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‘You Changed a Man’s Life Over Nothing’: Travel Nurse Fights for His Life After Allegedly Being Shot By Stranger Who Wrongfully Accused Him of Taking Parking Spot at Friend’s Apartment Complex

A Black male traveling nurse has been hospitalized in Tacoma for three weeks, fighting for his life after being shot by a stranger over a parking spot.

Bradley Inniss was visiting a friend in Parkland, Washington, on May 8 when an individual abruptly entered the apartment and accused someone of parking in his spot. Before Inniss and his friend could figure out whether he needed to move his vehicle or not, the assailant fired a shot at Bradley, hitting him in the stomach and causing significant damage, as reported by his friend, Louis Davis.

(Left) Bradley Inniss taking a picture on his first day of work in Tacoma. (Right) Inniss lying in his hospital bed. (Bradley Inniss/ Facebook Screenshot & KIRO 7 News/ Facebook Screenshot)

“From the time I heard ‘someone’s in my parking spot’ to shots fired, it was like 12 seconds,” says Davis to KIRO 7.

Davis said he witnessed the entire incident unfold and Inniss wasn’t parked in the wrong spot.

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He quickly started a GoFundMe for his friend to help his family travel from Barbados to Tacoma to be by his side. He wrote that Inniss was a graduate of Louisiana State University and a proud member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. He also wrote that they were watching the Lakers game and playing dominoes when the incident occurred.

“I mean, you changed a man’s life over nothing,” said Davis to KIRO 7.

Ann Inniss, Bradley’s mother, shared with KIRO 7 that her son was eager to begin his new position in March.

“He was actually willing to come from his last contract in Maryland all the way to Washington state because that’s what he does. That’s what he’s interested and willing to do. Wherever he’s needed, he will go,” said Ann Inniss to KIRO 7.

Bradley himself also spoke to KIRO 7, expressing gratitude toward the nurses who have been assisting him throughout his recovery process and emphasizing his continued passion for serving others.

“I’ve always enjoyed putting a smile on other people’s faces. I’ve always tried to give the best for the people that I serve,” said Bradley to KIRO 7. “I want to thank the doctors and nurses, my mom, Louis.”

Davis remains hopeful that the community his friend had once served will now come forward to support him during his time of need. He stated on the GoFundMe page that Bradley has already undergone multiple surgeries and will require months of rehabilitation.

“My son will never be the same. Physically, emotionally, mentally. He will not be the same,” expressed Ann Inniss to KIRO 7.

According to KIRO 7, the individual accused of the shooting is currently out on bail and facing an assault charge.

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