the man who occupies it. Surely even President Obama's political enemies must find more to admire in him than to criticize. I for one believe that we all owe one another respect both in tone and with the terms we use to address and describe each other. It doesn't mean we can't debate and have some fun doing it. Witty jabs and jostling with words to add some zest BUT not out of malice or with an aim to hurt maim or diminish a fellow child of God.. If we can't see Jesus in each other we won't likely find Him in church or in holy things and rites. Nuff said. But again thank you Antoine

  43. I just know this oow bastid baby having bitch ain't talkin shit! Try keeping ya legs closed ho or is it bitch?

    • Joan Hardy says:

      Carly – I'm sure you make the American African community proud. Oh just so proud! It's just so touching. An African American that can almost spell. And only used three profane words in one sentence. I'm sure your mother is weeping with pride. I know the world isn't at all surprised by how you express yourself and we don't need a picture to know what you are as you represent so typically. Good on ya.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      Racist cunt go away, please find a Tea Party to play…..dumb cunt

  44. Cheryl Holman says:

    Bristol Palin is a moron. Like mother like daughter. What would you have expected her to say? Her mother was an idiot and didn't know what she was talking about. Perhaps she taught Bristol that trait..

  45. Dustin Pina says:

    I do not think it was right of her to say such a thing. She could have a plausible reason for make such claims. But I still don't think it was appropriate for her to bring President Obama's children into the matter. At such a young age I do not think she realizes how hard it is to run the country, and to get such scrutiny over it? Not an easy thing to cope with. I don't think, however, that she is a bad person. Everyone has their good, and bad qualities. I think it is lovely that she went through with her pregnancy, despite possible criticism. She seems like an overall good person. She has her opinions, as does everyone. Hers are just a bit more public.

  46. good.need more of this.tired of all this polite scared shit.

  47. Bristol hoe ass with her bastard ass child need to take a look in the mirror

  48. Mike Jones says:

    Fuck this backwards hillbilly hoe. Teen-pregnancy while not married during a parents national political campaign. This stupid cunt needs to have a stadium full of seats and STFU.

  49. Bristol Palin is ignorant and jealous if you had had a home life you would not have KNOCKED-UP at 17. Don't be a hater go to school get and education and then try to say something intelligent and maybe someone might listen. I feel sorry for you.

  50. Sheila I could not agree with you more. You have made excellent points to support your argument. How can she talk about the President's daughters when she had sex (fornication) then had a baby out of wedlock? And the baby's father has already made another girl pregnant, and he has nothing to do with Bristol Palin's kid. If her mother was not the Governor at that time; she would have been on welfare, like all the other seventeen year old unwed mothers. She is a hypocrite! And the reason she moved out of her mom's house was because she did not want people confusing her kid with her little brother who has Down Syndrome. She is no different than those teenagers who ruin their lives on the show 16 & Pregnant. And her baby's father is not paying child support according to him because he is broke. She is green with envy and jealousy. She needs to realize that her mother lost the race and she is a loser. She can't even compare to the President's beautiful daughters. Maybe she should focus on herself and going to college, so that she can provide for her son. The father of her child obviously could not care less about her or their baby. Reality shows are not a career.

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      Now who is really the one green with envy? Poorman – you're being foolish. Maybe that's how you got your name.

    • Like i said bitch… Bristol Palin is a hypocrite, she can't talk about sexual immorality when she got pregnant out of wedlock at the age of seventeen and then requested payments to lecture to young people about the virtues of abstinence. And she is still not married and receives no child support from the father. Her baby's father and the their drama will unfold on Dr. Phil tonight. So, if your slut bitch ass paid your electric and cable bill then turn to the show bitch. Otherwise shut the fuck up.

    • Now that i have looked you up i know why you sound like a dickhead. You're part of the "Tea Party". Tea Party = White, Old, Angry… Republican Facist Pigs. First cousins to Adolf Hitler. Now fuck off!!

    • Joan Hardy says:

      And you are an angry Flatbush black woman. So typical. 70% of black women have babies out of wedlock. Why don't you put your focus there? So hypocritical yet so typical. This is a public forum. Since that concept may be difficult for you to understand I'll attempt to explain it to you. I HAVE AS MUCH RIGHT TO POST HERE AS DO YOU. So why not save your classy, intelligent demands for those who speak the same language you speak Flatbush?

    • @Hard does your husband get one at night? Oops, i forgot to add the y!! LOL…

    • It's funny how dried up old white bitches like you have balls behind your computer screen, maybe one day you can invite me for tea at the tea party. And then i can tell you all this face to face. The wonderful thing about this world is how small it is….

    • In conclusion, President Barack Obama will win the election hands down. And the President's beautiful family: Michele, Malia and Sasha will continue to be the first family. He is the greatest President this country has ever had. He is brilliant, extremely handsome, and a true family man. And he could not have asked for a more brilliant, intelligent woman for a wife and mother. I predict that Sasha or Malia will be the first woman President. God Bless the Obama's. The American people love you all so much. Keep up the good work.

    • Nobody wants to see your posts you fucking white smut. You are nothing but a dick sucking poor white trash. All you can do for me is lick my ass. You white hoe, and fuck your percentages because instead of taking a statistics class you were on your knees waxing dick giving out blow jobs. Go suck a black dick you fucking bitch whore. Go get your daughter or son to eat your pussy or fuck your dog like all the other white smuts who fuck their animals to get a nut off. 95% of poor white trash women like Joan Hardy are fucking their kids or masturbating their animals in bed. Your a freaky bitch.

    • You're pussy is itching for some black dick. You're pussy is so dried out your husband can't get his dick hard on you. And when your white man licks your pussy he can't get your bitch ass to squirt.

    • It is ineffectual to post comments that are irrelevant to the topic at hand. Joan's tirade exemplify ignorance at it's best. Due to her ignorance of the facts at hand, she portrays the philosophies of the "Tea Party" in the worst possible way. Thank God for our wonderful President and his family. It is refreshing to see young people like Malia and Sasha express their views in an articulate manner with clarity and eloquence. I see them in the White House in the future. Their ability to think outside the box and go against the grain is refreshing. People like Joan will always be relegated to the term intelligent White people call "poor white trash." And may God bless our solders who are now returning home. As God said, "there is no greater gift then to lay down one's life for another." This is what the men and women of the armed forces have done without question. We welcome them back with open arms, respect and adoration. People like Joan have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel… Thank God!

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      I could not have said it better.

    • Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

      Poorman Sharrieff Yes, the bitch is old and she will be dead soon answering to the Black Jesus they all so love.

    • Joan Hardy i still have yet to see a valid statement made by you. i hope nobody on facebook notices my replies to such a close-minded person. I believe they would say "why are you replying to a tea party member? They are invalids!" Joan, i bet when you see Barack and co your neck turns red. i bet these conversations are making your neck turn red. I bet the fact that people are making valid statements instead of watching grammatical errors, is making your neck turn red. And why would anyone be pea green of a weeble wobble(but she has seriously fell down in life!) who is honestly trying to get attention attacking young girls? if she was any woman, she'd wait until they where old enough to be spoken of. I'm willing to lay money down on the presidents beautiful brown skinned girls(i bet your necks turning red) That they wont be pregnant at 17. That they will go to college, and that men will be falling over themselves to get to these girls. And the basic fact is this..I would not want her to be my daughters role model.Who is she? WHO? And who are you to be defending such an idiot? I bet she'd look at you and sneer at you if you two where ever in the grocery store. Why do you give a hoot about a girl that doesn't amount to shit on a shingle? Well i guess you really don't either. That's probably why you have to feel like you and her, and people like granddaddy D.Gray "have to stick together!" because alone you are nothing!

  51. You know guys, the real reason why Sarah Palin pushed out so many children is because her husband; that moose-hunting, bearded, wayback, Alaskan redneck, is just too unsophisticated and lacking the neccesary mental-dexterity to slap on a condom. "What? Condom? Me no likey, grrr, like real man I want go in now! Then go shoot moose, bring meat home for cubs".

    • Joan Miller Hardy says:

      You are not American and don't know what you're talking about. Or maybe you do. Crocodile Dundy was from AU so you may be an expert on rednecks. It takes one to know one doesn't it?

    • Crocodile Dundee is actually a fictional character played by a known Australian comic/skit comedy actor in Paul Hogan. Joan *rolls eyes* ..I think we all know deep down that Todd Palin is an idiotic Alaskan Seperatist Redneck who made his wife cut short her tenure as Alaskan Governer because he doesn't like to wear anything but animal fur and lumberjack clothing -that beared f*ck-… so no, he doesn't know how to wear a condom, and so Sarah Palin got pregnant, and so she quit her job and now looks after about 6 kids + 1 Mong child, and she also wins the bread for her family by reading neo-con scripted speeches at Facist 'Conservative' Functions where white people pity themselves for being white people.

  52. As I read the blog entry, the extent of Palin's comments regarding the Obama children is limited to comments regarding the statements that Obama himself made about his children's role in changing his gay marriage position. In the actual Palin quote that is presented, she uses the generic "many teenagers"… hardly qualifies as an attack on the Obama family.

    You would think that more people would be upset about Palin calling President Obama week and ineffectual and relying too much on the teenage position.

    Why all the liberal hate?

  53. @At Joan Hardy, you worry bout dat gal. Me really dont give to cents bout any of that dumbdown BS. U heard. Once peeps like yuh overstands wuh me a say. Now get the UCK OUT OF,HERE wit thatz yuh self. Lmaocl.

  54. Way to go, Sarah! Sarah nailed Obama!

  55. Good for you Bristol. Just one more idiotic move from our rookie president. I voted for the American….

  56. Folks you better wake the hell up before we don't have a country anymore courtesy of this fool.

  57. This lonely ass bitch Joan need to get a life I made a post on June 9th and shes responding to 0617 you need to get a life if you had something to do u wouldn't be responding to what the I said about Bristol to know if I misspelled anything, you act like your fucking the Palins

  58. And the her mother speaks she must get her info from dosydrone son

  59. Down Syndrome son

  60. Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

    And to those of you troll every post I make, thank you, makes me feel good that you think about me:) Now, I have better shit to do than fed the Teabagging trolls, gnfb.

