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‘Worst Handling of an Emergency’: Atlanta 911 Operator Blasted for Her Tone During Call with Uber Driver After Atlanta Dancer Was Gunned Down In Vehicle In ‘Targeted’ Attack

A popular exotic dancer and social media influencer was gunned down in Atlanta early Tuesday morning in what police say was a “targeted” attack that has left keyboard critics asking questions about the 911 operator’s professionalism.

According to Atlanta Police, the shooting took place early around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday on Lindbergh Drive between Piedmont Road and Adina Drive. The woman killed was identified as Teisha Brewley.

Teisha Brewley was shot on May 30 in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood. (Photos: @atlscoop/Instagram screenshot and @iamtavibadiee/Instagram screenshot)

A male friend of Brewley reportedly ordered her an Uber to get back to her home after she worked her shift as a dancer at Allure Gentleman’s Club. The male friend began to worry and sent a mobile panic alert when he noticed the Uber was still in one spot for a long period of time.

Police and the Uber driver said that two cars followed the black SUV Uber truck from the nightclub to Lindbergh Drive. At least one car pulled alongside the SUV and opened fire at a red light. The shots were fired directly in the backseat. Police believe multiple shooters are involved. Witnesses said they heard around 40 shots.

Local station WXIA reports that a security company called 911 on behalf of a man who ordered the Uber after they received a “mobile panic alert.” The Uber driver called police shortly after, and WXIA obtained a copy of that 911 call. The driver could be heard panicking and stumbling over his words with a thick foreign accent.

“I was scared, somebody… somebody shot, somebody killed her in my car,” the Uber driver said on the call.

Police said there were multiple shell casings on the ground when they arrived on the scene. Brewley was also found in the back of the SUV with multiple gunshot wounds, according to WXIA.

‚ÄúTurns out she only lives on the next block so she was less than a block away from home,” Buckhead resident Johari Humbles said to WXIA. “I think they just caught her at the red light. It looks like she was ambushed. There was also a Uber driver and the Uber driver was unscathed.”

The 911 call found its way online, and the popular Instagram page @atlscoop posted the full call. The female operator could be heard asking the driver multiple times for his location. The driver had a hard time telling the operator his location.

“Atlanta 911, operator 310 what’s the address of your emergency?” said the operator.

The driver responded, “I don’t know. I am in the road. Somebody shot us.”

The 911 operator raised her voice several times throughout the call in an attempt to get the correct information from the Uber driver. After the operator was able to get a general idea of the location, she then transferred the caller to an ambulance dispatcher. The driver, who sounds shaken, is heard saying multiple times that somebody was shot.

The ambulance dispatcher also had trouble getting the address from the 911 operator and the Uber driver. The Uber driver then explained to both operators that someone was shot in the back seat of his car.

The call lasted four minutes, and an operator could be heard dispatching police and emergency only towards the end of the call.

Social media users criticized the operator for her tone, what they perceived as her rudeness in the call, and the amount of time it took for both operators to finally send someone to the scene.


“Lady was rude and impatient.” wrote popular Atlanta realtor Vincent Morales.

“That’s Atlanta for you attitude for no reason at all,” wrote an Instagram user.


Some people also called for the operator to be retrained because she showed no compassion for the caller.

“Atlanta needs to do got d*** better with these operators!!! Like where TF is the sense of urgency and empathy to this man who clearly has a communication barrier and to what he experienced!!! This call is infuriating!! @andreforatlanta” wrote @eastafrica85 on Instagram.

As for Brewley, police still have not identified the shooters or the motive for the shooting, and they are asking for help from the public.

Brewley was known on Instagram as @iamtavibadiee. The 31-year-old had over 45,000 followers on Instagram, was a dancer, musician, and was popular on TikTok as well. She was also an OnlyFans model.

Many people knew her in the Atlanta area, including V-103 radio DJ Lil Bankhead, who commented “RIP” with a praying hands emoji under the Instagram post by Atlscoop. Her death was also covered in newspapers in her home country, Guyana.

Police have made no arrests in connection with the slaying.

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