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Black & Streaming: From ‘Snowfall’s Grand Finale to Tariq’s Revelations on ‘Power Book II,’ Here Are Seven TV Shows and Movies to Watch This Weekend

Here’s another roundup of television and movies to check out this weekend, courtesy of our weekly Friday watchlist. This week’s list is rarely short, as the new releases were scarce this week, but nonetheless, we’ve still chosen a select few that will make you laugh, cry, and then some.

“A Black Lady Sketch Show” is back with another hilarious episode and an appearance from a beloved childhood actor. There’s also a funny new episode of “Grand Crew,” but with the idea of one cast member potentially moving away, it does bring more somber thoughts.

But that is nothing compared to fans on social media who are sad and disappointed that the FX drama “Snowfall” has come to an end. Damson Idris likely put on one of his best performances as Franklin Saint. But when a man loses everything, including his woman and money, he has nothing to lose but his sanity.

Franklin Saint in “Snowfall; Tariq and Effie from “Power Book II: Ghost.” (Photos: @damsonidris/Instagram, @ghoststarz/Instagram.)

On “Power Book II: Ghost,“ the Tejada family is mourning the loss of a dear family member who allowed his jealous ways and rage to cause him to accidentally shot and kill Monet’s oldest son, Zeke. It looks like now is his time to face his own fate and the consequences of what he’s done.

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Check out this week’s list of new movies and TV shows hitting streaming services this weekend.  

Apple TV

  • Big Beasts This new 10-part documentary series was filmed over two years ago, and takes viewers on a journey from freezing poles to tropical rainforests to meet nature’s most captivating giants. New episodes, with narration from Tom Hiddleston, will premiere each week until May 9. It also features large species of animals from 17 countries, including the tiger, the gray whale, the elephant seal, the giant otter, the gorilla, the orangutan, the ostrich, the brown bear, and the polar bear.


  • Tyler Perry’s Sistas (Season 4) In case you missed it, season 4 of the series about four Black women is now available on streaming platforms. This season ended with Karen in the hospital with stress and concern about her pregnancy. Preston makes his final plea to win back Dani, and Sabrina and Maurice end up in jail for conspiracy to commit bank robbery. Meanwhile, their lawyer friend, Andi, is possibly looking at a lawsuit from her ex Gary, even though he’d prefer to date her. After season 4, check out episodes from season 5.


  • A Black Lady Sketch Show (Season 4) The series follows a core group of Black women and tackles culturally relevant topics such as racism, code-switching, anxiety, and more. Last week the ladies got together to make a music video about going on a girls’ trip after a bad breakup. This week the ladies are having a murder mystery party, and fans will enjoy a guest appearance from Kyla Pratt.


  • Snowfall (Series Finale) Fans on Twitter are saying Damson Idris deserves an Emmy or Oscar award for his riveting performance in the season finale of the FX crime drama. Franklin’s reign as a top drug dealer is over. His mother, Cissy, is in jail for killing Teddy, Leon refuses to loan him any money, and his woman Veronique has run off in the dust. Meanwhile, Louie is also on the run but no one knows where she’s going. As for Franklin Saint, let’s just say he’s getting his share of karma after six seasons of building an empire with drug money in Los Angeles.


  • The Best Man Holiday (2013) The touching dramedy follows the 1999 film “The Best Man,” and reunites fan’s most beloved actors, including Morris Chestnut, Nia Long, Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Harold Perrineau, Regina Hall, Terrance Howard, Monica Calhoun, and Melissa De Sousa. The group comes together after years of being apart due to their careers, children, and other life happenings. But everything isn’t as pleasant as everyone had hoped. But the ending is bittersweet.


  • Grand Crew (Season 2) If you’re not familiar, “Grand Crew” is a comedy of six friends who are all funny in their own right. Nicky, played by Nicole Byers, is upset that her friend Faye, played by Grasie Mercedes, is moving away. This week’s episode brings the funny, along with laughable catchphrases like “Pulling a Whoopi.” But the real question is will Fay’s beaux Anthony be OK with distance in their relationship? Watch a new episode on NBC at 8:30 p.m. and the following day on Peacock.


  • Power Book II: Ghost (Season 3) After a startling revelation last week, Tariq, played by Michael Rainey Jr., has to endure more shakeups in his personal and business life. It leads to a tussle between Tariq and his best friend Brayden, played by Gianni Paolo. Meanwhile, the Tejada family is preparing for the funeral of Lorenzo, the husband of Monet Tejada, played by Mary J. Blige.
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