‘How Do You Know Him?’: People Share the Craziest Way They Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating

An X user asked, “What’s the craziest way you found out someone was cheating on you?”

It led to thousands of other users revealing painful memories from their broken relationships.

People Share the Craziest Way They Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating
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 Here are 10 of the top craziest stories they shared:

1. “His secret phone that he hid in the vent above the toilet rung while while I was using the restroom after I made him breakfast,” wrote X user @iblueeyess, which drew hundreds of responses.

2. ”I was teaching. My students came to school Monday &told me they saw my boyfriend at 6flags on a double date with his brother.  They sat me down & everything. I went to cry on lunch because these kids were like 9 & they had video evidence like cheaters,” wrote @MaryyJpoppins.

3. “Through my dream confronted my ex and he confessed,” wrote @YkkKiaa.


4. “She came thru the window of our hotel room,” wrote @QueenEllaree.

5. Wooo. Going through photos after a trip with my coworker and she asked how I knew a guy in some of the photos. I said how do you know him? He was married to her niece,” wrote @luvvida.


6. I helped my newly divorced friend join dating apps. She was sad and me and a group of girls wanted to cheer her up. We got wine, paired her phone with the TV and were swiping and having a great time. Til my husband came up on the screen. He even used our kids in one picture,” wrote @BravoBadGirl.

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7. “He gave her the custom birthday cake that He asked me to make for his “mother”.  I know he gave it to another female because she posted it on social media,” wrote @Talk2meNice22.


8. “He was in an accident with her and I was his emergency number, he was bleeding, hurt and embarrassed when I got the the emergency room and saw the mess,” wrote @Jenniferlami_.

9. “Saw him on deal or no deal with his gf telling him to take the 8k,” wrote @Audreythefinest.

10. Our son told me. He said mommy I didn’t know you could have a wife and a girlfriend??” wrote @NJoiYaWorth.

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