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‘They Will Never Recognize My Picture Now’: Blackface-Wearing Trump Supporter Locked Up After Harassing People in Target, Starbucks

A Trump supporter in Colorado was taken into custody by the Aurora Police Department after she was found at a Target and Starbucks wearing blackface.

Due to concerns about her well-being, authorities decided to place the woman in protective custody, judging her unfit to care for herself.

Ersilia Campbell arrived at a Denver-area Target store with intentions to protest their pride section.

White Woman In Blackface Harasses Workers at Target and Starbucks
Ersilia Campbell wears blackface to disguise herself while she harasses workers at Target and Starbucks. (Photo: Twitter/@Popitics1)

Campbell appeared with a muddy-brown substance on her face, evoking blackface, at the department store on Thursday, Aug. 3. 

“You’re a horrible person,” Campbell says to someone in Target.  

“You’re literally doing blackface in the middle of the store,” the person responds.

Without hesitation, she quipped back, “Lester Holt did white face, and nobody said s##t.”

She then asked, “Where’s your pride section? I need to know.”

“We’re past that?” a voice said.

The woman seemed not to know that Pride Month, which takes place in June, had already ended.

“Oh, I thought they were celebrating this, and they took our flag forever. No? I was wrong, my bad. I don’t shop at Target,” Campbell continued.

She encouraged the person recording to post the exchange on Facebook, saying her friends would love it, Campbell is heard saying on a video on TMZ. 

In a video she posted on Facebook, she said she was looking for a job with the blackface on and decided to treat herself to a Starbucks drink. In the clip, she mentions that she used to work for the coffee chain but never could afford to buy herself drinks there even when she worked there.

“Trump is coming. I’m showing my t##ties,” she said, as she flashed two Trump stickers pressed on her chest.

She also talked about how she was fired by the post office. TMZ says the woman was fired in February 2023.  

An Ersilia Campbell was hired in 2014 and held the position of Facilities Contract Technician with the U.S. Postal Service in Windsor, Connecticut, receiving an initial salary of $62,207, the website reveals.

Over the years, her salary has remained unchanged, which under the USPS annual rate payscale, positioned her among the top ten percent of the highest-paid employees within the U.S. Postal Service.

While it is not reported when she transferred to Colorado station, the last branch that she worked for wants her to stay far away, TMZ reports. The outlet posted an image of an apparent “Situational Awareness Bulletin” that said, “Prior employee Ersilia Campbell is trespassing on US Postal Property. If you see this individual on Postal Property, first call 911, then contact the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.”

The notice was accompanied by a photograph of Campbell.

Campbell insinuated Thursday that she placed the brown makeup on her face as a way to disguise herself from the postal authorities that issued the warning about her.

“Wish me luck. I’m going to the post office for a job. They will never recognize my picture now. They can put me on the FBI wanted list now. Have a good day,” she chuckled. “It’s gonna be lights camera action. They’ll never recognize me.”

Sometime after the store encounter began, Campbell was removed from the scene by police and taken into protective custody.

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