OnlyFans Model Who Allegedly Stabbed Boyfriend In Jealous Rage Still Claims She Was Abused as the Victim’s Father Sues; Attorney Says She Has ‘No Assets’ to ‘Collect on’

A Florida OnlyFans model, currently fighting second-degree murder charges in the killing of her boyfriend, is being sued by his father for funeral expenses and wrongful death damages.

Her lawyer vehemently denies that there is a foundation for their claims and says his client will fight this civil matter in court.

Christian Obumseli’s estate has filed a petition, asking the courts to award them relief from his ex-girlfriend Courtney Clenney, 26, for the fatal stabbing of Obumseli, 27, in April 2022.

OnlyFan Model Stabbed Boyfriend
OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney and Christian Obumseli (Courtney Clenney/Instagram)

Obumseli’s father is suing the internet vixen for alleged negligence, and names the owners and security detail of the high-rise building where the two lived together (and where Obumseli was killed), two property management companies and the building’s security company.

At the core of the murder case is whether Clenney killed her Nigerian-American lover in a fit of rage or in self-defense.

“On or about April 3, 2022, CHRISTIAN OBUMSELI, deceased, was fatally stabbed while within the subject premises within One Paraiso,” court documents read, suggesting it was the building owner’s responsibility to protect “Christian Obumseli” and other visitors and or residents from “reasonably foreseeable criminal attacks.”

The complaint listed multiple security calls, neighbors’ complaints and security videos to point to a volatile relationship between the couple as evidence that one of the two needed to be protected.

One instance reportedly took place 48 hours before the cryptocurrency trader’s death.

Police were called in because Clenney said she was being stalked by Obumseli and was afraid he would hurt her while she was in the apartment. Later, Clenney recanted the story about her boyfriend’s aggressive behavior — but shortly after that, he was stabbed to death.

The lawsuit states One Paraiso also had a duty to ensure the security on the property was up to par.

The claim says the building failed massively on points of security, including the amount of security personnel working the property; how many guards were on staff; how frequently guards would patrol the building; and how the building trained and hired guards.

Clenney’s lawyer, Frank Prieto, did not comment on the specific allegations against One Paraiso but dismissed the claims against his client and gave his reasoning for why the family is suing.

He claimed the estate is hoping to secure a “huge payout because these companies have very high limits on their insurance policies.” However, despite what the estate believes, Clenney, the attorney says, “has no assets” that the family “can collect on.”

The attorney added, “Courtney was a victim of domestic violence and her actions on the evening of April 3, 2022, were taken to save her life. Once she is vindicated in the criminal matter, the civil case will also fall apart.”

Suing on behalf of his son’s estate, Obumseli’s father is seeking damages in the amount of more than $50,000. This amount represents medical care and funeral arrangement expenses, pain and suffering, past and future loss of support and services, Obumseli’s prospective net accumulations and his inheritable estate, according to the lawsuit. reported that Clenney’s father has testified that his daughter’s net worth is roughly $11,000, while prosecutors have outlined in previous court filings that, between 2020 and 2022, Clenney made more than $3 million from OnlyFans. She had 2 million followers on Instagram.

The lawsuit directly points to Clenney, alleging she “created” the “dangerous conditions” that allowed for Obumseli’s death to happen.

Days leading up to his death, Obumseli reportedly recorded Clenney several times using violent and toxic language with him.

Prosecutors secured the audio from the deceased’s cellphone during an investigation of his death and believe it is more evidence that Clenney terrorized him and was out of control well before fatally stabbing him.

Released by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, the recordings are now considered evidence.

In the audio, Clenney can be heard hurling racial epithets at Obumseli after she’d learned he’d greeted a girl while he was riding his bicycle.

Obumseli plead with her to accept his apology, saying he didn’t think to tell her because it was a casual “hello.” But Clenney remained aggravated.

In a jealous rage, Clenney started screaming at the top of her lungs about him speaking to their mutual friend.

“I’m sorry,” Obumseli said, trying to calm her. But she interrupted him, saying, “So, shut up and let me slap your dumb a–.”

In another recording, Clenney got into a spat with the driver. When she got out of the car, she started railing against the man. Obumseli could be heard telling his girlfriend to apologize to the man, but this only made things worse.

“You just told me to f—king apologize to a lowlife! You’re supposed to protect me! F–k you!” she shouted.

Within minutes, it seemed as if Obumseli was being slapped and he yelled out, “Stop hitting me!” 

The lawsuit asserts that Clenney also had responsibility for having a safe home for her partner and those living around her.

“Further, COURTNEY CLENNEY failed to warn subject building’s residents, invitees, and the public, including CHRISTIAN OBUMSELI, deceased, of the existence of said dangerous conditions; or in the alternative, did allow said dangerous conditions to exist for a length of time in which a reasonable inspection would have disclosed same,” the lawsuit reads.

Clenney’s next hearing is scheduled for May 9 in Miami-Dade criminal court.

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