  61. Susan Demus says:


  62. Bristol, please shut the hell up. You are a non factor in this world. Get your 15 min of fame and support your child. We don't care what you think. Speak when you get accepted to Harvard , Yale or any college that your mamma doesn't pay to take you. Go away!

  63. Anonymous says:

    Reading all these comments makes me sick to my stomach! Every time an article post about President Obama, the racism and hatred fuels the internet like there's no tomorrow. We will never know what it takes to be a great president b/c 1. We never had one and 2. If we did, we wouldn't know b/c we never give anyone a chance to do anything. Society has grew to judge any every thing a person does and that's why we're not growing! Yes a president is the captain but a captain is nothing without his crew and we're his crew and we need to get it together seriously. As for this tasteless article Bristol Palin was out of line, however she has a right to voice how she feels (leave it at that). Listening to your children and allowing their opinion help you make a certain decision shows that you value and respect your child's opinion and your listening. After all a child has a voice to do what we teach them, and surround them with during the earlier parts of their life. With that said Malia and Sasha are open minded children that seem to accept people for who they are no matter color, gender or who their in love with may I add. America needs to be more open minded and grow with what ever changes are coming! We are hindering our own growth if we stick to cursing every thing or one we see as different b/c we're not use to it or them! Another thing STOP listening to everything that the gossip media put out and start researching things on your own, so much we don't know and the gossip media is doing a great job b/c some of these comments are not based on experience or personal feeling. It's all what is seen on the 10:00pm news, front page of a newspaper or the implanted stereotypes of people, race or any different group of people who are seen a so called threat!

  64. Who cares what she thinks! It's Bristol we're talking about! Her opinion about anything weighs less than my 4 year olds thoughts on why carrots are bad for her! She really needs to check herself before she publically comment about what someone else has going on!

  65. Anonymous says:

    The only reason why you bigots are on the "BLACKSTAR" page is to get lippy with black americans undercover. But yet when a black man owns a blondie with ease, you white men just stare in awe in public, or when a "sista" has a white men, you women want to get angry and call it affirm. action!

    • Anonymous says:

      but you wouldnt say it to not one of our faces! you'd just sneer and be pissed. Because when we have your men, it's typically a good one that would never look your way! He understand the beauty a sister holds, the curve in her hips, the confidence in her, the way she walks and the empowerment she gives to him.

  66. Sabrina Veasey Flynn says:

    You hate your black brother though it was a white man who raped your daughter.
    You hate your white counterpart when it was the black man, killing your brother, which broke your heart.
    You see color where there is none, darkness where there is sun……..
    Evil comes in so many shades, so when you are color blind there are extra mistakes to be made.
    Extra bullshit to deal with.
    When I let the colors fade from my eyes I finally realized that the evil was me!
    I judge by color, weight, and class, while judging, telling others to kiss my ass….
    What a sactamonious bitch, you say, but you do this shit everyday.
    The difference is I know I do and you have no fucking clue.
    And ain’t knowing half the battle?

  67. uneducated white trash repeating what her hateful and UNAMERICAN disgusting mom has said!

  68. Debbie Hillman says:

    The Palin Grizzly and her cub like nothing better than being in the lime light. Neither are worth the time it took me to type this. I am all for the Obama's and I don't believe our country is going to shit just because of our president. This country has to stop letting every yahoo come here to get handouts just because their countries are a mess. Toooooo many mouths to feed and house and give medical attention to.

  69. It takes a lot of nerve to say or act out on a child – without judgement – "train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it – proverbs 22:6" – that's all I'm saying – so where was the training to become a teen mom of all things – that's passing judgement so ms. thang watch what comes out of your mouth because back lashing comes a dime a dozen and about right now "you don't matter" – go head Pres. OB with you and your babies which I'm sure will grow up to be as bright as you and the Mrs. and without the worry of unwanted or unplanned babies simply by keeping their legs closed and making adult choices that shoe respect for their family name – did I call Bristol a TRAMP – you decide.

  70. Charles Halliburton says:

    The fact is, January 19, 2013 is obama's very last day in OUR White House. We will take it back in November, 2012!


  72. Demauri Nycole Mumphrey says:

    Goodness gracious. I have noticed that most have put in politics. lets take away politics from this for a second, and notice, she is speaking about a parent's children. she is a parent HERSELF, so why is she speaking about anyone's child.
    i found it funny, she posted this n a christian site, but she is judging. Isn't that a sin?

  73. Anjanette Winston says:

    This chic needs to realize that she is a NONE MF FACTOR! and nothing that comes out of her mouth matters to anyone but her hoping and praying self trying to be relevant! She just needs to follow suit and crawl back under the ROCK from which she came right along with the rest of the PALIN CLAN AND STFU!

  74. Bristol I want to know how were you chosen to speak about teenage pregnancy? Your not a role model nor do you have enough experience on motherhood, what you can talk about is how your mother allow you to be a whore in her home, good topic.

  75. Anonymous says:

    This is how you comfort a grammar Nazi..just say There, Their, They' will be alright.
    Sit back and watch their heads EXPLODE.

  76. Harang Afrika says:

    Bristol Palin is merely ANGRY because those little girls are living in the WHITE HOUSE and she's living in the OUT HOUSE, and without her baby's DADDY……

  77. Sore looser rubs off on child

  78. Quantreca Thompson Iwilltrustdalord says:

    She need to pick on ppl her own age

  79. Erik Miller says:

    This Alaskan trailer trick was acting out porn scenes in the back of a pick up truck a few years ago and wound up pregnant by a guy named after a pair of jeans and now shes a conservative pundit? People like Denis and Joan are pathetic, they will defend anyone who will attacks President Obama, even a whore like Bristol Palin GTFOH.

  80. Travis Newark Bear Stephens says:

    maybe her next appearence will be on m tv teen mom.

  81. Anonymous says:


  82. The underlying truth here is that all of those who agree with Bristhoe Palin are in actuality opposed to same-sex marriage.

    • Keith Tanner You could argue just as unconvincingly that all those who disagree with B. Palin are in favour of extending equality of sexual preferences to include "the beasts of the field" as one university professor in the Mid-west advocated not very long ago. By the way sodomy and bestiality are both described in the Holy Bible as abominations. Both have a very long history as do many other human activities not generally considered great topics for conversation at dinner.

    • Have you not read Leviticus? I sure hope that your shirt doesn't have mixed fibers, or that you let someone get away with bad-mouthing their parents. Hey, how about popcorn shrimp? Eating shellfish is an abomination, so we'd better get on board condemning people who love lobster. Seriously, toting out the Bible to support the vehement opposition to marriage equality is a horrible twisting of the word of God into a level of hate it was never meant to have towards people who don't deserve it.

      Also, equating homosexuality with bestiality is low, stupid, and wrong. You're better than that.

  83. Tom Jensen says:

    What do you expect from a hillbilly like her? I think Sasha and Maliah might have been a source of inspiration but if Bristol really thinks the president makes his policy decisions based on what his daughters think, she would be mistaken. She's just another nobody made famous by a tabloid media. Her 15 minutes were up hours ago.

  84. Joe Kelsall says:

    Trailer trash!

  85. Bristol Palin. Since I don't know her I won't make comment on her. All I will say is that when you are a grown woman and you attack a child, then you are childish. It's just that simple. If this woman doesn't like the President, then like every other adult, she should go after the President for his decision and leave his daughters out of it.

  86. Anita P. Scales says:

    Poor thing, her show is bombing, so this may be her way of getting attention. She needs to go find her mother and shut up!

  87. Anonymous says:

    she like all the other trash you read about every day just needs to go away.

  88. There is no mockery in anything Palin said, she spoke the truth. The President considers his constituents to be at about the same intellectual level as his daughters…well, hes probably right about that.

  89. OMG. What would Jesus do?

  90. Anonymous says:

    I thought Kim Kardashian was the most talentless celebrity. Now she is number two in my book.

  91. The Palin women would struggle to make prostitution a livelihood for themselves, by the time that a "john" had talked and settled on a price, their conversation and intellect would have made 100 percent of them wilt like a lolipop in the summer sun!

  92. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I wouldn't exactly consider too too many 21 year olds a sage on much of anything but if you psychopathic liberal hating haters can bring yourselves to suppress your nearly involuntary urges to lash out viciously at anyone that disagrees with you,, or who you worship, even if in the very slightest, you might actually see that Bristol's comments are only based upon her clearly elucidated perception of factual occurrences and they are just her opinions on the wisdom of the president's self stated decision making process (or maybe the wisdom of revealing to us his decision making process). She did not even once say anything directly about or directed at the presidents daughters, and only used them as an intellectual point of reference and did so with indifference to them. Your stupidly infantile and vulgar comments about her, don't actually do anything to invalidate her points, so although you might feel better but look immature and vacuous, you've done nothing at all to invalidate her assertions, and so not making her any less correct, if she is…

  93. The brain of a paramecium. The face of a baby harp seal.

  94. Keisha Y. Goode says:

    We all have a right to our opinion, I think there should be a little more respect for young children. The word retarded is derogatory and no one should be saying that word. It was banned. We all answer to one GOD.

  95. Charles J. Saunders II says:

    Why should we get upset over the senseless comments of someone who couldn't keep her legs closed for more than 15 minutes and yet she wants to attack little kids? Really? And now she earns hundreds of thousands of dollars for being a spokesperson for the same thing that she should've gotten her ass beaten for doing but why do that when we're all sure that her mother did the same thing…

  96. Richard Garrison says:

    Bristol who?

  97. "On the brown girl" — I mean really?

