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Rapper Willie D Sounds Off About Viral Video of Kids Holding Guns at ‘Youngboy-Themed’ Birthday Party

Geto Boys rapper William “Willie D” Dennis was not pleased with anybody involved in what he and others consider to be an inappropriate setup for a child’s birthday party, as shown in a video that has gone viral.

The video, which gained traction earlier this month, shows five boys around the ages of one and 12 celebrating one of the boy’s birthdays. Two of the boys, who look around the ages of two and five, can be seen spreading what looks like fake money, and flashing fake guns.

Geto Boys rapper Willie D calls out the parents involved in a Kids birthday party that had fake money and guns.
Geto Boys rapper Willie D calls out the parents involved in a kids birthday party that had fake money and guns. (Photo: @williedlive/Instagram)

The two boys danced while “No Smoke” from Youngboy Never Broke Again played in the background. The pair was surrounded by five men who seemed to be the boys’ fathers, as well as others who were behind the camera.

The adults in the room laughed and encouraged the antics of the children. At one point, one of the men could be heard saying “Throw it up,” and one of the boys put the gun down and threw up a gang sign. The party was also decorated with more fake money, fake diamonds, balloon bottles, and a couple of real ones as well.

The video got a very negative reception from viewers who called out the adults in the room for enabling inappropriate behavior. One of the people who took note of the video was Willie D, and the rapper didn’t mince words as he called out everybody involved with the party.

In an Instagram post about the party, Willie D said, “Some dudes daddy wasn’t shyt. They ain’t shyt and they will go to any extent to make certain their sons ain’t shyt.” He continued, “And let’s not leave out the raggedy women who opened their legs to let them raw dog and plant that poisonous seed in them.”

He then called out anybody who would argue with his take on the situation and try and justify the party, labeling them “an uncivilized mutt.”

The 57-year-old said, “Before y’all get started just know it is with profound and utter conviction I pray that your nothing a-s play in Houston rush hour traffic blindfolded while wearing ear pods listening to heavy metal music turned all the way up.”

A lot of viewers agreed with the “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” rapper’s views, and they also called out the parents involved.

One person said, “The kids aren’t the problem, and not even rap music is the problem. It’s the adults around them that are the problem.” Another person wrote, “Saw this earlier, as a father it honestly made me sick to my stomach. We gotta do better.” A third commenter said, “This definitely looks like a child endangerment charge.”

One of the commenters claimed one of the children’s moms came out, and said it was an “NBA Youngboy-themed birthday party,” and that the kids were playing with airsoft guns.

If this is true, it wouldn’t be the first time that a child’s birthday party with a theme related to the Louisiana rapper went viral.

Over the last few years, multiple parents have thrown their young sons and daughters Youngboy-themed parties, with cut-outs, posters, cakes and other party items sporting the “Make No Sense” rapper’s likeness.

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