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‘Give Me the Phone!’: Paranoid Ohio Man Shoots Innocent Black Uber Driver Multiple Times While She Desperately Tries to Escape After He Mistakes Her for Ransom Caller

An 81-year-old Ohio man who was targeted by a scammer has been arrested and charged after he killed an Uber driver. 

The incident happened at William Brock’s home in Madison Township on March 25. He called 911 to report that he shot a robber, and when law enforcement got to the scene, they discovered 61-year-old LoLetha Hall with gunshot injuries, according to WCMH.

William Brock Charged With Murder, Accused of Fatally Shooting Uber Driver
William Brock, 81, is now facing murder charges after authorities say he shot an Uber driver. (NBC4 Columbus/ Youtube/Screenshot)

Brock — who was charged with murder — also had injuries on his head and ear, according to the report. Authorities learned that before the shooting, a scammer called Brock saying that a family member was in jail and pressed him for money. 

After threatening him, the scammer set up an Uber delivery order for the driver, Hall, to pick up a package from Brock’s residence. Hall was unaware of the scheme and went to his house to fulfill the request.

“Mr. Brock received some scam call by a person purporting to be someone from our courts who informed him a family member was incarcerated and that he had a bond of a significant amount of money,” Clark County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kristopher Shultz told NBC News. “The calls turned from ‘I’m an officer in the court’ to ‘We have this subject hostage, this is a ransom demand.'”

NBC 4 obtained dashcam footage, apparently from Hall’s car, showing Brock pointing his firearm at Hall and demanding that she reveal who was behind the scam. 

“Give me that phone!” he reportedly said before Hall threatened to call the cops. Although the action moved out of the camera several shots can be heard spaced out, as well as Hall screaming for help and Brock yelling, “‘I’ll shoot the other leg!”

The 81-year-old was convinced he was in imminent danger, telling authorities that Hall attacked him after he shot her and she slammed his head in the door while trying to get in her car to flee. He shot her two more times believing she was trying to get a gun, according to the incident report.

Hall suffered four gunshot wounds; one to the upper left side of her torso, one to the upper front of her left leg, one on the inside of her left knee and one in the center mass of her sternum under her bra, according to the incident report.

It was only after shooting her multiple times, that Brock finally called the police, authorities say.

“Due to there being no active threat presented by Ms. Hall at any time during the encounter, and Mr. Brock’s failure to contact authorities for assistance while brandishing a firearm, during which he fired at and struck Ms. Hall multiple times, he was arrested and charged with murder.”

Brock was charged with murder on April 10, more than two weeks after killing Hall.

“Hall, suffering from medical conditions and unarmed, made no threats or assaults toward Mr. Brock, and made no demands, other than to ask about the package she was sent to retrieve through the Uber App,” Clark County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

In a statement to the outlet, Uber called the incident “a horrific tragedy” and sent condolences to Hall’s family. 

“Our hearts continue to be with Loletha’s loved ones as they grieve her sudden loss. We have been in contact with law enforcement and remain committed to supporting their investigation,” the spokesperson added.

Per the reports, the sheriff’s office is investigating the initial scam. Brock could potentially face additional charges but pleaded not guilty to the murder allegations last week. He’s currently out on a $200,000 bond.

Madison Township is about 40 miles from Dayton. 

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