  98. Stephanie Doinme Jones says:

    I can finally say I LOVE MY PRESIDENT!!!! AND WHOEVER DONT LIKE IT CAN KICK ROCKS that's something for u to do besides running your mouths n fingers LOL

  99. I do not think that we should criticize Bristol Palin for her actions. At her age she is the result of her parents raising her. Her mother could not finish college at the first four she went to. She could not finish her term as governor of Alaska. I think that we can safely assume that her mother did not finish her talk on obesity , on birth control and how to keep her knees together.
    It is obvious that neither parent had the time to teach her how to dance. Mom too busy with politics and Dad busy with trying to take Alaska out of the Union – I should reword that last part – Dad to busy encouraging treason. Alaskan trailer trash!

  100. The Palins can't talk! BUT if any of them of age I'd BANG’EM…….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (sarcasm people). The president is a pu$$y thou (for REAL)! With the Bin Laden and African pirates as exceptions, He's a BIGASS let down to you all, but I already knew this dude was a dud! I'm wondering where his BALLS at. Yeah he's funny and can carry a good CONversation, BUT………..that's another topic……….

  101. Terry Getright Bolton says:

    What's wrong with saying you listen to your children? We know Bristol listened to her mom. Hence the unprotected, out of wedlock sex. Remember Sarah was screwing Glen Rice while she was dating Todd, whom was the other guy in her rslationship with someone else. And Bristol said her son was a drunken accident and that she was date raped by Levi. When this kid is able to read, Briostol will have real problems. That's when satan will want to be repaid.

  102. Rue Meka Uba says:

    Now this is hilarious. This dumb broad is writing on a Christian website against "gays". What another progressive and open-minded mouthpiece of the political Right. I guess she is just doing her best to help protect the sanctity of marriage. Just like she did with her pre-marital sexscapades. I salute you Bristol Palin a true non-hypocrite leader we can look up to! It's certain that you followed intrepidly in the path of your mother's intelligent statements!

  103. Of all people, Bristol Palin is not in the position of mocking President Obama and his daughters.

  104. Love Sharing says:

    Bristol Palin is right on point. Consulting with kids on major policy change? Stop apologizing for Obama's foilables.

  105. she does have a point…….

  106. Loran Washington-Jones says:

    Bottom line President Obamas girls are young and at this point in time should not be considered "fair game"; while Bristol is suppose to be a young mature & knowledgeable young woman dishing out advice to young pre-teen & teen mothers what kind of example is she setting for her own followers. Just shows she's very much like her mother, uncouth & uneducated with no ability to consider anyoneelses plite to a subject that affects hundreds if not millions throughout our great nation and that issue is Gay Marriage! Just as her delima sparked debate (being pregnant @ 17) and she was allowed her freedom of choice to go forward with her pregnancy; let others have those same rights to go forward with their own convictions! Bottom line respect the President & his daughters for following their own convictions! I promise you all once we stop judging others we will be more at peace with ourselfs!

  107. Lol, all these people responding to this Joan troll. Someone just put her picture and name up on 4Chan. Tell em what she's like and let the wolves have at her. Quit feeding her.

  108. Rebecca Moore says:

    This goes back to when Obama was Senator. So please shut up. Do some research before you make yourself look like a fool. Just like your mother did.

  109. You mean a girl without a daddy has daddy issues and expresses them through a blog?
    The heck you say lol.
    I mean seriously this chick is one argument away from swinging on the pole.
    Instead of criticizing Obama, maybe you should get hug from your father and take care of that baby LOL.

    • Aisha Ahmad says:

      No this girl isn't making fun of any body. The last time I caught her momma on TV with a gun hunting and I laughed for three day. She doesn't want any one to start making fun of her and the baby daddy. She can not be serious.

  110. Halal – you are either one of those idiot Americans who changes their name to a middle eastern one of which you have no actual knowledge of it's meaning or you are middle-eastern. If you are middle-eastern, your time would be better spent sucking pig feet in a mosque.

  111. Arianne Dionne Ray Charles No one people have more babies out of wedlock than blacks so it justs cracks me up when they get all self-righteous about a white girl doing so. Such a show of a lack of intellect is a joke only the stupid could miss.

  112. You mean the zebra?

  113. And what does that mean? What do YOU claim to be? I got a feeling I KNOW what you are!

  114. I think Joan Hardy is an alias! I doubt that picture is her. "Joan" is probably not even female, but a friendless guy living in the basement of his mom's house, with no girlfriend, job, or prospects for a happy life.

  115. Who care what a High School Hoe got to say ! And you OBama Hater go Shot Yourself in the Head and Die ! I, m 4teal !!!!!

  116. 4Real !!!

  117. And I think Joan is BLACK. Just really hates herself.

  118. "respecet"??? You're slipping "Joan". Lol

  119. Adiamond Isforever "himself"….:-)

  120. Okay…..himself 🙂

  121. Lyle Raqui Mason Good job of covering your face. I think that you are really white because you can spell.

  122. You need glasses:-) My profile is public for all to see. I'm black through and through. This however is not a classroom or school, and even the smartest people can make a spelling mistake. Even those that 'aren't' so smart fall victim to spelling errors, and typos sometimes…you did:-)

  123. Anyone that thinks that saving the Auto industry, banking industry, saving peoples homes and catching Bin Laden are not great accomplishments are fools. Glad they are not ones who thoughts matter. IJS.

  124. Anyone that thinks that saving the Auto industry, banking industry, saving peoples homes and catching Bin Laden are not great accomplishments are fools. Glad they are not ones who thoughts matter. IJS.

  125. Féan D'Arc says:

    Brown girl in the white house.
    Bristol didn't say a word about race or color.
    I guess that would make whoever wrote this crap a racist.
    Just an observation from a Canadian.

  126. Sleepy Sleepyo Time to wake up. Osama was killed by seal team 6. They were running on the same orders that they had from back in the Bush administration. Obie was on the golf course before they sat down for the replay photo op. Obie's and the Dems are done. They'll have the worst losses in US history for the party. America is not a socialistic country, people enjoy life too much to re-elect a mediocre pozer. This why there are so many democrats working to ensure Obama loses. NOvember NObama 2012.

  127. Hinda Gibbs How about just hope, 4 years of hopeless and useless was a failed experiment from day 1.

  128. Greg Simpson says:

    she is an idiot just like her mother….

  129. Greg Simpson says:

    she is an idiot just like her mother….

  130. Anonymous says:

    I didn't know that a grown man Obama consulted with his teenage daughter for advice on the gay marriages. I guess they must allow gay marriages in the Muslim Religion because in my bible it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. I don't really care either what anyone has to say unless its the truth, why waste time listening to false accusations and lies followed by broken promises to the US Cirizens. I guess this would explain the expensive swing set that the American People paid for at the White House for their kids, The get out of Jail Free Card on illegals age 30 and under to stay here, Healthcare reform and other countless issues that just places us in more debt and unemployment. Its nice to see Obama has his priorities straight when it comes to the deciding factor of the United States when he has nothing to loose.

  131. If the author wants to talk about hypocrisy, he should look in the mirror. The entire Palin family was subjected to such inhuman abuse endorsed and perpetuated by the MSM, they have a lot of scores to settle. As far as I'm concerned, Sarah and her kids have earned a permanent spot on the high ground in rebuking anyone aligned with their tormentors, including anyone with a last name of obama.

  132. Robin Ann Freund Kearney "Do you really believe he set this policy based just on what his children said." Of course not, because nobody can believe a single thing he says. Even his books are filled with made-up stories about made-up people. And yet ironically Øbama whines that his biggest failure was not being enough of a story-teller, what a crock! And while the author of this article talks about hypocrisy, he is the biggest hypocrite of all for criticising any member of the Palin family who speaks out after all the vicious abuse and hatred they had to endure circa 2008 and beyond, especially given that the MSM which endorsed and perpetuated it was a servant of the obama campaign.

  133. Otis Morgan says:

    Its six figures not like its any of your bussiness

  134. Amanda Harper says:

    One word for Bristol: BITCH!

  135. Joan Hardy you are the biggest racist I have ever remotely experienced. You are the epitome of disgusting ignorance and your crass crudeness is intolerable. Sad part is there are so many people who feel like you (none who have liked your comments on here- but I digress). People like you, (who go on the internet and claim righteous indignation) are appalling and have too many positions of power are the reason I will have to quit my posh corporate job and get my own business- I refuse to allow people of inferior and demonic intellect/logic control my destiny (@least career-wise)

  136. First the majority of people are food stamps are white! You simple bitch! I was trying not to curse but you make it impossible! Bristol Palin is an idiot, for a variety of reasons and so are you. BP has no college education, no political training or provide anyone with anything of value. I could care less about you crazy tea bagger think. You're probably one of the millions who took to Twitter & Facebook to proclaim their move to Canada after Obamacare was passed. Bol! All I can do is shake my head at people like you, who spew their narcissism in well-spoken and grammatically correct ways. I could go on and on but you're just not worth it. I just want the world to see how I feel about you- dear. You are a discredit to whites and motherhood. As a mom is it crazy to listen to your kids suggestions- after all you've raised them!!! The Christian in me says you need Jesus- the carnal in me says do us all a favor and kill yourself so you can be with your Devil and we can have one less asinine here multiplying. Now I must warn you- before you criticize my race, silly fb name, or non-use of spell check, I do not receive food stamps I work for a Fortune 200 co. My family has done very well with their "slave mentality" and own several businesses, both my parents have master's degrees, my significant other is an engineer, and I graduated summa cum laude for an Ivy League school. I have no doubt in my mind that you are the epitome of a loser because there are so many people of other races running circles around your "intellect" (I use the term very very loosely). Now I'm gonna get back to real life now, I have no criminal history, but I will gladly send you my address so that I can drag your ass through the street:) Good day, you waste of molecules

  137. April Coe says:

    I guess this is her way of staying relavent. Insulting the fact that a President was able to put his own bias aside and do what is legally right. SIN is SIN and someone sitting on tv broadcasting their child for money has NO room to judge what constitutes sound judgement. The only reason her mom wanted to keep her out of the media is because she didn't want anyone digging up the fact that she gave birth before to her "brother" /son.

  138. Kathy Schoneman Benford says:

    Dizzy Mama dizzy Daughter! Not a brain to be had between the two of them.

