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‘Damon and His Gray Beard Looking Like a Silver Fox’: Marlon Wayans Shares a Video from His Family Barbecue, Fans Zoom In on His Older Brother Damon Wayans

Marlon Wayans gave his fans a sneak peek at how he gets down on the grill in a new Instagram video.

As the comedian and filmmaker flipped steaks and burgers on the grill’s flame, putting on a barbecue master show, social media got distracted by a couple of glimpses of his big brother Damon.

Damon Wayans, 62, appeared on the video only twice, but that was enough to increase the blood pressure of hundreds of people checking out the clip.

Marlon Wayans (left) and Damon Wayans (right). (Photos: Screenshot from TikTok video)

As Marlon explained the importance of cooking the meat all the way through, a bald head, gray-goateed Damon shouts out, “He tried to salmonella a n—a.”

The second time people see him he is complimenting his brother on his cooking, saying, “That’s some good steak there.”

While other Wayans family members were salivating over Marlon’s grill skills, lady fans in Marlon’s comment section were salivating over his third-oldest brother.

“Damon Wayans out here lookin like snack time is quite unexpected.”

“Did y’all see how fine Damon Wayne’s looked?”

“@people Damon Wayans Sr better be in your 50 Most Beautiful People issues otherwise y’all r@@@@@.”

“Damon and His Gray Beard Looking Like a Silver Fox.”

“Boy Damon is fine as frog hair. I love this family!!! I don’t want them to have a reality show but I would love to see them on TV together again!”

“The way I love this family moment.”

The comments were not just about how good Damon is aging, but also about what a close-knit and wonderful family they are. In addition to Damon, fans were able to see glimpses of other family members, including Marlon’s kids, Shawn Howell Wayans, Amai Zackary Wayans; Damon’s brother, Shawn Wayans; and his son and daughter, Marlon and Illia; as well as nephew Damien Dante Wayans.

After The Shade Room reshared the video, Marlon hopped into the outlet’s comment section, sharing what the fans already knew he believed.

“Family over everything,” he wrote. “We stay smiling around each other.”

With all the smiles, fans are hoping the Wayans are cooking up a master plan to join reality television and remind people why they are the funniest family in Hollywood.

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