‘Are They Really Strong?’: Law Student Found Foaming from the Mouth Died After Consuming One Synthetic Cannabis Gummy, Investigation Reveals

Details about the 2022 death of a 23-year-old Nigerian law student have recently emerged during an investigation.

Damilola Grace Olakanmi, who lived in Ilford, East London, suffered several cardiac arrests and brain damage after eating a single marijuana gummy that turned out to be synthetic cannabis.

Her mother, Wumi, described the terrifying scene in a police statement revealed in court in late May — and it is every parent’s worst nightmare. Wumi told authorities that a “loud noise” woke her up during the night of March 29, 2022, and she ran upstairs to find her daughter unconscious in her bedroom. By the time police arrived, she was foaming at the mouth.

Young Law Student Died After Consuming One Synthetic Cannabis Gummy, Investigation Reveals
Damilola Grace Olakanmi, (Photo: Instagram/GoldMyne)

“I went upstairs to Grace’s room, and I saw her on the floor. She didn’t appear to be breathing,” the grieving mother recently told the court, according to Mirror.

At the time, Olakanmi was hosting a 21-year-old student visiting from the U.S., and Wumi described how she found the friend in a hysterical state, rolling around on the floor “shouting and screaming” next to her daughter. The unidentified friend had also consumed a synthetic marijuana gummy.

Wumi immediately called emergency services, and first responders attempted to resuscitate her unconscious daughter before they rushed her to the hospital, where she suffered a series of cardiac arrests and brain damage. Olakanmi died later that week, on April 3, 2022. The cause? Synthetic cannabinoid toxicity, a class B “designer drug” otherwise known as “spice.” An autopsy found two different synthetic cannabinoids in her system: oxobutan and carboxamide.

Olakanmi and her friend had procured the gummies through a mobile app from a person her friend described in a police statement as her “regular dealer.” The friend told police that they had taken one gummy each, and approximately 20 minutes later, they became deathly ill.

Investigators found two packages, one emblazoned with Trrlli Peachie O’s branding, black market weed meant to mimic the popular sweet-and-sour gummy rings, Trolli Peachie-O.

“In terms of edibles, I’m unaware she had taken them before. I did not know they contained cannabis,” her mom recently told the court.

“This is the utterly tragic case of a 23-year-old girl consuming synthetic cannabis and having a very serious reaction,” stated the coroner, Dr. Shirley Radcliffe, at the May inquest in East London.

She continued: “My conclusion is that the death is due to drug misuse. I convey my deepest condolences to the family.”

Investigators pulled Olakanmi’s cellphone records and discovered communications between her and the drug dealer on a messaging app. On the day she consumed the gummies, she messaged the dealer asking: “Can I have two packs of 600mg gummies for tonight please. And are they really strong?” The dealer replied yes to both questions.

Police then obtained surveillance footage showing an exchange between Olakanmi and someone inside a car near her home on the night of the incident. Fortunately, the license plate on the vehicle was visible, and police tracked down the dealer, who reportedly possessed a large quantity of cash and what were believed to be edible cannabis products.

Leon Brown, 37, of South Norwood, was arrested shortly after the incident and charged with possession with intent to supply Class B synthetic cannabinoid, being concerned in the supply of a synthetic cannabinoid, and possession with intent to supply a psychoactive substance.

At the time of her death in 2022, a relative identified only as Dunni described Olakanmi in news reports as “a sweet, quiet girl — a bit of an introvert. Her mother looked up to her. She was very kind and loved looking after children and wanted to please everyone. The family will never come to terms with this.”

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