  139. Wow, look at the racial overtones of this fine piece of work. Of course you would have the "brown girl in the whitehouse". Can you imagine if a conservative would have wrote that? And, what Bristol wrote makes sense. Why have a grown man fashioning policy drafted up by his adolescent children? The author seems just as adolescent as Barry's kids. Nice piece of Racial bs.

  140. Wow, look at the racial overtones of this fine piece of work. Of course you would have the "brown girl in the whitehouse". Can you imagine if a conservative would have wrote that? And, what Bristol wrote makes sense. Why have a grown man fashioning policy drafted up by his adolescent children? The author seems just as adolescent as Barry's kids. Nice piece of Racial bs.

  141. bristol palin.. what a fail of a human being..

  142. Typical Sarin Palin the 2nd in the making. Stupid, dumb, ignorant, irrelevant…thank god that dumb show was cancelled. You had a baby while in school and you try to talk about Malia and Sasha…you are seeking attention that's it.

  143. Bristol need to go sit her tired ass need shut up. Who cares what she thinks like was not influence by her mom. Get a dam life and ur in no position to talk about no one.

  144. Rachel Charlene Mackenzie says:

    These comments just make me ill. Look – liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, it is NOT COOL to attack Bristol for haviing a child at a young age, it is not cool to call each other "retarded," and it is absolutely ridiculous to have so many adults commenting on a news article and saying thing attacking the poster. It's not clever, it's rude, and it makes all of us look bad. Look, is it fair that Palin has any say? No, and I honestly could care less what she thinks. But it is not okay for people to be posting things about her needing to shut up and keep her legs closed. And the racism going on here is disgusting. Know your facts before you start spouting bs.

  145. Phoenix Rising says:

    Let's see…the daughter of an absolute moron, she has a baby at 17-18, before finishing high school with an absolute moron as the father? And she has the audacity to bash Obama's family? Look, I don't usually give a pickled-nipple about federal, big-money politics, and if you want to criticize the POTUS policy(ies), then so be it, he's the president, it comes with the territory, but to bring his family into it, is just low and sleazy, even for these Palin people. It's becoming annoying to hear people bash the president's family. Just for funsies and juxtaposition purposes, let's review the Palin family and the family that came before the Obamas…Palin: Mother who is absolutely incompetent, an older daughter who had a child out of wedlock and became the spokesperson for a national abstinence movement, and a baby-daddy who tried to get famous off of knocking her up. Bush family: Husband is a cheat, who was appointed to the presidency by the Supreme Court, after he initially lost; a wife who shoulda been thrown in jail for vehicular manslaughter as a teenager; and two daughters who have had legal troubles involving alcohol since they were barely old enough to drive. After all that, if I had to choose a family to be the face of my country, so to speak, I choose all those Black folk (as much as that gives American hatred a simultaneous aneurism & colonoscopy.

  146. Tom Smith says:

    Bristol Palin? Really? Her only claim to fame is a clueless mother. Amazing what qualifies for news these days.

  147. Anonymous says:

    Be fair. Bristol was NOT deriding the girls for influencing their Dad. She was deriding HIM for being influenced by them. Now, let's be honest. This was a political calculation on the President's part. Everybody should've known full well that he favors gay marriage in his heart. It was heretofore politically risky to admit this, though, much less to make policy based on it. Now, he judges, things have changed sufficiently for it not to cost him. That's the sort of calculation which politicians make all the time. However, the President invited Bristol's response when he decided to go all cheesy and "blame" his daughters for the change. HE decided to bring his daughters into the conversation, where he had previously insisted that they didn't belong. Shame on HIM, then. Or, shame on no one. (Actually, I'm rather impressed with how Bristol spoke her piece. I didn't think that she had it in her. God knows, her mother doesn't. Shout out to Katie Couric!)

  148. Anonymous says:

    Be fair. Bristol was NOT deriding the girls for influencing their Dad. She was deriding HIM for being influenced by them. Now, let's be honest. This was a political calculation on the President's part. Everybody should've known full well that he favors gay marriage in his heart. It was heretofore politically risky to admit this, though, much less to make policy based on it. Now, he judges, things have changed sufficiently for it not to cost him. That's the sort of calculation which politicians make all the time. However, the President invited Bristol's response when he decided to go all cheesy and "blame" his daughters for the change. HE decided to bring his daughters into the conversation, where he had previously insisted that they didn't belong. Shame on HIM, then. Or, shame on no one. (Actually, I'm rather impressed with how Bristol spoke her piece. I didn't think that she had it in her. God knows, her mother doesn't. Shout out to Katie Couric!)

  149. What a strange thing to attack someone on.

  150. one thing we can be sure of, she didn't write the article, she is not smart enough, what a country when you can be as dumb as she is and still make money.

    • Sandra Robinson says:

      This country is showing it's true red, white and blue colors constantly…we can just think of a new name for the un nited states of uummmm I don't know…..idiots maybe.

  151. She needs to give over herself. Some knocked up hick. Stay off the news. She is a disgraceful liar.

  152. Shame on her. I can care less about the whole Palin clan and who is she to judge she had a baby out of wedlock.

  153. Bristol Palin is a bad role model to most Young Girls and she's a statistic of teenage pregnancy in the USA she's nothing more than pure Alaskan White Trash.

  154. Bristol jumps on the hypocrite train! Such kind remarks about a couple of teenage girls from a young mother. Great example – not.

  155. Sophia Lookingup says:

    What happened to the President's Christian values? Homosexuality is not something he learned at church, if the church was sincerely preaching the Word of God. Listen folks, you cannot have it both ways.

  156. Scharala Mitchell says:

    Bristol is right on!

  157. Tia Kwiatkowski Henke says:

    This saddens me. Our children, more than most, should influence our lives in many ways including our beliefs. We do not only teach our children we learn from them. We should teach our children how to be good people and think for themselves. If we are so lucky to have done so then maybe it is possible for our children to show us that believing in something can be a good thing. Hopefully as her son grows she can find it in herself to educate her child on the issues and allow him to make his own decisions. Hate in any manner should never be the answer. Attacking young children should never be the answer. Shame on you Bristol.

  158. So, the oh-so-brilliant Bristol Palin thinks it wrong for the prez to teach his daughters compassion and open-mindedness? Bet they don't end up preggers at 17 with a major loser as the dad, Bristol. I'd take either of those girls as a role model for my daughter over your rejecting, dismissive, hypocritical POV any day. It's just appalling what you and your mother are willing to do for money.

  159. Who is she for us to care, look at your family history and your unstable mom Bristol already they do represent a family of values

  160. The way Bristol was attacked during the elections was uncalled for, she I guess she's lashing back. I'll give her a pass, this time.

  161. Bristol should spend more time with her first baby…that her mother claims.

  162. at least the Obamas finished school and didn't have a child out of wedlock. Can Bristol say the same? She is trash like her idiotic mother!

  163. well bristol…you're the adult that knows who swiper the fox is.

  164. Bristol is a stupid name.

  165. I bet he does not raise his daughters to be closed minded loser whores like you are.

  166. Shaking my head you all have fallen into what they want us to keep doing, fighting and bickering amongst each other. Hating one another while they continue to take away OUR rights and freedoms but you are all the caught up the difference in our races and culture to look at the real, they don't care if you are white, black or any other color if you are not apart of the governments agenda and if you are not rich you are not part of that agenda PERIOD. All blacks are not on welfare and lazy just like All whites are not rich and working. Most people here hate Obama because of the color of his skin because I didn't see you hating on Bush Jr. when he was ruing our country economically but is that because he is white so he gets a pass.
    Obama tires to pass laws to help all and what happens the stop it in their tracks. WE ALL need to learn how to live amongst one another Period. The only difference you see in people is the color of their skin and then everything goes from there Stop hating on one another and learn to come together or else we all are going to be victims of the plans they have for us.We fight over religion, We fight over race, we fight over money, we fight over everything but we don't have the courage to fight for the things that really matter and we fighting amongst ourselves I wonder how many of you have the heart to stand up and fight for the things that really matter and to fight along side one another no matter our color difference for the things that are being taking away.
    Intelligence or any other trait knows no color, race or nationality as it's boundaries it is given to all, there is good and bad in all of us PERIOD! People mad at Obama about Gay Rights who cares worry about the right that are being stolen from you. I don't care about people being gay that's their choice let God sort them out but I do care about how we treat one another and the way we STAND together becomes more rough times are coming. So people please stop bashing each other and learn to start living together. Another thing, people don't choose what color they are when they are born, who their parents are, where they live and the hardships they endure so for you to try to judge and say what they should do is just dead wrong. Get some sense about yourselves people RTNBS!(REAL TALK NO BULLSHIT).

  167. One, I'm embarrassed that I stopped long enough to read (most) of this. Two, thanks for the hearty laugh.

  168. Anonymous says:

    None of the girls mentioned in this story have ever done an ounce of (real) work in their lives…let's move on to stories about people who actually contribute to society…even the President had his education paid for by others…

  169. Anything that flows from the mouths of Sarah or Bristol Palin is considered verbal diarrhea by just about every intelligent American, the only reason why the Palin's make any statements is for the shock value, their statements are like the Fox News channel, ZERO credibility.

  170. Anonymous says:

    Truly sad. This kid has been brainwashed into thinking that because her immature and incompetent mom attempted to con America into thinking she had a brain, her opinion really matters. Only in the US could she have the freedom to be so blissfully stupid.

    Stone 9424

  171. What a dumb B _ _ _ _.Money on the brown girl in the white house.What does that mean.Bristol needs to keep her legs and mouth closed.Did she ever get her GED?

  172. 1. Liberal Sheila Harris, you are commended by many for spewing judgmental hatred at Miss Palin, while branding women who've had premarital sex as "tramps".

    2. Denis Gray makes a clever but gentle remark about Sheila's grammar and is also buried with hate-filled remarks by Libs defending Sheila's hatred of Miss Palin.

