‘I Spent the First Weeks Just Not Believing’: ‘Divorce Court’s Judge Lynn Toler Shares Emotional Moment She Learned Her Husband Had Passed Away

Former “Divorce Court” star Judge Lynn Toler described the emotional moment she learned her husband of 33 years, Eric Mumford, passed away. Mumford died suddenly on Dec. 23 at the age of 71.

The 63-year-old judge described learning about her husband’s death during an appearance on the podcast, “Hardly Initiated” on July 18. She said the last time she saw her husband alive, she was on the treadmill as he was leaving the house and said goodbye. She did not disclose his cause of death.

Judge Lynn Toler
Judge Lynn Toler and her late husband, Eric Mumford. (Photo: @realjudgelynn / Instagram)

“A couple of hours later, I get the phone call,” she said as her voice cracked. “I had to go down there, and um, I mean, it was two days before Christmas,” said Toler before noting that she had been thinking about the holiday dinner and was shocked by Mumford’s sudden death.

“My sons were with me, my two youngest,” she continued, adding that she was on the phone with Dr. Ish when the hospital called her. She said she didn’t answer at first because she didn’t recognize the number but eventually told Ish that she had another call.

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Toler said that the hospital told her that her husband was in critical condition and that she needed to get to the emergency room immediately. She said her son drove her to the ER, but her husband had already passed away.

“When I walked into the emergency room, I told … my name,” cried Toler. “He was dead when they called. So, the woman comes out,” she said as she struggled to continue. “And I said, ‘Just tell me that he’s alive’ and she said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t do that.’ I said, ‘So, he’s dead? Just tell me. Is he dead?’ ‘I’m sorry, I can’t tell you that. You have to wait to talk to a doctor.’ So, you know he’s dead, but you don’t know he’s dead.”

Toler went on to say that Mumford’s death was so out of the blue that she heard alarm bells as one of her sons threw up.

“I spent the first weeks just not believing,” she added.

Fans reacted to the video after it was shared by the Neighborhood Talk and gave the grieving judge their condolences

“Just gave me tears,” said one. “Continue to rest with angels Mr Toler God Bless you Mrs Toler.”

“She’s hurting and grieving God give her peace and comfort,” added another. “Many prayers are going forth for you and your family.”

“She’s been so candid about how she’s processing this devastating loss…. my heart goes out to her. I can’t even imagine it.”

Mumford and Toler have two sons, William and Xavier. Mumford also has four children from his first marriage. Toler and Mumford got married in 1989 following a two-year engagement. Toler also said that she has been leaning on her friends following loss and said she’s gotten to a place where she can enjoy being with her friends “a little bit” and can talk about her husband’s death.

Toler also remembered that during the early days of her grieving she didn’t want to be bothered, and one of her children came over and dropped off a big bag of food without saying anything before he left.

“That was just great,” she recalled.

The new Allblk drama “Judge Me Not” is loosely based on Toler’s life and premiered on May 25.

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