‘Why… You Did My Son Like That?’: Video Shows Florida Father Breaking Down In Tears After Cops Beat His Son to Bloody Pulp During Arrest

Resurfaced bodycam footage shows the father of Le’Keian Woods, the man captured on video being beaten by police in Florida, approaching officers at the scene following his son’s arrest.

The video shows Woods’ father’s interaction with officers after he was pulled over in Jacksonville for a seatbelt violation on Sept. 29. Police suspected that Woods and others were selling drugs. The agency said that he attempted to run away before being captured. 

He was later charged with resisting an officer with violence, possessing a controlled substance, and armed drug trafficking, according to local reports. A witness started to record the encounter, which showed officers slamming Woods’ head on the ground. Photos show his facial injuries, including swollen eyes. The incident sparked national outrage. 

Le'Keian Woods Father Begs To Help Him
Video shows Le’Keian Woods’ father crying to officers after his son’s arrest in September. (@attorneyharrydaniels/TikTok)

Recently, a video posted on TikTok by the Woods’ family attorney, Harry Daniels, sheds light on the aftermath at the scene and the father pleading to go near his son. 


“Why the f**k you did my son like that, man?” the father said before an officer started to pull his wheelchair backward. “The f**k, what the f**k man.”

“Go. Get the hell out of here,” an officer responded. “You got to wheel your a** somewhere else.”

“Are you serious, bro?” the father cried. “This s**t ain’t right, man.”

“I’m not going to tell you again,” the officer said. “You can go over there and watch all you want.”

In the final seconds, it appears that the officer pushes the father’s wheelchair down the street.

The U.S. Department of Justice said that they are “monitoring” the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office following a request from Daniels calling the agency to probe the “brutal attack of Woods as well as several other beatings of unarmed people at the hands of JSO.”

However, last week, it was determined that the officer’s actions were not “a prosecutable violation of federal criminal civil rights law,” WJXT reported. 

On Monday, Daniels’ office announced that civil rights attorney John Burris, who represented Rodney King, is joining the legal team. 

“More than 30 years later here we are watching another video of another unarmed Black man needlessly and viciously beaten by out of control officers while the people in charge try to excuse their actions,” Burris said in the statement. “We didn’t believe their spin in 1991 and we don’t believe it now. This video and pictures of Le’Keian Woods’ swollen face speak for themselves.”

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