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My Work Husband Is Starting to Catch Feelings. Should I Pump the Brakes and Tell My Long-Term Boyfriend What I’ve Been Doing?

I have been working at this major accounting firm for going on five years. For the past two of those five years, I have been entertaining a work-husband/work-wife relationship with one of my co-workers shamelessly.

To be quite honest, I was the aggressor in the situation. It all started with flirting on my end, and it wasn’t long before he was flirting back.

My Work Husband Is Starting to Catch Feelings. Should I Pump the Brakes and Tell My Long-Term Boyfriend What I've Been Doing?
Video screenshot of Tik Tok video of @malikbazille’s work husband humor.

To be clear, I’m not a single woman. I have a boyfriend of seven years that will likely pop the question on any given day. I love my boyfriend with all my heart, I do, so there is no major guilt associated with my work shenanigans. My work-husband also has a girlfriend, so we’re both attached and having a little fun with one another. Or so I thought.

Last week I was approached by another male co-worker who informed me that rumors were starting to fly around the office with respect to my work husband and me. We live in a small town, so that definitely gave me pause and caused concern about something possibly getting back to my long-term boyfriend.

As far as me and the work hubby, we generally do lunch a couple times a week, or sometimes he’ll cook and bring me food and vice versa. Last week after one of our normal lunches, he attempted to kiss me in the car. I was shocked and rejected him 100 percent.

I could tell by his reaction and the look in his eyes that he was totally embarrassed. He asked me why I didn’t kiss him back, and I explained that for me, our relationship was just something to pass the time at work. He admitted that he was starting to catch feelings and wanted to explore the possibility of actually being together. I stopped him in his verbal tracks and explained that I have nothing but love for my boyfriend and intend to marry him one day.

With that being said, I told my work husband that it was best for us to let our work relationship go so we could focus on our significant others. Should I tell my boyfriend what has been going on or just move on from it at work and hope it doesn’t get back to him?

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