‘What’s Wrong with Freddie?’: ‘Hard-to-Watch’ Video of Freddie Jackson’s Performance at Music Festival Leaves Fans Concerned About Singer’s Health

As the month of June came to a close, legendary singer Freddie Jackson made his highly anticipated return to the St. Kitts Music Festival.

Jackson performed at the inaugural music festival on the island in the West Indies and was on hand for the 26th iteration in 2024. But, some fans are raising concerns that the 67-year-old’s comeback was less than triumphant.

He regularly shares videos of him working out in the gym or his healthy meal alternatives, but a more recent video of Jackson performing his 1985 song, “Rock Me Tonight for Old Times Sake,” is causing more concern as he appears to struggle while ad-libbing.

Legendary singer Freddie Williams sparks health concerns following his performance at a music festival. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

“Dear Freddie it’s okay to lip sync to your own songs… we still (love) you,” one fan wrote in the comment section under a video recap of Jackson’s performance.

“This is hard to watch,” another fan said.

“I’ll remember him for the fantastic voice he used to have. Wishing him well,” someone else pointed out.

“What’s wrong with Freddie?” an observer asked.

“The BIGGER question why would the promoter book him knowing he sounds like this now????????” a social media user pointed out. The festivals promoter did not immediately respond to any of the concerns surrounding Jackson’s booking.

Jackson’s performance at the St. Kitts Music Festival was not the first time the state of his health raised eyebrows. In December 2017, videos circulated showing Jackson after an apparent dramatic weight loss. Jackson was performing at a New Year’s Eve event at the time.

A few days after the performance, Jackson made it clear that his sudden weight loss was not due to a disease and that his health was not rapidly declining. Instead, Jackson said he dropped some pounds simply because he made the decision to make lifestyle changes and consume healthier foods, according to Ohio radio station Magic 95.5.

 The “You Are My Lady” singer has captivated audiences for decades.

Jackson has opened up about his personal health issues in the past and acknowledged the physical and mental toll he’s endured over the decades.

“You know, sometimes we go through aches and pains, and sometimes, as guys, we don’t go to the doctor like we need to. We just feel like we’re always supermen. So, I go to the doctor a few times, and he’s like, You might want to check this out, letting me know something is wrong. I go, ‘No! Not me, I’m Mr. Rock Me Tonight. And he’s like, ‘You’re being rocked and don’t even know it,’” Jackson told The Official Black Magazine in September 2023.

Jackson has gone through periods where he shied away from the limelight. He said whenever he did pull back it was due to him prioritizing his personal health.

“That’s another reason I pulled back because my health is more important than the stage,” Jackson said to the magazine. “Many people who started with me are not here today. I’m sad to say, but, much as I loved it, I love Freddie more.”

Jackson was scheduled to perform in June in Florida over Father’s Day week, but the event was canceled due to what the promoter described as a scheduling conflict.

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