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‘You Gotta Get Out!’: Bizarre Video of Black Man Fighting Off White Woman Who Broke Into His Home Raises Questions and Concerns Over the Lack of Force

A video of a white woman refusing to leave a Black man’s apartment after accusing him of breaking into hers and stealing items grabbed the attention of hundreds of thousands of Twitter users on Wednesday afternoon leaving them with a host of questions.

For starters, it is unclear where and when the bizarre encounter took place, and the identity of the people involved has not been revealed. However, many questioned why authorities did use more force on the woman who was violent and erratic. It took one police officer and three other emergency response personnel to restrain the woman.

Screenshot of Twitter video via @2RawTooReal

“They didn’t want to,” wrote one Twitter user in response to questions about the lack of force used to pull the woman from the man’s doorway.

“What I find interesting is the fact that they didn’t taser her, they didn’t slam her, they didn’t even yank her ankle out of that man’s apartment, so he could close his door,” another user wrote. “The other way around…”

Twitter user 2RawTooReal shared two videos of the confrontation on Thursday, July 20. It starts off with the white woman talking into the camera as the Black man tries to prevent her from getting past the front door of his apartment.

“Just wanting to say, I want to clear my name. I know I won!” she says with a smirk before yelling out a sequence of numbers. The man then tries to push her out of the doorway.

“You gotta get out,” he says.

However, she refuses to leave.

“No, you gonna talk to me more,” she says while clapping her hands.

“I am not going to talk about anything. You need to get out my house,” the man replies.

She then asks him for the items, and while he refuses, she closes the front door behind both of them in the apartment.

As the man attempts to reopen the door, she starts rummaging through a red bag.

“Leave my stuff alone,” the man says.

Another man opens the door from outside and tries to pull the woman away, but she becomes more determined, yelling that items in the house belong to them.

“That’s ours!” she screams.

Eventually, the Black resident explains to the woman that it’s a fake picture and offers to give it to her. She then realizes that it’s broken and spirals into another tirade. The men tussle with the woman for about one minute urging her to release the door and leave the apartment, but the other man who came to the Black resident’s aid leaves, and he continues to fend her off on his own.

The second of the 2-minute videos shows a police officer attempting to force the woman’s hand behind her back to cuff her wrists while a small child screams and cries off camera. However, she tries again to step back into the man’s apartment.

Two other first responders have to step in while she grips his door and wraps her foot in the doorway. The emergency personnel notices blood which the Black resident attributes to broken glass from the picture frame. He explains to the first responders that they’re neighbors.

“She thinks I am in the CIA or some sh-t,” the man explains.

“I’ve known them since I moved in,” he tells the first responders later. “They let me use their WiFi. They’ve been really cool. I even talk to them outside.”

He said the woman came banging on his door and accused him of being a CIA agent and taking their “documents” and “computer.”

While some users questioned the lack of force by everyone in the video, including the Black resident, some speculate the woman was having a mental episode or spazzing out on drugs.

“Damn she’s clearly unwell. This man was very smart to record this for his own protection,” one viewer commented. “He deserves a medal for the care and patience he showed her. I hope they’re both ok now.”

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