    Research has shown that Liberals are the most intolerant of online groups. You can see the evidence for yourself in the comments below. They are the most hateful, judgmental, violent groups around.
    In juxtaposition, Miss Palin's comments are not Liberal-like name-calling character assassinating comments, but are cleverly crafted & insightful.
    Although she is indulging in a time-honored American tradition of utilizing her right to Freedom of Speech by criticizing the Prez, she is attacked with such vile bile because the Prez she has exposed is incapable of doing any wrong in the (blind) eyes of his supporters, which include the host of brown-nosed journalists.

  173. Anonymous says:

    You people are HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laughs!

  174. Matthew Utley says:

    awesome, and fuck Odumbo and his ugly wife and his nig nig kids, nuff said.

  175. Matthew Utley says:

    and on another note, I would fuck her and her mom at the same time, now that would be awesome.

  176. Pam Lane Evans says:

    Bristol…go somewhere..sit down and STFU!




  180. Oralia Diaz says:

    Does anyone really care what she says

  181. Evangelist Tracey Smith says:

    Why not use her name instead of "The Brown Girl'?

  182. joan hardy shut your hell hole n shut up fool n bristol palin u will get your ass slap in your face…smh.

  183. Anonymous says:

    Dora the Explorer would still have been smarter than your Mother Bristol! At least Dora knows how to use a map!

  184. Anonymous says:

    Dora the Explorer would still have been smarter than your Mother Bristol!

  185. No one should pay any attention to this whore! She or her mother isn't worth the time on a clock let alone the hands that turn it!!!

  186. Chrys Walsh says:

    Too bad Mamma Lemming didn't have an abortion before punching out this ugly tard. She obviously carries defective genes and that's what she keeps plopping out retarded defective twatty offspring.

  187. What do you expect? She's her mother's daughter. I wouldn't be surprised if Mama Grizzly didn't put her up to it. After all, who listens to Sarah anymore. She's probably using her daughter to speak through.

  188. Valorie Marshall says:

    Who care what she think? I guess she is a perfect role model for her son. The way he was cursing on her reality show shows whats going on around him. She need to get a life and raise her son. You don't see President kids on tv cursing and acting like they haven't had any home training.

  189. Delicia Lisa Ward says:

    Norman all i can say to u is prayer is the key to everything !!!

  190. Allison Davis says:

    Instead of her reality show "life's a Tripp" how about Wasilla dumbass

  191. Anonymous says:

    Bristol just mad because her mother is slow she need not to worry about obama nor his daughters at least they are productive and not a fast ass like Bristol.

  192. Calvin Slattery says:

    Liberal's called this women a slut and now she says a personal opinion and eveyone pounces shame on u she is 18 she made a mistake like u assholes haven't made one.

  193. Constance Ross says:


  194. Bristol Palin, your mother said on National TV " I see Russia from my backyard". Baby, you have no room to make fun of anyone.

  195. She's WHITE TRASH!

  196. the consequence of epic fail popularity right here folks!

  197. people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  198. Just as stupid as her mother!

  199. Sally Oros says:

    And who does she think she is to mock anyone?

  200. Wanda Edie says:

    wow. I am not in agreement with the president on his position regarding gay marriage. I do not, however, begrudge anyone else their opinions either. But for this person to speak on it is just shameful. As if her family-thanks- to her-has nothing to worry about regarding their children. Those who live in glass houses…


  202. I can only say America breathed a sigh of relief that the Palin Trailer Trash didn't enter the White House.

  203. I can only say America breathed a sigh of relief that the Palin Trailer Trash didn't enter the White House.

  204. Ignorance and disrespect are taught and she seems to have learned it well. For someone who had an illegitimate child , thought it was funny when her son called his aunt a "faggot" and seems to want to be famous at any cost? please…shes as dumb as her mother saying she could see What? from Alaska….lol

  205. Is anyone really surprised by her hypocrisy? She's no longer "daughter of Sarah Palin" she's moved up the social ladder (lol) to "reality tv star.". She's most likely writing "book reports" to boost her ratings and cause controversy. Cheap shots…picking on two little girls who aren't pregnant I might add 🙂

  206. Bristol should really about the influence her son is getting from his dad, who NEVER seems 2 B there. Worry about your dysfunctional family

  207. Iris Mita Albino says:

    I hate some white people that think they are the shit, because they got a college degree in grammar. Well fuckers, fuck you! For thinking your better than anybody, mother fuckers like you make the ghetto, in me, come out. These is America, I could say what I want and how I want to spell it. Some of you are mad because there is black president running these country? What is going to happen when a women president is running the country? yall dumb fucks are going to be complaining as well. And who the fuck cares what that B.P bitch has to say. Fuck her and her mother. They stuck on white and the rich, I bet my last dollar, they don't even help the poor people of Alaska. and for the Joan bitch, keep hiding behind your keyboard, cause if I ask you to take it to the back yard, your pussy ass would not show up for that ass beating. Your ass should be volunteering to help children {not just white] with literacy problems, since you like to correct peoples grammar. All these comments just prove how a lot of white people are full of themselves and full of hate. I don't give a fuck what you think of me, because, I’m me all day.I don't hide behind a fake mask. Hate or love me. Bitch

    • Yes Iris Albino. You really show up to the dance classy. Do you think that you could take me because you are a negro? Does skin color have anything to do with fighting skills? Does it have anything to do with class or the lack thereof? Hmm……

    • Yes Iris Albino. You really show up to the dance classy. Do you think that you could take me because you are a negro? Does skin color have anything to do with fighting skills? Does it have anything to do with class or the lack thereof? Hmm……

    • Iris Mita Albino says:

      Hmm…it just shows how stupid Joan Hardy is.Bitch grow a brain.

  208. This coming from someone who got knocked up while still in high school? Bristol is a clown.

  209. This coming from someone who got knocked up while still in high school? Bristol is a clown.

  210. Ha! Every single one of you who criticize Bristol Palin, but didn't say a word when your leftist "commodeians" made fun of her baby with Down Syndrome are such freakin' hypocrites!
    You have no right to say anything because you are ignorant brown-nosers for Obama.
    (and for some of you so ignorant to think brown-noser is a racist term, boy are you stupid. Google it.)

  211. Bruno Gissara says:

    Bristol Palin is quite frankly white trash… and her mother is an absolute moron, seems the apple does not fall far from the tree…

  212. Bruno Gissara says:

    Bristol Palin is quite frankly white trash… and her mother is an absolute moron, seems the apple does not fall far from the tree…

  213. Does any one else get the impression that Joan Hardy is really Sarah Palin? does any one else here remember the Hardy Boys? think and contemplate her off the cuff remarks and posts. If she isn't really dear old "mama bear" it is someone who is being paid to moderate these post and is definitely in the Palin camp. government statistics etc- she sounds like a freak'n Drone! Web Bot! is what she is trying to spread Ignorance, hate and distrust like a virus across the net. pay attention people. Joan Hardy is a PLANT! WebBot!

  214. hot dog, I had to go delete my post. lol. this lil hillbilly clown need to sit down an an pay attention to her handicap child. instead of trying to disrespect the President an his children. She is stupid her mom is stupid better yet her whole family is stupid. Bo The 1st Dog has more class in one of his paws than her an her dumb moma has. Bo the 1st dog ppo has more class. she need to go an hide her shameful behind. how is she going to try to disrespect the president daughter an she out skewing out both of her pantie legs. an if I remember right her lil sister was dating one of her ex-boyfriends or was she dating one of willows boyfriend they are cheap an trashy.

  215. Korie Smith says:

    I can't even believe she has the audacity to say anything. She is a spokes person for teen pregnancy prevention? Really what is wrong with this country? Don't get me wrong, being a young parent does not make you a bad person, it makes your parent a bad person. Someone some where dropped the ball. Bristol, and her ding bat mother need to sit down somewhere.

  216. Bristol should just be QUIET, all they want is attention, for doing all the wrong things. If Sarah Palin isn't running for anything, maybe she is not creditible. Picking on the Obama's isn'it going to change anything. One day there might be many people who is going to glad that Obama is/was the President, for all the right reasons….Like I said Bristol, be Quiet…

  217. Norman Scribbler says:

    sour grapes…white girl and her fam were crip walkin before the final votes were tallied…lol it must suck to not be able to hillbilly out the white house…huh?

  218. Norman Scribbler says:

    america has decided and they like girls who are educated and sophisticated with bright futures…not reality shows that fail, in front of them…lol@ the palins…were they serious?

  219. Kara Hill says:

    Bristol Palin is paid HOW much to talk pregnancy prevention after having a baby in high school her dam self? Perfect example of success being less about "what you know" and "what you do," vs "Who you know" and "Who you do." How does this chick qualify for such a job, let alone to criticize another who had to work and educate themselves to do theirs? # B**** Please…

  220. Hey, keep Dora and Swiper the Fox out of this! They are innocent, wholesome and virgin… Something Bristol hasn't been since… well…

  221. Priscilla Walker-Webb says:

    This piece of trash need to shut up and sit the fuc* down. She is as dumb as her mother.

  222. This is a sad day when the official poster child for birth control, has an opinion on anything that requires thinking!

  223. Cynthia Blake-Butler says:

    Really, this b**ch is Sarah Palin daughter!! Enough said

    • Christopher Butler says:

      Bristol Palin is an idiot, born to an idiot, who screwed an idot, aligned to an idiotic party.

    • Christopher Butler says:

      What does it say when your OWN political party does not evewn want your mama to speak for them after she was the last Vice Presidsential nominee, don't talk Bristol, you make yourself look like a bigger fool than you already are.

  224. At least his daughters didn't get pregnant at an early age!

  225. At least his daughters didn't get pregnant at an early age!

  226. Really, Bristol I put my money on the brown kid your mom was dumb and now here u come smmfh

  227. This isn't about wht Obama has done it's the fact tht his is black. So no matter wht he did Republicans was not going to help the black man so stop being fake about it people and tell the truth

  228. KaMaria Bain says:

    Aww would you look at that. Bristol is trying to remain relevant. Bless her heart.

