‘Where Is the Evidence of That?’: Wheelchair-Bound Woman Accused of Stealing Usain Bolt’s Funds Denied Bail After Doctor Says There Are No Signs She Had a Stroke as She Claims

The wealth adviser accused of stealing millions of dollars from track star Usain Bolt did not suffer from a stroke, according to the prison doctor who examined her.

The Gleaner reports that on April 19, Dr. Jermaine Whyte testified that Jean-Ann Panton showed no signs of suffering from a stroke or seizures.

Sylvester Hemmings, Panton’s attorney, claimed that she suffered from a “stroke” and “several” seizure episodes following her incarceration at the South Camp Road penal facility since February. In a bail application affidavit filed on Wednesday, Hemmings claimed that Panton had a stroke and two seizures after her February bail application was denied.

Jamaican Olympic track star Usain Bolt loss nearly $12 million of retirement funds
Stocks and Securities Limited client relationship manager Jean-Ann Panton,l left, and Jamaican Olympic track star Usain Bolt, right (Facebook/Stocks & Securities Ltd, Instagram/Usain Bolt)

Panton was employed by Bolt’s financial institution, the investment firm Stocks and Securities Limited. She was arrested on Feb. 17 after allegedly stealing more than $12 million from Bolt’s retirement fund and charged with larceny as a servant, forgery, and breaching the Proceeds of Crime Act. Panton reportedly only left $12,000 in Bolt’s retirement account.

Panton reportedly admitted to stealing $3 million from other clients’ accounts while meeting with detectives from the Financial Investigations Division and the Jamaica Constable Force’s Fraud Squad in February. She later allegedly admitted to stealing from Bolt’s retirement account since 2012. Panton is accused of stealing millions of dollars from at least 39 clients and so far has been charged with stealing $6.3 million from her clients, including Bolt.

Panton’s first bail application was denied by High Court Judge Lorna Shelly Williams due to the seriousness of the crimes and lack of medical evidence about her alleged health maladies. She arrived at court in a wheelchair as her attorney, Tamika Harris, claimed Panton was born with a dislocated hip. She also claimed that her client has undergone “a series of 25 surgeries” since she was 2 years old.

“She requires wheelchair assistance and the use of a walker as part of her rehabilitation,” claimed Harris. “And she has also had side effects from the antibiotics prescribed which makes balancing challenging.”

During her second bail application hearing, Supreme Court Justice Graham Allen interjected when Hemmings claimed Panton had suffered from a stroke and two seizures and asked for proof. “Where is the evidence of that?”

Hemmings pointed to the affidavit and replied, “Her health needs to be safeguarded. As it stands now, she is getting worse from her injuries and chronic illnesses.”

Panton claimed to have had a seizure on Feb. 28, but Dr. Whyte testified he decided to conduct a formal examination on Panton because the alleged seizure was not witnessed by any medical staff.

“To date, there is no record of any recognizable seizure activity,” said Whyte.

Prosecutor Channa Ormsby asked Whyte if Panton had suffered from a stroke. “Have you had any reports of Miss Panton suffering a stroke?”

“No, Ma’am,” replied Whyte, adding that he saw no signs of paralysis nor “anything that would indicate a stroke.”

Justice Allen denied Panton’s bail and stated that she remained unconvinced that the accused had suffered from any medical issues she’s been incarcerated. The judge did order that Panton be assigned a nursing aide while she is housed in the prison facility.

Folks on social media were also skeptical of Panton’s alleged health claims. One Twitter user wrote, “I am convinced Jean-Ann Panton engineered her umpteenth surgery on her lifelong condition to coincide with the timeline of her confession; to ensure she avoided incarceration in any penal institution. I wonder if she had checked the age or health of her victims, OR CARED ?”

Panton is next scheduled to appear in court on June 15 remotely.

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