‘Just Embarrassing and Sloppy’: Tim Anderson’s Alleged Mistress Gets Matching Tattoo Days After Baseball Star Welcomed Third Child with His Wife

Miami Marlins infielder Tim Anderson has previously been the subject of gossip since news surfaced that he fathered a child with another woman outside of his marriage to his wife, Bria Anderson, with whom he shares three children.

In 2022, social media influencer De’jah Laneé tagged Anderson in a photo of herself with an apparent baby bump. Laneé maintained that she was not a “side chick” of Anderson’s and that they were in a relationship when she conceived. Despite the drama between Laneé and Andereson’s wife that erupted for all of social media to see, Laneé gave birth to Tim Anderson’s son in October of that year.

At the time, Bria stood beside her husband, and the couple maintained a united front. Bria welcomed the couple’s third child and Tim’s second son, Timothy Devon Anderson III, in April 2024.

In a June 2023 interview with The Pivot Podcast, Anderson discussed the “work” that had to be done to win his family back.

“We did a lot of work as far as, you know, understanding it and showing my love to, you know, to my wife and to my kids,” said Anderson. “You know, something I’m still going through. Trying to master it.”

He further explained, “Nobody really understood what I was going through when I was making those decisions, or where my heart was, or what was on my mind, or how hurt I was, or how lonely I felt. But ultimately, the goal was never to really play with anybody feelings. It was more so I was just trying to find who I am, continue to keep going, and identify myself. I made a couple decisions that probably shouldn’t have been made along the way, but I’m open to dealing with them and growing with them. I’m willing to take whatever smoke that comes with it.”

Tim Anderson is suspected of cheating again, this time his alleged mistress has a matching tattoo.
Tim Anderson and his wife Bria (left) welcomed a son in April, just months before clues suggested he was involved with yet another woman outside of his marriage, influencer Rashida Nicole (right). (Photos: @_brialove/Instagram, @iamrnicole/Instagram)

The two-time MLB All-Star also went to couples therapy with Bria as they worked through their “tough situation.”

“It was a lot of work behind the scenes,” Anderson said. “We went to therapy, just digging into what was it, what caused me to go into these spaces or even that space to even create that. It’s a tough conversation. It’s a tough situation.”

However, the situation may have gotten tougher, as rumors have surfaced that Anderson is possibly involved in another extramarital affair. On June 26, images of a woman with Anderson’s “TA” logo tattooed on her wrist began to circulate. The woman’s tattoo, in red, bears a striking resemblance to the “TA” tattoo Anderson has on his right wrist. Side-by-side comparison photos of the tats quickly went viral.

“Ain’t no way Tim Anderson got another side chick?!” one person wrote on social media.

Others described Anderson’s latest alleged indiscretion as “embarrassing” to his wife.

“Tim Anderson cheats like a poor man. Just embarrassing and sloppy. Have some discretion,” a commenter tweeted.

The tattooed woman has been identified as Rashida Nicole, an influencer, podcast host, and medspa owner in Atlanta. Per Rashida’s social media page, images of her “TA” tattoo first appeared in late April, just two short weeks after Bria Anderson gave birth to the couple’s son.

However, there are hints that the relationship may have ended prior to the photos going viral. On June 9, Rashida shared a TikTok video in which the voiceover says: “You ain’t gotta worry about it no more, I’m off you. When it comes to you, it’s always some pain to betrayal that fall through.”

She captioned the video with a peace sign emoji.

De’jah and Rashida aren’t the only women Anderson has been tied to outside of his wife. In 2021, another woman named Sierra Marie leaked an alleged exchange between her and Anderson. At one point during, Marie asked, “Why does he cheat knowing he is married?”

Upon finding out about Tim’s indiscretions, Marie says that she was contacted by his wife, who kept calling her to get more information.

“Yo @ brialove stop calling me trying to keep track of @timanderson7. It’s annoying and pathetic,” she wrote on a screenshot of multiple calls from Bria using Tim’s phone.

Tim and Bria Anderson wed in 2017, one year after his signing to the Chicago White Sox. Anderson rose to prominence after his breakout season in 2019 and was named to the All-Star team in 2021 and 2022. However, his performance took a noticeable dip in 2023 amid the turmoil in his personal life. Currently, in his first season with the Miami Marlins, Anderson has appeared in 61 games so far and has yet to hit a home run.

He has earned more than $42 million over the course of his MLB career, according to Spotrac.

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