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‘They’re Just Holding It Hostage’: Georgia Teacher Claims Moving Company Has Held Onto Her Things for Almost a Year, Demands That She Pay $14K In Overages Or Her Belongings Will be Auctioned Off

A Georgia preschool teacher believes a moving company is taking advantage of her with extra charges not included as part of an original agreement.

Angela Forte told WSB-TV in Atlanta that MMG Moving has held her things for almost a year and has demanded she pays $14,000 in moving expenses or her things will be auctioned.

“They’re just holding it hostage. Holding my things hostage,” said Forte to WSB-TV Atlanta.

Left: Angela Forte’s belongings she’d had moved to Georgia; Right: Angela Forte interviewing inside of her empty apartment (Photos: Screenshots from WSB-TV Atlanta Youtube channel)

According to Forte, she hired a moving broker last year to move her things from California to Smyrna, Georgia, in the Cobb County area of metropolitan Atlanta. She said that she signed a binding agreement for an estimate of $4,600 with the moving broker, but the broker passed the job onto MMG Moving Company. She then claimed MMG Moving showed up late on moving day and made her sign a new agreement.

Forte said she had already paid more than $5,300, but MMG said she agreed to pay another $5,700, according to WSB-TV. The total came up to $11,000 to move a 9′ x 10′ storage unit and MMG demanded the money after the company moved her things back to her new place in Georgia. Forte said MMG refused to unload her items and to date has possessed her belongings for 10 months.

“For me to live like this, I am so ashamed,” Forte said to WSB-TV. “I don’t know how they go to bed at night and sleep.”

WSB-TV reporter Justin Gray spoke with the manager of MMG moving company, and they stated that Forte signed an agreement to pay that amount.

She said that the balance-due line was blank and filled in for $5,700 after she signed the agreement.

“When I signed, when I put my information here, there was nothing on it,” she said.

Jeremy Carter, MMG manager, told WSB-TV that Forte was not telling the truth. He added that the company has “everything to prove that that’s not the way it went. She should have never signed and agreed to a price she’s not willing to pay.”

MMG Moving also said that the company will auction Forte’s things off if she doesn’t pay the $5,700 and the storage fee of $8,000 for holding her items.

“I can’t afford to pay that to anybody. Even if I had the money to pay, I wouldn’t pay because they don’t deserve that,” Forte said to WSB-TV.

According to the Better Business Bureau, MGM has a rating of one out of five stars.

MMG has an auction scheduled for sometime this week unless Forte pays the $14,000 owed.

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