  229. Steven Rudin says:

    It's all about keeping the money train rolling along. The Palin clan understands the reality TV culture we live in today. They'll appear in the media every time there is an opportunity to be noticed. Plucked out of obscurity by the Republican campaign, Sarah Palin, and family, have made millions off of her accidental fame. I'm a fairly old geezer, so I remember a time when it would have been inconceivable to go after the President of the United States, and his family, the way people do today. There used to be something called manners, and people had enough vocabulary to explain themselves without resorting to crude language, and junior high level put-downs.

  230. Stacy Mitchell says:

    Stupid is as stupid does…

  231. So what, we're suppose to take seriously the rantings of a trailer trash btch who got knocked up as a teen.

  232. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    She apparently forgot about her own mistake..and a BIG one!

  233. Her 15 minutes of fame is over. She will always be the girl who got knock up, when she was 17.

  234. Alex Nancy Cowens says:

    How do I get this out of my news feed? So sick of seeing this story…

  235. Karen Leigh says:

    I just can't comment on her, it would be too much to say…she is ignorant!

  236. Karen Leigh says:

    I just can't comment on her, it would be too much to say…she is ignorant!

  237. Please read the article again SLOWLY. She is criticizing the the PRESIDENT for getting advice from teenagers.

  238. Does anyone actually listen to any of the palins?

  239. shes 100%right-hes supposed to be the leader of the best country in the world–and asks is daughter–what does he do about afgan etc–ask hiswife/his mum-should we stay or should we go-i for one–even thou not american-think he's a uk tony blair–there both the same-cowards+gutless-

  240. Dee Johnson says:

    This thread just goes to further show just how easily some of you are lead.

    You are listening to BRISTOL PALIN…come on….

  241. Bristol Palin is the last person who should be a spokesperson going around the country getting paid thousands of dollars to talk about teen pregnancies. She's a twit just like her mother who didn't even know that Africa was a continent.

  242. Bristol Palin is the last person who should be a spokesperson going around the country getting paid thousands of dollars to talk about teen pregnancies. She's a twit just like her mother who didn't even know that Africa was a continent.

  243. the brown child?

  244. The nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

  245. Cecelia Anderson says:

    Trailer trash

  246. SUCH a BIAS article…. hmmmm I wonder who this author is voting for.

  247. @Sheila Harris:
    You do realize that Bristol Palin wasn't criticizing the President's daughters, even though the article said that she was?

    She was comparing and contrasting the President's decision to alter policy based upon his conversations with his young daughters with how Sara Palin was criticized for altering policy after speaking with her adult husband.

    In your own angst you chose to slander her and her husband.

  248. Wow, check the last few line of the piece.

  249. I make decisions all the time based on what my 17yo suggests……wheat bread or regular? Don't hate because this "FATHER" cares to talk with his daughters regarding an issue whatever it may be….he is a 'FATHER" first people….wow! all in small letters to show how unimportant this is….sheesh…say something intelligent please…waiting…..

  250. Pansy CaramelGoddess Rogers says:

    Bristol Palin is as silly as her mom, she can't talk about anyone teen mom, her mom was completely clueless when her daughter was pregnant. Now her two left feet is on dancing with the stars. Sthu Bristol!

  251. This girl is stupid like her mother! "the apple does not fall far from the tree". She's hating on Malia and Sasha because they have it going on. My question to you Bristol is "if you are so smart why didn't you keep your legs closed or at least use a comdom?"

  252. wel, l you were asking for the long awaited sequel of dumb and dumber? who cares what this dumb ignorant bitch has to say about anything, period. y'all forget what her non less dumb mom said once; she could see russia from her back yard. seriously, stop paying attention to all this stupid comments from all this " celebrities" desperates for 15 minutes of fame.

  253. This Is Coming From Someone Who Allowed Herself To Become Impregnated While Still in High School? — This Coming From Someone Whose Only Real 'Claim To Fame' Was Because She Just Happened To Be the Daughter of Someone Who Unsuccessfully Ran For Vice President of the United States? — The MEDIA and Other Money-Hungry Groups Are Responsible For Giving This 'Terrible Role Model', in My Opinion, the Idea That SHE Is Somehow Someone Whose Opinion Is Actually That of a 'Mature' Person.

  254. Rodrigo Valle says:

    I'm just writing a comment so Denis Gray can Rebutt… I mean really, cant you get a job greeting people in Walmart? LOL

  255. Delores Tanner says:

    girl get a damm!!!!!! Life

  256. Truly amazing how many people are OK with Bristol attacking children, regardless of whether their Father mentioned them or not. As for the Palins, all I can say is like Mother, like Daughter (attack then expect leniency when attacked, SMH) *now let me check to make sure I did NOT make any spelling errors for the grammatically correct (and YES I actually intended to not use proper punctuation as this is an online reply, NOT a college essay).*.

  257. Andrea Taylor Smith says:

    That girl has got a lot of nerve. She is just seeking some publicity because she is not speaking like someone who has any sense.

  258. Wiley McMasters says:

    Maybe when the HNIC in the White House gets his ass kicked in this upcoming election, blacks will stop thinking it's ok to be openly racist against white people.

  259. Toni J Preston says:

    The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She is an idiot just like her mother lol!

  260. Ignorance begats ignorance!

  261. shes a nimrod.

  262. Norman Bell says:

    Typical Palin style…or should I say No Style. Why would Bristol Palin of all people; believe she's even remotely informed or intelligent enough to speak about the President's children. I suppose all of that Reality Television crap has diminished her since of reality, if she ever had any. How dare she, one doesn’t have to know Bristol personally to be insulted that anyone would give that piece of trash a public platform…personally speaking.

  263. How is this ho* can't anything about anyone. She is as dizzy as her mom.

  264. Kelly Reddick says:

    I guess denis is bristol's grandpa trolling on all the comments…such a wise man…but the fact of the matter is politics has become nothing but mud slinging..instead of seeing a problem and fixing it we continue to try and tear each other down instead of standing together to provoke real change..we could talk back and forth about who's right and whose wrong, but when bristol is making hundreds of thousands being an "expert" on teen pregnancy prevention makes me laugh..if she was , indeed, an expert she would not have had a child…who on here really thinks for themselves? do we all just blindly follow and defend those we feel are right?

  265. Like we're supposed to take views and listen to a Child who had a child, when she was a child. Bristol before you start giving out your personal views, maybe you should worry about your own. I saw A clip of your failed reality show. Let's see where we stand when your boy grows up to be with you raising him.

  266. Really you need to leave those girls alone. To me this is a bullying attack on these girls you should be ashamed to even call yourself a christian. This are just little girls leave them alone Shame on you.

  267. Lana Ivanova Ramadanovic says:

    Uh, mocking him for listening to them is different than mocking them.

  268. that low down dirtyho got time to talk about someone then talk about yout hoedad you had and that mom that is about s————–watch your mouth trick.

  269. you people need to clean your back yard before you go talking about anybody your mother don't like black , but she went with one back in the day , and look at you those two boys you was live with your hold family is full of s—————-.

  270. If you actually chose to be objective, you would see that Bristol is insulting Obama, not his daughters, because he's listening to the opinions of children, for his decisions as president. The daughters can say whatever they want. Obama was the one who chose to make a political decision based on what they said, and that decision Obama made is what Bristol is criticizing. That's pretty obvious, actually. I agree with Obama on the issue, but his rationale is ridiculous, and no president should make decisions that affect the whole country, based on what their kids want. Bristol's right. It's as if the kids are ruling, and the fact that she uses wit and humor in her comments makes it even better.

  271. Marie Wyke says:

    I have one word for bristol (what the hell kind of name is that)…………….Hater/Whore okay that was two!

  272. What's the hoe saying now

  273. Anonymous says:

    Bristol Palin should worry about her weight and her handicapped child NOT other people. Saw her dancing skills…don't think she will be back there.

  274. Chris Flora says:

    That's an ignorant and disgusting albeit slightly witty comment. I doubt that Bristol Palin is smart enough to have made that comment all by herself.

  275. wonder what the dynamic duo will tell daddy when he loses! oh the libtard tears will be a-flowing nov.7th a.m. o'bumhole is a fraud! oh say it ain't so barry soetoro! bye, bye ya bum!

  276. Moose Kinnard III says:

    Leave politics to the politicians.

  277. CRACKPOT like mom! WOW it's a shame she is sooooooooooo jealous of the closeness the Obama girls share with their parents and jealous of their beauty as I believe she's had to pay for her looks via the knife! Oh might I add she doesn't sound all that Christian like to me.

    • Jealousy – that Green Monster. Mama said "If you can't say something nice – don't say anything at all". Palin is showing her ass and lack of class – Palin shoud shut up and go kill a moose.

  278. Children should stay out of politics, whether it's the Pres.'s daughters or Palin's daughter. It's bad enough having their parents trying to act as rational thinking adults.

  279. Elizabeth Anne Curless says:

    I am oh so tired so let me get this straight….Bristol is commenting on Obama backing equal rights for the Gay community because it's something his teenage daughters are in favor of…like it's a bad thing he too thinks they are entitled to the same rights us heterosexuals are granted in terms of marriage. I'm trying to find where there is anything bad or immature in that. How is it a scandal or showing lack of leadership that a grown man has raised two daughters who believe everyone is equal and they aren't afraid to vocalize it. I need a nap.

  280. Maybe I am missing the point of the article but it seems to me that Bristol is belittling the president for counseling with his teenage daughters. I remember Jimmy Carter taking abuse from the media when he stated during a debate with Ronald Reagan that he talked with his daughter, Amy about nuclear warfare.

  281. Kina Brower says:

    A grown woman attacking children. You're so smart Bristol Palin and BTW, don't nobody care about you having a baby at 18. The Obama's never attacked your choice of having a baby at that age.


