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‘We’ve Been a Little Pissed Off’: Carlee Russell Fired from Spa Job Because of Skepticism Around Her Disappearance; Boyfriend Still Urges Public to ‘Stop Bullying Her’

Carlee Russell has been terminated from her job at a Birmingham, Alabama, spa, according to her former employee, as police continue to investigate what transpired over the two days she disappeared.

Woodhouse Day Spa owner Stuart Rome disclosed that his employees were shocked by the news of Allen’s disappearance and rallied together to aid in the search.

Carlee Russell (Photo: Twitter/@SittingPrettyLay

“It was really devastating for them thinking a co-worker was abducted,” he said. “The following day, Saturday, it was the busiest day of the week, and they had to plug along and work and in the off times pass out flyers and other things.”

However, after Russell returned home, doubts emerged. Authorities revealed that Russell had searched for bus ticket prices and a movie that addresses kidnapping on the day of her disappearance, leading to growing skepticism.

The business also faced a barrage of negative social media messages and damaging one-star reviews, all linked to their association with Russell.

Rome said he had to shut down the comments sections on the business’ Instagram and Facebook pages, and he’s trying to keep the spa’s doors open amid the controversy.

“As the information came out that there were some questionable things, we’ve been a little pissed off, mainly because so many people took so much time out to search,” Rome said.

Hoover Police said Russell took items from the business the evening she went missing, including toilet paper and a bathrobe. After leaving work, police said she picked up food and went to a Target store to purchase snacks before driving onto Interstate 459 at 9:21 p.m., where she disappeared on July 13. She had called 911 at 9:34 p.m. to report a toddler walking on the side of the busy highway.

Two days later, Russell walked to her parents’ door barefoot and reportedly in shock. She told police that an orange-haired man and a woman held her captive, but she managed to escape twice. The last time was successful.

However, police say they have no proof that the woman was abducted or any indication of a missing child that matches the description Russell gave.

To add to the speculation, authorities found out that Russell searched for “Taken,” a movie about a kidnapping, bus tickets and Amber Alerts days leading to her disappearance.

While Russell has stalled on giving police a follow-up statement, with her family citing “mental trauma,” several online have accused her of faking the disappearance and have called for her to be charged.

Her boyfriend, Thomar Latrell Simmons, who seemingly distanced himself after police announced the details of their investigation to the public by deleting any photos of Russell from his social media pages, resurfaced to publicly show her some support on Saturday.

“The only thing I can say is, I want everyone to stop bullying her. I know what it seems like what she did. Just stop bullying on social media,” Simmons told The New York Post. “Think about her mental health. She doesn’t deserve that. She doesn’t. Nobody deserves to be cyberbullied.”

On Sunday, a day after Carlee Russell’s 26th birthday, numerous cars formed a line at the home where Russell lives with her parents. The scene reportedly caught the attention of Hoover Police, prompting them to drive past the home intermittently as people continuously came and left.

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