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‘This Contraption Took Me Under the Bleachers’: Doja Cat Furious Over Victoria’s Secret Dress for Recent Fashion Show Red Carpet Appearance

Lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret got more than it bargained for when it asked singer/rapper Doja Cat to wear one of their gowns to its Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday. Sept. 6.

The Grammy winner stomped the red carpet in a sheer slinky slip dress that exposed a thin little G-string and showed off her butt. In addition to the garment being see-through, it also had a low-cut black V-neck, simple spaghetti straps, and a dragging train.

While the singer turned heads and posed for the hundreds of photographers snapping her picture, she was secretly in pain and disgusted with her outfit.

In two now-deleted Instagram Stories, she blasted the company and the dress.

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“It’s crazy when you got a dress on and your whole vagina is out the whole night and the straps on the dress pull ur tits all the way down to your knees and all you asked for was a slip dress but i disgress,” she wrote on her social media.

In this post, she said she felt like she was in her “complaining era” or her “Karen era,” and joked that she could have gotten a urinary tract infection because of how the dress was made.

In a second post, she wrote, “When I tell u the panty was built into the dress so when I put it on, the shoulder straps pulled the string up through my cervix and split me like a block of sharp cheddar cheese… a b##ch never thought she could get manhandled by a piece of fabric.”

She added: “The panty on this contraption took me under the bleachers and ransacked my s##t.”

Despite her taking the panels down, the internet did not let anyone down and her remarks went viral with many people chiming in.

“LMFAO shes so descriptive,” one person tweeted.

Some people wondered what kind of damage control Victoria’s Secret would engage.

“She made like 4 slides about the dress. I know the VS team is sweating” one person said, with others joining in on the gag, “Oh I know they’re blowing up her phone. That poor social media intern,” and “I know their meetings today are gonna be wild.”

Another line of thinking was why she didn’t call a publicist or her contact at the company, as she is the headliner for the company’s tour.

“This is so funny bc girl don’t you got they phone number?? couldn’t you of the stylist picked out a different dress or something,” another wrote.

If she didn’t have their number, they had hers, which is why she deleted the stories.

The post that she kept up simply tagged the company and displayed ten different looks from the night. From the looks of the comments, no one would have known she was uncomfortable.


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