‘I Was Mortified’: I Bumped Into My Boss at a Private Sex Club. How Do I Avoid the Awkwardness That Follows at Work?

Recently, I decided to tap into my new girlfriend’s adventurous side by inviting her to join me at an upscale sex club that I frequent. I’m the type of man that enjoys living a swinger’s lifestyle, and so I want a woman that ultimately is open to this sort of thing.

My girlfriend seemed unphased when I told her about our Saturday night plans which was a very pleasant surprise. She had never been to a swinger’s club, but she had a great deal of trust in me and felt she would be in good hands and gave me the green light to secure our plans. 

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We spent the early part of our Saturday before our date at the mall getting ready for the big night. I bought my girlfriend a sophisticated outfit, which is a requirement for access to the club. I also purchased some new lingerie for her to wear. She expressed sheer delight and excitement about our upcoming outing, and I explained how things worked and gave her the lay of the land so she would feel as comfortable as possible. 

Upon arrival at the sex club, we enjoyed a fabulous buffet-style dinner prepared by a state-of-the-art chef. After dinner, we decided to remove our clothing so that we would be allowed to enter the private areas of the club.

My girl kept a towel around her to cover up a little, but I was completely naked.

One of the rules of the club is that there’s no touching allowed without consent from the other party. I looked up and saw a beautiful woman standing just feet away from me. From the back, she was most certainly my type, tall in stature, with natural hair and legs for days.

I walked over to where she stood with my woman and softly ran my finger down her back — breaking the club’s main rule. I knew this would grab her attention, but when she turned around, I was mortified to see that it was my boss from work. I dashed off before we could exchange pleasantries and my girl and I left the private area of the club. 

We both got dressed quickly and rushed to the car. Once inside, I explained what had happened. My girlfriend felt my pain but also pointed out that my boss must be an open-minded individual like me to have been in the club in the first place.

I’m returning to work from vacation in two days, and I’m wondering if I should sweep the matter under the rug and pretend it never happened or take a more direct approach and bring it up with my boss point-blank?   

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