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My Boyfriend Lied About How Much Money He Makes, and Now I Feel Betrayed and Bamboozled

I met my boyfriend in the gym one day after work. I saw him there on several prior occasions, but he never made it a point to get my attention, so I just kept it moving.

One day he finally made his move, and we’ve virtually been together every day since then. I feel like I have truly hit the jackpot when it comes to my dating situation. I’m spoiled by my boyfriend, and essentially I get what I want when I want it. 

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Our date nights are generally pretty extravagant, and my gifts are nothing short of luxurious. I’ve been on thousand-dollar shopping sprees and have also had private 50-yard line dinners at the stadium. He showers me with love as well as gifts, and I like to think I totally deserve the treatment.

However, recently I’ve gotten the notion that something has changed. Instead of lavish dinners at high-end restaurants, my boyfriend has been suggesting that we stay in and cook together. And instead of high-ticket items from specialty stores, he’s been getting me generic gifts from chain stores. I confronted him about what I believe to be attempts to save his coins, and he came completely clean.  

It turns out that when I met him, he had just received a large lump sum of money from a settlement he got from a car accident. He’s been spending and spending to impress me and has gotten me accustomed to a certain kind of lifestyle only to have it taken away because, at this point, he has blown through all of the money trying to keep me.

I feel betrayed and bamboozled by my boyfriend, and I’m wondering if I should stay with him and figure out how to adjust to his new monetary status or leave him because he lied to me?  

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