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Should I Stick to Furthering My Career Or Risk Losing My Fiancé?

I come from a long line of engineers. Both of my parents graduated from HBCUs, one as a mechanical engineer and the other as an electrical engineer. Today, I’m an industrial engineer, and I work in Thailand, making a boatload of money. I’ve set a goal to put my career first for the next five years, build my resume, and then return to the States, find a husband, get married, and have children.

As life would have it, things didn’t work out in that order. My homegirl and I went out club hopping in Thailand one night and met a bunch of professional athletes on break from their various sports. One of the basketball players and I hit it off exceptionally well, and we ended up spending every day together until he had to leave to go back to Atlanta.

Serial dating
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We started dating pretty quickly, and after eight short months, he made his way back to Thailand and proposed marriage in a spectacular way. He rented out a restaurant, shut it down for us, and had a private dinner catered. He got down on one knee after we had dessert and asked me to be his wife. I said yes and was ecstatic. However, we differ in some major areas. He’s ready to settle down and start having kids, and I still have my career plan to execute.

My fiancé expressed a sincere interest in having four or five children and keeping me barefoot and pregnant for the next five years. I am not down for that and told him so. He claims we’re done if I don’t leave Thailand and move to Atlanta to live with him. Should I call his bluff and renew my work contract for another nine months or start packing and picking out baby names?

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