Monday, July 25th, 2016

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Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed Caught In Cheating Scandal

Monday night’s episode of Basketball Wives saw Royce Reed share her highly affectionate relationship with boyfriend Tampa Bay Buccaneer wide receiver Dez Briscoe with the world. It appeared that the two were in love as they openly talked marriage and showered each other with surprises. But Royce could not escape the reality TV curse on relationships. Just hours after the show aired the mother of Dezmon’s child, Christina Nero, went on a tweeting spree outing Royce’s boyfriend as a cheater.

Nero posted several screen shots of a texts received from Dezmon:

“Well I miss that too.. I wanna  bend u over and spread yo azz cheekz arch your back and give you”

“What would u say if I wanted to have sex with you again”

Royce wasn’t buying it calling Christina a fraud.

“u dummy u changed the date & the number! Look at ur past captures! U c a “green” difference? U doin 2 much! Lmao!  the part n green is changed. It should b black”

“ok I’m done! I’m just shocked she actually got friends sendin her texts or changing ish! Tht bush crazy!”

In another twist Royce published text she sent to Dezmon asking if he ever cheated on her. Who has such a discussion via text?! Of course his response was no or “Hell no…never touched her”

(Christina Nero with her and Dez’s son Jr.)

To end things Royce tweeted a collage of pictures with her heart along with this lengthy message,

I told u last night on DM tht we are adults & u r sounding bitter & out of respect 4 u & his son to stop the defamation..Lmao at the thirst bcuz Dezmon is with me! Crazy BMs, 1 night stands, etc. Did he not say he had baggage last night? I’m used 2 it! But hey get mad! Last I checked I was the 1 at the games & appearances & on the trips! #justsayin Yes I checked his phone before he knew wht was going on & b4 I fought him I realized she was lying. Sorry @DezBriscoe89 my bad Ok I’m done lol! Sorry tht was fun tho. Trust if the were REAL I’d kick his ass… Or try to! Taking Bray 2 c Lion King tonight! I entertain certain ignorance when I need to. Especially when it’s doctored up foolishness! I apologize to those who tried to stop me & I didn’t listen. I couldn’t help it especially when I knew it was a lie & I asked 4the proof yesterday by DM. Whts the motive? #ThinkAboutIt Trust if it WAS real I’d have no problem picking my face up & saying I was single. I’ve done it b4.

Sigh. None of this should have taken place on a public forum.

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  1. These basketball wives should not be surprised that these athletes are cheating on them. Royce, you are doing too much girl. You know that man is smashing other pieces.

  2. I am sooo not surprised by this!!! Much like Chad this guy looks like he’s trying to latch onto some fame. sad.

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