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‘It’s Still Missing’: Anthony Anderson Rips Out His Mother’s ‘Rotten’ Tooth While on Vacation In Europe, Claims She Still Hasn’t Gotten It Replaced

Anthony Anderson performed some layman’s dental work on his mother during the final episode of “Trippin’ With Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris.” The reality show features the “black-ish” star as he takes his mother Doris on a European vacation full of laughs and adventures.

During the final leg of their adventures in Rome, Italy, Anderson performed some dental work on Mama Doris after she complained she was having tooth pain due to a loose tooth. Mama Doris worried that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the rest of the trip, so Anderson decided to rip out the loose tooth.

Mama Doris Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson (R) and his mother Doris (L) pose for a picture shared on Instagram. (Photo: @anthonyanderson/Instagram)

“Anthony,” said Mama Doris after they arrived at their hotel suite. “My tooth!”

“Right now, my teeth is so wobbly,” Mama Doris said to the camera. “I need Anthony’s help ‘cuz I think I might swallow this.”

Mama Doris explained to a hotel concierge that her tooth was falling out, so her son was going to pull it the rest of the way, as Anderson washed his hands and said, “I feel like I’m about to deliver a baby!”

“It’s hanging by a thread,” said Mama Doris as Anderson exclaimed, “Okay, well, sit down. Sit down! I need you to get comfortable.”

As Anderson went to pull the tooth, he counted to three as Mama Doris grabbed his hand.

“Mama, why you grippin’ my hand like that?”

Anderson pulled out the tooth as a “pop” was heard, and the 52-year-old actor was shocked to see that the tooth was rotten after pulling it out. “Oh hold on. Oh my God! That’s rotten!”

“Okay. Get my tooth,” replied Mama Doris.

After asking the shocked concierge if she had ever seen anything like that before, the concierge exclaimed, “No. No,” as the mother-and-son duo laughed and Mama Doris giggled, “She’s petrified.”

During an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Anderson teased his mother for not yet replacing the tooth. “It’s still missing!” said Anderson about his mother’s tooth. “Why is that, Mama? It’s been nine months.”

Mama Doris replied, “I got to wait three to six months,” noting that the tooth Anderson pulled was a crown she’d had for 18 years. “It was a good crown, it lasted 17, 18 years, it fell out.”

“Now, the root was still up in my head,” she continued. “They had to pull it out when I got to the States, then [my dentist] put the post in for my implant hold up in there.”

Anderson added that his mother implied he broke her tooth while pulling it out.

“After it was all said and done, you said I did something wrong by pulling the tooth out of your head and broke it,” said Anderson. “Now that you’ve explained to the world that the crown had been in there 16, 17 years and it had rotted itself and it was time to fall out.”

The final episode of “Trippin’ With Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris” aired on July 27 on “E!.”

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