Judges Gone Wild: An Oklahoma Judge’s Days on the Bench Are Numbered After He’s Accused of Having Sex with Bailiffs While on the Clock, Shooting Up His Brother-In-Law’s Home In Drive-by

In a role reversal prompted by astonishing accusations, an Oklahoma judge is waiting to learn his fate as he faces removal from the bench.

Judge Brian Lovell, 58, was suspended from his post in the Garfield County associate district after being accused of a gross pattern of misconduct, including corruption, having sex with court staff, and being involved in two separate shootings in Texas and Oklahoma.

During a road rage incident in Texas in September 2023, Lovell allegedly shot six parked cars at an intersection and tried to force a woman’s car into oncoming traffic by ramming it twice. In February 2023, Lovell allegedly did a drive-by shooting at his brother-in-law’s house. He has been indicted for both shootings and court proceedings are ongoing on the cases.

'Lack of Respect for the Judicial Office': Oklahoma Judge Accused of Drive-By Shooting, Sexual Escapades with Court Staff and Corruption. Now Faces Removal from Bench
Garfield County Associate District Judge Brian Lovell (Photo: YouTube screenshot/Law & Crime)

A series of events preceding the shootings led Oklahoma Supreme Court Chief Justice M. John Kane IV to file a petition to have Lovell removed from office. The court made it clear Lovell’s “alleged criminal activities” have nothing to do with Kane’s removal request, according to Law & Crime.

The removal petition cites Lovell as having a history of ethics violations ranging from ‘sexting’ and having sex with two different bailiffs while on the clock to having inappropriate contact with an attorney in cases he was presiding over, showing favoritism and sealing a court file with no justification.

“The pattern of conduct demonstrates Respondent’s gross neglect of duty, gross partiality, corruption in office, commission of offenses involving moral turpitude while in office, and oppression in office, all in violation of Art. 7-A, § 1(b) of the Oklahoma Constitution,” the complaint states.

Justice Kane’s complaint also says Lovell “has demonstrated a lack of respect for the judicial office with which he is entrusted, and an ongoing pattern of misconduct and dishonesty,” all of which show his “lack of temperament to serve as a judge.”

Lovell is also accused of exchanging text messages with attorney David Henneke to discuss court cases in several instances, something which is a violation of legal ethics as no discussions about cases should take place without representation from both sides present.

According to a report by Enid News & Eagle, Lovell has until July 8 at noon to file and answer the motions against him. He has already gone on record denying the allegations of having sex in the workplace, according to the removal petition.  

“There was no sexual conduct outside of text messages at the courthouse or at any other place, including but not limited to the parking lot or common areas,” Lovell allegedly wrote.

His attorney, Stephen Jones, accused the Oklahoma Council on Judicial Complaints of blindsiding his client.

“Judge Lovell has been ambushed by the Oklahoma Council on Judicial Complaints by a series of allegations in the Petition referring the matter to the Court on the Judiciary that Judge Lovell was never notified of and for which a response from him was never sought, even though he had a lawyer and was prepared to defend against the allegations, which we repeatedly sought notice of what they were, and repeatedly we were denied that notice,” a statement from Jones said.

According to a report by NonDoc, pretrial motions are scheduled for July 30, and the trial begins on Aug. 27 in the Oklahoma Supreme Court Chambers.

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