‘His Wife Wouldn’t Approve’: Chance the Rapper Sparks Debate Online About What Should be Allowed In a Marriage After Grinding on Women During Carnival In Jamaica

Chance the Rapper celebrated his 30th birthday in Jamaica over the weekend, but some fans believe the artist partied a little too hard to be a married man. 

The Chicago native, whose legal name is Chancelor Bennett, visited the Caribbean Island for its annual Carnival festival, which ran from April 12 until the 18. 

Chance the Rapper faces backlash for dancing with a woman during Jamaican carnival. (Photos: @melaxgoddess/Instagram)

During his time on vacation, Bennett was caught grinding on several women despite having a wife. In a video uploaded by model Mela Millz, she can be seen dancing on the “No Problem” rapper while he leaned back and slapped her butt.

The video was obtained by The Neighborhood Talk, where fans in the comment section questioned how his wife, Kirsten Corley-Bennett, felt about his “inappropriate” actions. 

“Yes it’s inappropriate,” wrote one scold. “‘Just dancing’ is doing the cha cha slide or Cupid shuffle next to each other. Even a little no contact step in the name of love… DASSIT!”

“As a married woman- It is that deep when you are married,” another critic wrote. “Super not cool. He gots some explaining to do in public to his wife since this is a public act.  Hope she cool with it cuz if she is then who cares.  But if she ain’t cool, that apology gotta match the public embarrassment.” 

Fans on Twitter did not approve of Bennett’s dance moves either. One user even suggested that the songwriter’s behavior wouldn’t be accepted by Corley-Bennett.

“Dancing is culture but he was doing extra, peep the woman’s face , & his once he realized he was being forced. He know his wife wouldn’t approve.” 

With backlash flying his way, a few individuals defended Bennett, explaining that Caribbean culture doesn’t view dancing salaciously as an act of cheating.

“They’re mad at Chance the Rapper for ‘cheating on his wife’ y’all Don’t bring that European nonsense to this ethnic household and let that man enjoy Caribbean culture”

The three-time Grammy winner married his longtime girlfriend back in 2019 in Newport Beach, California. Before they tied the knot, the couple had been in an on-and-off-again relationship since 2013.

In 2015, Chance and Kirsten welcomed their first daughter together, now 7-year-old Kensli, but briefly split after she was born. They reconciled in 2016 and also share a 3-year-old daughter, Marli Grace, born in 2019. 

According to Bennett via a long Twitter thread, he met his wife at 9 years old while at his mother’s office party. In the thread, he described their marriage as his “destiny.”

While the internet continues to bicker about what qualifies someone as a cheater, neither Bennett nor Corley-Bennett have spoken out on the current events. 

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