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‘Can’t Believe She Could be So Cold and Heartless’: My Girlfriend Wants Me to Cut My Adopted Child Out of My Life Because She’s Pregnant

When I was married, my ex-wife came into the marriage with a daughter by a man who was deceased. I quickly fell in love with the infant, and decided to adopt her as my own. Eight years later we were divorced, but my relationship with my adopted daughter continues to flourish.  

I have a new girlfriend now, and she is pregnant with our first child together. I couldn’t be more excited and just recently bought us a three-bedroom home for our growing family. I decided to leave the interior design and decorating up to my girlfriend. I naturally would have thought that we would have a room for the new baby and a room for my daughter.

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Instead, to my surprise, my girlfriend turned the third bedroom into her personal office space.  

Since the inception of our relationship, my girlfriend has never really been supportive of my relationship with my daughter. She avoids spending time with us when I have her and encourages me to spend one-on-one time with her instead.

Recently she told me that when our new baby arrives, she fully expects that I will only be seeing my other daughter on holidays and for school breaks. How can she be so insensitive and selfish? She said that she had expected that I would have grown out of being connected to my adopted daughter by now, and that I needed to be ramping up to show my REAL daughter my attention.  

I’m flabbergasted by my girlfriend’s behavior and stance on my relationship with my adopted daughter. I can’t believe she could be so cold and heartless when it comes to an innocent child. Her justification is that my relationship with my adopted daughter is going to cause confusion with my biological daughter. Before I bought the house, I was considering buying a ring in order to propose to my girlfriend, but now I’m wondering if I should break things off altogether. 

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