Coach Stormy Accused of ‘Sneak Dissing Grandma’ In Lecture About Not Being ‘Broke’ Following Viral ‘Low Vibration Plates’ Video

Following the viral “Low Vibrational Plate” discourse, life and wellness coach Stormy Wellington, also known as Coach Stormy, is back with another message, this time offering another view on a longstanding tradition passed down by family matriarchs.

As the driving force behind the “Girl Hold My Hand” movement, the woman whose website claims she is the highest-paid marketer in the health space took to social media to tell ladies to abandon outdated practices that no longer serve them.

In a video posted on May 16, Coach Stormy delivered a message while engaging in a cultural taboo — putting her purse on the floor. Stormy states, “Mama always said, ‘Don’t put your purse on the floor.’ Your grandma said, ‘Don’t put your purse on the floor.’ They never put their purse on the floor, and they’re broke. I just think that everything that everyone said you’re supposed to do that didn’t work for them, tell me why it would work for you?”

She added, “I always put my purse on the floor, and I’m a little … not like my mom and my grandma. So, let’s stop listening to what they said and let’s start doing what we need to do to break those generational curses.”

Coach Stormy releases another viral video
Coach Stormy shares the key to not being “broke” like mom and grandma following viral “low vibrational plates” video. (Photos: @coachstormy / Instagram; @@tammyprice_ / TikTok)

“Watch the Masses but do the opposite,” a portion of her video caption read, adding, “New Rules .. We do the opposite of the people WE wouldn’t want to trade places with.. sorry mom !! I have a list of things that I do that has changed my life and for years was told I shouldn’t like meditation is one.. however, meditation has changed my life..”

The video echoed the post, explaining the superstition. In many cultures, including Black Americans, Chinese, and more, it is considered “unlucky” for a woman to place her purse on the floor. In fact, many believe this will cause you to lose money.

However, after listening to Stormy’s message, many of her followers agreed with her logic.

“This is me! I feel like ain’t no superstition gonna make me ever go broke! That way!!!” reality star Bobby Lytes said in the comment section of the post.

Another person wrote, “We Must Unlearn & Reprogram Ourselves‼️”

A third comment said, “Agree but I still don’t want my $1000 plus bag on the ground.”

Then again, not everyone thought that she was dropping jewels.

“She talks just to talk,” an X user said. Someone else replied, “I literally cringe everytime she makes one of these videos.”

“This is not the generational curses we talking bout. my grandma owned & owns all her homes and she still don’t be putting her purse on the floor,” another X user said.

Others posted gifs to express their feelings, many highlighting that she threw her mother and grandmother under the bus by calling them broke.

“Can’t trust anyone sneak dissing their grandma,” joked an X user.

“Nana really caught a stray lmao,” laughed another.

According to Coach Stormy, her mother ran the streets while she was “raised mostly” by her brothers, other family members, and friends, adding context into why she’s passionate about breaking generational curses. In her biography, she shares, “As a child, while most kids were worried about getting home before the street lights came on, I was questioning if my mother would be at home!”

@tammyprice_ Don’t accept what they put on your plate.. #twtt #coachstormy #EndlessJourney ♬ original sound – CandyCleanseNow

“Ain’t this the low vibrations lady?” asked an X user in reference to another viral moment from Stormy Wellington.

Many were introduced to Coach Stormy online after made waves in 2022 for posting a clip that introduced her concept of  “low vibration plates” at a cookout. For her, those are plates filled to the brim with barbecue.

The life coach is seen in a TikTok video schooling her friend Tammy Price. Price’s plate has barbeque chicken, corn, sandwiches, potato salad and more. Stormy’s plate has a couple of pieces of chicken, a shrimp kabob and a piece of corn, claiming that in contrast, her plate looks like royalty.

“I would never eat a plate that looks like this,” she wrote. “You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do that to myself because I deserve better than that.”

Adding, “It’s low vibration, and you took it.”

Price reasoned that someone else filled her plate with the food and that she has the discipline not to eat all of the food. But the coach was not feeling it and said, “That makes you look bad.”

“I’m a queen,” she continued. “A queen’s plate don’t look like that. If we put these two plates together and say who’s royalty, they would say this person.”

Price listens to her friend and concedes that she learned a valuable lesson. The video sparked several TikTok trends and remixes from fans and other celebrities, including Kandi and Young Miami.

@cityyygirlls yungmiami low vibrational plate😩 #lowvibrationalplate #FlexEveryAngle #careshaplease ♬ low vibrations plate – citygirlsstan

According to Coach Stormy’s website, she has coached 42 families into becoming millionaires and founded the largest meditation community of colored women in the world. She maintains that she was able to achieve these goals by doing the opposite of what others do.

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