‘Wait Until You Get a Whiff of Jail!’: Donald Trump’s Son Eric Trump Whines About the Smell of Courthouse Amid Fraud Case Trial

Former President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, voiced his disgust for the venue where the Trump civil fraud trial is being held, describing it as having an unpleasant odor and being a “disgrace.”

Eric Trump made these remarks during an interview on the right-wing news channel Newsmax following his day at the New York State Supreme Court building in Lower Manhattan.

Donald Trump's son, Eric Trump, Whines About the Smell of Courthouse Amid Fraud Case Trial
Eric Trump. (Photo: @UnionCrusaderX/X)

“The courthouse I was in today, it’s disgusting. It smells. You had cables running across all the walls. It’s a disgrace and the fact that that’s a representation of our legal system…” he said this week. “You see the same thing at airports. I mean how many times do you fly through an airport and you see acoustical airport tiles that are falling down, right?”

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The civil trial for a $250 million lawsuit brought forth by New York’s Attorney General Letitia James against Trump, the Trump Organization, and his two eldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, commenced on Monday.

Donald Trump, who has largely steered clear of courtrooms, has been attending the Manhattan court where prosecutors accuse him, his company, and his family of deliberately inflating property values to commit insurance fraud. Trump has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

Eric Trump’s tactless remarks opened him to criticism on social media.

“New York County Supreme Court is not disgusting, nor does it smell,’’ wrote one X user. “It has a magnificent mural in the ceiling of its central rotunda detaling the history of justice from ancient times. It is a consummate courthouse, and Eric Trump is just a whining crybaby.”

The New York State Court website says the New York Supreme Court’s first-floor entrance boasts a dramatic vestibule leading to a majestic colonnade and the grand rotunda. It highlights Italian and American marbles throughout the space.

While the fraud trial is ongoing, the Trumps have already suffered a significant setback. Judge Arthur Engoron ruled on Sept. 26 that Trump and his associates had inflated property values in financial statements, misleading banks and insurers. The civil trial will primarily determine the size of the penalty.

In response to Judge Engoron’s summary judgment, which ordered the revocation of some of their business licenses in New York and the transfer of properties named in the judgment to independent receivers, on Wednesday, Trump and his sons appealed the judge’s pre-trial ruling.

During this week’s proceedings, Cameron Harris, an accountant from Whitley Penn, Trump’s accounting firm, testified. Harris asserted that Eric Trump “set the tone at the top” of the Trump Organization and emphasized that the Trumps bore ultimate responsibility for their financial statements.

“Eric Trump whining about the smell and appearance of a courtroom is the height of hypocrisy, given the fact that he and his family are accused of massive fraud. He should be more worried about the smell of prison soap,” wrote another X user.

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