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‘Are You the Police?’: Video of Black Man Finger Checking White Man Who Interrupted Him Filming Content Goes Viral

A viral video shows a Black content creator finger-checking a man who seemingly interrupted him while he was recording. 

In the video posted by @takkmethod, the fitness influencer with more than 700,000 followers is seen face-to-face with the man.

“Very careful,” he told the man repeatedly while tapping on his sunglasses. “Listen to what I said. I said be very careful.”

Video Shows Confrontation Between Fitness Influencer And White Man
A viral video shows the heated confrontation between shirtless fitness influencer and another man on a California boardwalk. (Photo: @takkmethod)

“Why are you disturbing everyone?” the man said. “Who are you?”

“Are you the police?” Takk asked the man, before pointing out to an officer in the area. “If there was a problem, he would come right away and handcuff me.”

The content creator told the man he had the right to respond to his question and react to how he impolitely approached him. After a brief conversation, Takk emphasized that he didn’t want to fight, and the two men shook hands before going their separate ways. 

Other videos on the influencer’s page from the same day show him gleefully working out on the boardwalk in California while onlookers cheered him on and took pictures with him. In the comments of his video, Tak claimed that the man put his hands on his cameraman.

“I’ll scare and discipline you same time, so bring it and let’s do this. God Bless,” Takk wrote in the video’s caption.

“I disciplined him a little but not too much,” he added in his Instagram comment section.

The video was met with mixed reactions online: “He was not expecting you to carry yourself as a gentleman. Well done, Dear. You communicated with dignity and respect for yourself and taught him how to be a gentleman as well,” one person wrote.

“When you are nice, people think you are weak,” a person added. 

Another user chimed in, condemning how Tak handled it, “Do not bring God into this and then disrespect a man by putting [your] hands on him because you are bigger and stronger.”

Others found the interaction humorous: “After getting disrespected like a child in front of your family, then you shake hands.”

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