‘Lady, Are You Crazy?’: Florida ‘Karen’ Finds Out the Hard Way After Punching Man In the Face Who Was Filming Her In Verbal Spat with Another Woman Over Parking Space

A Florida woman accused of parking her car illegally in a handicap space and then berating another woman who confronted her about it, got a taste of her own medicine after she was knocked to the ground during an altercation with the man who filmed the episode and posted it to social media.

The embarrassing incident occurred this week in a Publix parking lot in West Palm Beach, where a local content creator, known as Wtfbroward, overheard two women arguing and pulled out his phone and started recording.

The footage captures the two strangers arguing outside their cars after the suspect woman parked in a handicap space despite her lack of a physical disability. 

Florida 'Karen' Finds Out the Hard Way After Punching Man In the Face Who Was Filming Her In Verbal Spat with Another Woman Over Parking Space
Woman falls to the ground after punching man in the face. (Photo: YouTube screenshot/Wtf broward)

The second woman can be heard shouting at the parking spot scofflaw, saying, “You’re going to hell! You’re going to hell! You started it and your kids are too. Thank you. You made my day. At least I’m not dressed like a slut.”

The other woman also saw the man shooting the video, but unlike her adversary, she encouraged him to, “Put it on YouTube!”

That’s when the disgruntled woman spotted the man filming her from across the lot, where he was simply giddy about catching the latest juicy scoop which was shared with 43,000 social media followers on YouTube.

“We got beef! Old lady beef at Publix,” he mused.

But the woman wasn’t interested in becoming a social media celebrity, and within seconds was up in the man’s face and demanding he delete the footage, threatening to start swinging if he refused.

‘Erase that!’ she demanded, while reaching for the man’s cellphone but grabbing air.

‘Lady, are you crazy?’ the man asked, still filming.

The video shows the woman balling her fist up at him like she meant business.

‘F***ing erase that or I’ll punch the f*** out of you!’, she threatened, coming toward the man aggressively.

‘Hey, lady, you’re crazy!’, he says, the woman putting him back on his heels.

But when she tried to deliver a knockout blow, but the punch was so wild that it caused her to tumble to the pavement, her anger backfiring in spectacular Karen fashion.

The cameraman quickly stepped aside to avoid being swiped by the falling woman.

‘F—ing move b—ch!” the man exclaims, dodging the woman. “Nooo you can’t hit me!”

The camera still rolling, the woman can be seen stammering back to her feet, saying she was calling the police. 

“Call ’em. You hit me. I got you on camera hitting me,” the man tells her. 

Social media rendered its verdict, with the overwhelming consensus pointing blame at the aggrieved woman right from the start.

The majority of voices blasted the woman’s angry behavior.

“Man she went all in, two fights in two minutes. Some Karens never learn,” one user wrote.

“And SHES IN A HANDICAP SPOT!! She threatens everyone. She needs to lose some teeth,” another person exclaimed.

“Karen” has become a popular term to describe presumptuous behavior by American white women who frequently find themselves in these self-centered confrontations.

A “Karen” typically tries to use white privilege to advantage, often leading to embarrassing public episodes like this one in which the stereotypical white woman becomes cantankerous and causes a scene or makes false claims to twist the truth.

Unlike this latest incident, the situations often involve the added dynamic of racism, and many situations have escalated to violence or an intense face-off.

Karenism has become more widely observed in the social media era, and as a result, the name Karen has become a pejorative toward American white women who often use an air of entitlement at the expense of others, especially people of color.

The name has also become universally accepted to describe someone who asks to “speak to the manager” or calls authorities as a way of weaponizing the police against Black people.

One stark example was the case of Amy Cooper, a woman in New York’s Central Park who called police on an innocent man in 2020, claiming “there’s an African-American man threatening my life.”

After video emerged on social media proving Cooper had lied, she was fired from her job and was later charged with filing a false police report, although the criminal charges against Cooper were later dismissed.

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