A Black Woman Wanted Her Money Back After Her Burger King Order Came Out Wrong. Then, an Employee Typed the N-word on Her Receipt, She Claims: ‘I Will Never Go Back’

A Texas woman reported that a fast food worker typed a racial slur on her receipt after she received the wrong order and simply asked for a refund.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, told FOX 7 Austin that she went to a Burger King in Austin on Sunday afternoon and ordered a fiery wrap and a small fry in the drive-thru lane.

When she received the food, she saw that her order was wrong.

A Black woman in Austin, Texas, claims she was handed a receipt with the N-word on it. (Photo: YouTube screenshot/FOX 7 Austin)

“They made my order wrong, so I let them know the food was messed up. ‘Do you mind fixing it, or can I get something else?’ And at first, he was like no, and I was like, ‘OK, can I just get my money back,’” the customer said.

The employee returned the money she paid for the order but didn’t hand her a receipt. Another worker later gave her a customer copy of the receipt, which listed a racial slur as the reason for the refund.

“I got the receipt. I drove out of the drive-thru, but as soon as I came around the corner, I looked down on the receipt,” she said. “It said the reason that he basically refunded me was because I was an n-word.”

Seeing the slur was enough for her to return to the restaurant and speak to a manager, but the confrontation went south after the manager declined to give her his name or corporate number and walked off.

The woman said she was sure someone purposely typed the slur on the receipt and now wants the situation appropriately addressed. She doesn’t plan to return to Burger King but seeks legal counsel to intercede in the matter.

“It was very, very devastating just to think that we are still going through that in today’s times. As a black woman, it was just a lot. I will never go back to Burger King again,” she said.

The Burger King the woman visited declined to comment to FOX 7 Austin about the incident, but the outlet reported they’re awaiting comment from the chain’s corporate office.

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