“I Want Your Friends and Family to Know What Type Of Person You Really Are’ | NFL Safety Kareem Jackson Was Suspended 4 Games and Received Onslaught Of Derogatory DMs For Illegal Hit On White Player

Denver Broncos’ safety Kareem Jackson has been suspended by the NFL for four games for repeated violations of unnecessary roughness rules. He was ejected from last Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers for his sideline hit on Packers tight end Luke Musgrave in the fourth quarter. Following the game Jackson showed racist DM’s he received from fans on social media following the game.

Denver Broncos’ safety Kareem Jackson’s been suspended by the NFL for 4 games for repeated violations of unnecessary roughness rules. Jackson says he received racist DMs following a dirty hit on a white, Green Bay Packers player. (Photo: Instagram @reemboi25)

Fans Are Habitual Line Steppers

The DM was sent to Jackson’s Instagram account just after he was booted from the game. The message, apparently sent from a man named Philipp, read, “Stop behaving like a f***ing n** 🤡”

Jackson reposted the message on his Instagram story with a message.

“I wanna make sure you get the attention you’re looking for,” Jackson wrote. “I want your friends and family to know what type of racist person you really are over a game. I’ll repost all this week so it doesn’t go unnoticed. Don’t worry, IG tough guy.”

“Another IG tough guy,” Jackson wrote. “This what we deal with because we are athletes on a regular. Disgruntled fans that hide behind social media knowing it wouldn’t end well in person. Enjoy this fame, Daniel.”

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Athletes repeatedly deal with this type of behavior from fans before, during, and after games. It often comes via social media or at the game itself.

Jackson is correct when he says fans hide behind social media knowing it wouldn’t end well in real life. So many fans are quick to talk tough at a game, knowing a player won’t do anything on the field or court, or on social media where the attacker can remain anonymous or hide. It’s rare that a fan walks up to an athlete in public and talks the way they do in those other two spaces.

In fact most fans who talk tough wind up asking for autographs, avoiding the athlete, or recoiling sheepishly when they encounter a pro athlete.

All of it is clown behavior.

Jackson To Appeal Suspension

As for Jackson’s suspension. This is the second time he’s been ejected for an illegal hit, though he plans to appeal his suspension. If it holds, he stands to lose $558,889 in salary.

Read the full story here: Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson, Who Was Ejected From Last Game And Suspended By The League For Illegal Hit, Received Racist DMs From Fans (theshadowleague.com)

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