  283. Tranquility Derrick Flowers says:

    Bristol whatever her name is, she is so not important. But I am have read most of the comments and I noticed that the people are not even interested in the article. They are attacking each others grammar mistakes… OMG

    • I had just started to give Bristol some slack after her epic fail on DWTS again. I had recently said that i felt that people may be judging her on her mother's merits. Well after reading this i assume my position on her again. She is no bleeping different than Tasha from the hood who gets Pregnant young and unwed. Why is she on DWTS anyways all she did was get fu$$*% by a teen boy and now she is a household name ? America we change are value systems like a New York second. This tramp makes money telling other girls not to Fuc$$ early in life because it isn't hard for her raise a baby she has done DWTS twice, Shaneneiqua would not have been able to do it once because she really is trying to raise her baby. Bristol should be quite and enjoy the money she is making because her ass got in the draws and got fuc749. How many young girls of color go through this and could really be a role model but they don't get paid they are at the Welfare office trying to get a check and EBT card and section 8 Screw Bristol which i am sure she is use too.

    • Tranquility Derrick Flowers says:

      Lord I messed up my grammar in my comment, now I will be attacked soon by the English Police Dept…..

    • Ann'Drea Cheatham says:

      Tranquility Derrick Flowers careful there is that black news stalker out there too . Paul R…. he is a plant!

  284. So much for "Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist" can't even understand where criticism is directed. Hate her if you like, but Bristol critized the President for letting having his opinions swayed by children, instead of being a leader. There was no criticism of the daughters here. At least in January, we'll have an adult (instead of Lier in Chief) in the white house, and his name is President Romney.

  285. Anonymous says:

    Good for her after the way she and her family were mocked by the odumbos.

  286. So says the teen mom with the bastard kid. Klassy!

  287. she really has her nerves…teen whore, plastic surgery whore and a reality tv whore…and your mom is as dumb as a rock and she is a hate mongar…and this is who you take advice from…no wonder u go after obamas daughter…because you a bully just like your low class mother and just as dumb and amoral.

  288. If you really don't care what Bristol Palin has to say, why are you spending so much time being vulgar and crude? Haven't read such nasty crap since I don't know when….not wasting my time on this…..

  289. Joan Hardy is a retard. If she thinks people aren't going to be offened by what this trashy ignorant teen mom is saying about the President's beautiful daughters then she must be as sick ad Sarah Palin and her daughter Briskly Pregnant before marriage and finishes High School foolery. I'm deeply offended and even more so for the fact she calls herself an advocacy for teen pregnancy

  290. I wouldn't let Bristol Paling speak to Isaac my dog about tern pregnancy. She's so messed up, I'll be afraid that if he barks she'll spread her legs.We don't want any Palings running around our house. This is a Dick family who wants to continue saying crazy things to get a few dollars.

  291. Sorry about the misspelled words on my blogg I'll never say Dick family I typed sick family. Any ways they're messed up!!!

  292. Bristol really? she is a nitwit but the comments sure are fun in a sick way.

  293. Cal Tecke says:

    the unfortunate residue of fame is when the famous never go away.

  294. I hate the fact that some people are so caught up on mistakes in words. Some times it could easily be the device that a person is using that can change the dynamics of the spelling! However Bristol Palin is not the type of teen pregnancy advocacy one would want their child to idolize! She's in no position to say anything about the President's daughters. She's jealous and sconed because men has used her and not the President's daughters! She resent them for the nice girls they are. I'm glad that the Obamas don't let their daughters watch or listen to negative people. While Bristol is worrying about pampers the President's daughters just want another dog. Go figure. JEALIOUSY!!!

  295. Ignorant white people don't like intelligent blacks, they feel intimidated and uncomfortable with the keen intellect of the President. The smartest of the Caucasians are intimidated by the Predident and other smart blacks and it shows when we're around! They're constantly on the defense! I don't have time to watch every word I say thinking they're going to be offended. I am who I am and be it intelligent then do be it. I'm not switching codes to make them feel comfortable, that's their issues, not mine! Don't be mad at me. God blessed me to be the way I am and I'm going to make Him proud when I open my mouth.

  296. Debbie Ellis says:

    Bristol Palin is her mother's child……dumb…stupid…and keeps one foot in her mouth! She will NEVER be able to hold a candle to Sasha and Malia…..they will never be out drunk like the Bush twins…or having babies like stupid NO dancing Bristol who was begging for DWTS votes!

  297. Bristol raises a good point whether or not the mass thinks she should have or not. I have a teenager of my own. I don't want him running my house and I don't want obama's kids running the country. Sorry if that offends some delicate and fragile sensibilities.

  298. Learn how to dance BIOTCH!

  299. Chardonnay Lewis says:

    She clearly should worry about herself having a baby do young who cares what has to say non factor wants attention

  300. Mary Williams says:

    her thouths don't even count.

  301. is that a mullet?

  302. Elissa Bryn Harbuck says:

    "I've got my money on the brown girl in the White House"… Why is the race even a topic in this article. Pathetic.

  303. Penny Johnson says:

    For starters… Bristol is absolutely right… it IS an outrage that the President of the United States would allow his barely teenage daughters to influence a decision that affects the entire country… who elected THEM as the advisor to the President? Furthermore… Bristol was NOT deriding his daughters… her comments were toward the president & his ignorantly taking the advice or opinion of CHILDREN in a matter that again… affects the entire country… Go Bristol!

  304. Wouldn't Bristol Pallin be included in Romney's 47%. She really needs to go sit down somewhere.

  305. Me too

  306. why do you keep giving this women child really a voice on the national stage, who is she and what is she , her mother at least was the future vice president, I did not vote for her but a least she had a reason to for her hate speak, this women/child has not did anything for America except to have a child before she was old enough to support herself, she was not smart enough to use birth control, but she can tell us adults how to think and act, she will always be a child, she needs to get a job and start taking care of her child, this brat of hers is going to be a hand full when he gets to be a teen because the mother/child is so dumb and brain dead, Bristol you need to grow up, get a real job, and go back to school get an education, close your big fat mouth until you know what the world outside your little life is about, you know nothing and you need to stop showing how dumb you are! I blame the press for putting such a know nothing classless side show of a women/child out to speak like she has something of note to say, shame on the press, shame on you!

  307. Tell Bristol Palin to go and have more plastic surgery with her idle mine and insignificant thoughts.

  308. Bristol Pallin needs to go and fine a real job and stop trying to cash in own her mother fifteenth minutes of fame.

  309. Cynthia Stevenson says:

    This from a girl who allows her young son to disrespect and curse adults on her tv show… might want to focus on parenting yourself

  310. Deborah Dyson says:

    Bristol pallin is a mad young dum girl she don't know how to love some one for who they are her mother can't help her she don't know how to love some one for who they are they don't know what peace is, they are mad at Obama, his wife is doing a verry good job with the girls and they have respct for there grown Bristol get help.

  311. What ever Bristor Palin who cares about "What you Think" or the lack of thinking. Keep your advice to yourself.

  312. Ruby Black says:

    Bristol is not a role model for any type of leader, nor wisdom of knowledge person. She's looking for attention. She's lonely. She's out in the woods also.

  313. Monique Shantee' says:

    Bristol you trailer park non dancing nothing ass bitch grow up and try to find a job and not suck up our taxes dollars on Welfare for u and your bastard child instead of being homophobic and racist

  314. David Brittian says:

    I bet you that her mother still can't name a Supreme Court case, boy was that Katie Couric interview was funny, but what can I say mother like daughter stupid and ignorant as hell!

  315. David Brittian says:

    I feel sorry for Her son.

  316. Thia Norton says:

    Bristol u need to sit down and shut up u just mad ur mom lost and had to pay ur bd off to make him stop telling the truth about u and our fucked up family

  317. Thia Norton says:

    Were is the example that Bristol is setting for teenagers not to have children in their teenage year. Why would't I as a teenager want to have a baby if I can get paid and have my own reality show.

  318. Evelyn Lindblad says:

    No one cares about about that whole klan of complaining palins. Nothing but trash trying to relevant in a world that they are not a part of. Stay in Alaska and watch Russia from your backyard. Losers do not belong in the public-under a rock yeah.

  319. heaux sit down.

  320. I bet their discussions continue on until they are considering becoming sexually active while drinking with a noncommittal bf…bet they won't be raising children alone…now comment on that Ms. Palin.

  321. Troy Dodrer says:

    I don't see where Bristol attacked the presidents kids I do see her question the judgement of the president when he used them to excuse his flip flop on such a huge issue as gay marriage …I also saw this so called media outlet trash Bristol because they didn't want her mother to win election…

  322. I read the article and became angry with myself for reading it and making Ms. Palin relavant again…I'm not going to defend our POTUS because he doesn't need defending, nor do his preteen and teen daughters…I would hope that Ms. Palin can become half the parent he and the FLOTUS are…now it should behove Ms. Palin to remember that her mother stated that she based her decision concerning abortion on a conversation she had eith her

  323. Sorry typo *with*…and she was a mere teen herself at the time…and for those getting angry with her defenders…please don't…reserve that fight for important matters and use prayer as your weapon of choice…I pray for those who troll comment pages looking to pick fights and spark debates for the entertainment of it…I pray for this divided nation…we have shown the world our real, true colors…

  324. A This is the case of a classless uneducated jealous woman, yes “woman” jealous of two children.. I am willing to bet neither one of these beautiful young girls will end up(1) Pregnant, (2) a M.I.A baby daddy, drama, just found religion in need of an education, boring woman.

  325. Bristol's mom taught her well.

  326. Theresa Sharpe says:

    No body gives a happy about what you think. You and your mother should go on back to the ice country and help your daddy catch fish. Don't want to ever hear from you two again. You both are so irrelevant!

  327. Theresa Sharpe says:

    and didn't she have a nose job.

  328. Maurice White says:

    Like Mother, Like Daughter! Both Women are simply dumb!

  329. Obviously she has no idea what she is talking about… which we should have known all along since the apple don't fall far from the tree.
    And according to many Republican polticians her body shoulda shut down that unwanted pregnancy and it didn't. Proof to me there is no God. Unless God's got a future rape blessing in store for her in the future…

  330. Traci Madison says:

    Omg who does this heifer think she is. Double standard yet again!!! This ignorant girl can't even raise her own out of wedlock son. Not that I'm judging anyone just this stupid
    girl. She must need some attention!

  331. Umm, the author of this article is a bias individual. Sarah Palin didn't say anything to warrant any criticism of her children from other politicians, but Obama did. He asked his daughters what they think on a political topic. That holds them open to criticism. The President seems like he is too inexperienced and somewhat biased when applying his policies. Yes, we all know Bristol got pregnant, but accidents do happen at times. Don't tell me that you never had sex when you were either in high school or shortly after you graduated. Also, the author exposes himself to criticism with statements like "I got my money on the brown girl in the White House." Really, you have your money on a 13 yo little girl? You sir (Chiles) are clueless.

  332. Bristol is about as lame as her mother.

  333. Pat Lacy-Burks says:

    Where is your picture. Seems to me many of you hide behind fake pictures because you to scared to show your faces while you degrade everybody in the world. Bristol Palin "ain't" about nothing, she is not and will never be in the category of the Obamas'. I don't put unwed mothers down because they made mistakes, hell my daughter made two. But when you "ain't got shit going but your mouth, sit down and shut up BRISTOL, with your no dancing self!

  334. Cheryl Leacock says:

    Well Miss Palin thank God that your opinions could for very little and what crazy person decided you were even good enough to preach to anyone about the prevention of teen pregnancy when you done bolt from the stables, your'e a real good role model ain't ya. You call yourself a Christian, doesn't the good book say "judge not lest thou be judged" – thank God that YOUR President and his wife have done such an excellent job in raising their children with values of treating people fairly regardless of their sexuality – you should look to them both and take a leaf out of their book as they have proven that they are worth a billion of you. Go back and ask your momma where she went wrong when teaching you about putting your money where your mouth is because what you got to say ain't even worth a nickle. Expert of teen pregnancy prevention my h*arse…foolish little girl.

  335. I'm so tired of people coming down on the President, some are talking about the jobs being cut & do many other things that the President is & has been doing wrong since he's been in office…but you fail to realize that he's just trying to straighten out things from where former Presidents had truly messed up,l don't see you speaking on the 911 or hurricane Katrina when the bushes took a whole week or so to get help, let's see also after so many times trying to take down Osama-Ben-Laden President Obama took him down, I'm just mentioning a few things now we all know

  336. That the only reason that most people are so upset and against the President is because the color of his skin so let's stop all the bickering about such nonsense & just except the fact that President Obama will be in office for another 4 year term and work together on putting this country back together where the former others have destroyed through out the years regardless if he voted on gay rights or what ever, only GOD can judge us all, we all know that this country didn't just fall apart because of President Obama being in office it was like this before he got in he's just trying to clean it up so go set down some where with all this hatred…were suppose to love & encourage one another not go against each other where are our morals I've never seen such hatred because of one person being in charge of our country only because of his skin color & we all know that is the case of course some of us will not admit it but it's so true plus he's taking away from the rich & trying to help the poor if you just want to keep it real! Get over yourself because what most of you don't realize GOD is the only one that has the last say over all things! Much Love To You All know matter what creed, color or gender I LOVE YOU AND THERE'S NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT SMOOCHES MAUHH

  337. Pamela Owens says:

    LOL.. she needs to shut the hell up! with her nastee ass! look at your principles in life and then we will talk.. silly chic! stupidity at its finest!

  338. She was not attacking those children. She was attacking Obama for making a judgement on something as important as Gay Marriage from what his kids felt about it. Sheila Harris, Bristol didn't chose to have a child, it was an accidental pregnancy and she does not believe in abortion. 400,000 other teens this year are have children without being married. Obama went after Bristol on his campaign and thougt nothing of it. SO why the double standard.
    IMO no one has the right to blast children the way Bristol has been balsted because she has a baby. She also has a right to speak her mind, that is until it gets changed and it will under this dictatorship we have. I wonder if JFK talked to Caroline about the Bay of Pigs before it went down? Who knows but sometimes being a parent , like Obama is, he wants an opinion of someone who is not biased, has no axe to grind and has nothing to gain by his decision. His girls more than likely believe in Gay rights as I hope the majority of AMericans will and do. I do not like Obama nor did I like Georgie Bush, but they made some good decisons while they were in the WH and a lot of bad ones and if they can get an honest answer from anyone it is usually from their kids. BTW not nall girls who get pregnant are tramps, be careful about calling unwed mothers names because they could very well apply to your girls down the road. No one is perfect and the first love is a strong love and do not forget hormones and the fact that you will not be with them every time they go on a date. Love is blind and hormones rage.

  339. Tammy Brackett-Ausby says:

    Bristol os even more stupid than her mother, I bet she can see Russia too from her back door in Alaska, who gives a rat butt what this idiot thinks, she is trash and can't give advice or call names about anyone. I am so tired of the Palin clan they need to go somewhere and try to raise their children instead of being bigger poptarts and putting their one cents in anything!

  340. Carolyn Hough says:

    It's thus coming form a bitch who had a baby befor she was married can you say who're get over it Ur moms will never be anything other then what y'all are now closet whores lmao

  341. Caneo Coleman says:

    Please go try and graduate from high school before stepping in front of the mic

  342. Martin James Jones says:

    *Yawn* why are we even reporting on anything that Bristol Palin thinks? She is so representative of exactly what I KNOW is wrong with this country…babies having babies…She need to go get and education, learn about life, and keep her opinions to herself until she actually has a resume…the Palin's are about as clueless as anyone…mocked by their own party and the stupidity that comes from their mouths is actually laughable…does anyone really care about what her or her family thinks…When are people going to realize that they don't have any clue about what's going on in this world, take the money they made from their 7 minutes of fame and just go away for God's sake…and you knucklehead journalists stop wasting ink and brain power writing about this garbage…

  343. Can you imagine this BITCH of all person?

  344. how dare she grizzly bear and mama moose soooo sorry he in say what u want just jealous.

  345. true she should learn to close her mouth she got a baby with out a husband throw your nasty stones her name sound like a cigarette name her moose mama must have been on some thing when she named her moooooose.

  346. Sindy Finn says:

    Maybe this little skank should go back to school and open up a few books instead of opening her legs.

  347. Scraping and clawing to hang on to their fading 15 minutes….

  348. Anonymous says:

    Well, this dingbat is certainly one of the great minds of our time- what a profound, intelligent statement she's made here! lol

  349. Mr. Gray your correctness and morality must be a gift from heaven and should not be squander. You should be nominated at once for Holder of the Key's to Heaven a position in the new Republican Tea Party.

  350. Its amazing that you can recognize the hypo racy of one, but not the other, but much like Obama and Palin you have an agenda.

  351. Jessica Mercado McRae says:

    Bristol Palin is a hypocrite she's the one spreading her legs to a loser what does she promote to young children???? What does the bible say about sex before marriage Miss

  352. bristol palin, is ignorant just like her silly ass moms. fall back boo, you are a nobody. never will be. so take your ass back to alaska, and take your mom witcha.

  353. Her and her mother will find a way to stay in the public eye. She is just the daughter of a woman who was a running mate whom they lost. Try something better to do with your time, because your time in public eye has Expired

  354. It looks like she gave Levi some good advice.

  355. Ramona Fox says:

    Bristol Pallin is ignorant just as her mother she's only lashing out at the president and his family because she's bitter that he was elected a second term and her mother didn't get to run a first one I say to her and her family get a life I don't even believe that she should have won dancing with the stars since she couldn't dance at all the only reason she won is because her mother was a public figure if I could be honest her and her whole family is irrelevant

  356. Anonymous says:

    Bristol, please just go away. you sucked on dancing with the stars. you had a baby out of wedlock at 17 teen so you should not have anything to say about anyone. Take you mother, yourself and your entire family and go into hiding.

  357. Gariell Singer-songwriter says:

    It's called Post traumatic Romneysia. simply retarded and out of place. She should learn to be better than her mom instead of making a ridicule out of herself. People should learn (Republicans, Democrats) to leave children out of their playbook.

  358. Les Disconnect says:

    She really has not right to speak about anyone's children, but to speak upon the President's children not only is it disrespectful but also borderline treason. This is a great example of why her mother is not Vice President nor will their kind ever hold a position of power for the people. Learn respect, or tell your mother that she left that life lesson and you need a recourse. He Still is Your President of The United States of America, learn it. Love it. Live it. & get over your selfish pride of Defeat

  359. Even idiots have an opinion. Clearly!

  360. Thokozile Xaba says:

    STFU Bristol Palin , your own son hates U, concentrate on being a better mother and making better choices.

  361. What's your problem Nick Chiles? From the story and quotes you provide, it seems to me to be a shot at the President, not his young daughters. HE is the one that changed his mind. I think Palin made that point clearly. Beginning with Jimmy Carter, another 'leader' that took queues from his daughter, bringing your children into the political fray is irresponsible. That's just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

  362. not even worth a comment.

  363. Oh Bitch Sit Down You and Your Mama & Your Spoiled Son.

  364. I think this article is false, I was unaware that any of the Palin's were smart enough to read or write.

  365. obama has class where did u grow up. anyway the press was all over jimmy carter when he mentioned his daughter in a debate.the liberal press thinks obama can`t do no wrong.

  366. Haters,.. Doesn't look good… Step Your game up! .pour it up n" baallout!.. Prez OBAMA.. Nuff respect!..

  367. Wow! Bristol Palin as moral arbiter. That is rather like her mother giving political advice – she has no basis for giving it, has no clue what she is talking about, and thinks that being a celebrity makes her cerebral. Any GOOD parent listens to their children and until you have actually been a parent for a while, and have gotten some kind of education other than being able to conceive out of wedlock at 17, then please SHUT UP and LISTEN – you might just learn something! Not likely, but possible – at least she has more integrity and intelligence than her couch brained mother.

  368. Dumb don't fall too far from the tree. With all the idiotic comments Sarah Pailn has made, are we to expect any different from the daughter? Also, in keeping with the Palin way of picking fights, Bristol, like her mom has picked a fight with a 13 year old girl. A fight she if not favored to win. I'm just saying.

  369. she needs to worry about her bastard child

  370. Ulna Cal Calloway says:

    Some things and people you JUST IGNORE, bristol is one of those people.