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‘Don’t Tell Your Parents’: D.C. Cop Allegedly Slammed Black Third Grader on Desk And Tried To Bribe Him with Pizza To Keep Quiet

A Black third-grade student claims he was assaulted and then bribed by a police officer at W.B. Patterson Elementary School in Washington, D.C., after a school assembly.

Alexis Gibbs said her 9-year-old son Raynard came home on March 30 with bruises on his face. She then asked him about them, and he told her the marks had come from an officer.

Clockwise; Raynard’s busted lip; Raynard’s cut on his nose; Raynard speaking with NBC 29 News (Photos: Screenshots from @Balleralert Instagram account)

“I’m just trying to get to the bottom of it,” said Gibbs to NBC29 News. “Like I said, I’m not OK. My son was harmed in the hands of you know, the school.”

The assembly reportedly was organized in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Department for the school’s third-grade boys. Raynard says the incident started when the topic of Crips and Bloods came up during the assembly. He said he and two other students were taken into a computer room, accused of admiring gangs, and then slammed into a desk.

“Grabbed me by the neck and slammed me on the desk,” Raynard recounted.

The third grader says his lip was busted and another child’s tooth was chipped. The photos also show that Raynard has a cut on his right nostril.

“He said ‘Don’t tell your parents, I get y’all some pizza,’” he said. “Keep it quiet, don’t tell your parents.”

According to reports, the school did acknowledge there was an assembly involving the third-grade boys and police. Washington D.C. Public Schools was made aware of the incident and sent out a letter to parents.

The school principal, Dr. Victorie Thomas, sent home a letter the next day following the incident, according to NBC29 News.

“During an assembly activity, it was reported by students that a visiting officer conducted a demonstration on a student that involved physical force. As a principal, I take this allegation seriously, and I want to reassure families that we have followed all DCPS procedures regarding the conduct of any adult in our building.”

The letter also said, “The incident has been referred to Metropolitan Police Department for further investigation and internal DCPS teams for support for our students.”

The officer’s identity was not released, and the Metropolitan Police Department declined to comment about the incident to NBC29 News as they are continuing their investigation. The school also provided no further comment on the incident.

What people are saying

15 thoughts on “‘Don’t Tell Your Parents’: D.C. Cop Allegedly Slammed Black Third Grader on Desk And Tried To Bribe Him with Pizza To Keep Quiet

  1. Nevada Hopkins Bracey says:

    Those children will be devasted for life by this. And you wonder why their is animosity toward the police. These children are babies. I hope that the families receive justice for their love ones. Karma does not skip anyone. I’m praying for the families

  2. Stanley says:

    Bubullshit better tell they nun but 3rd graders they probably talking on something they seen or heard they should just took the to the alfuse if they heard them say something I can see if they cault them in a act but never should of did what they did cause they Lil black kid u want to bribe me with some pizza no u can talk to my mom doe I might would of got the pizza a still told my mom

  3. That was wrong message to send to children. As grown person you are supposed teach the children the right way not by doing bad your self

  4. It’s sad that some policemen are not trained properly. They feel that they have the right to disrespect people of color. Additionally. Beat up a 9 year old child with full force of an adult. Sadly he will keep his job and abuse other children.

  5. corliss blackmon says:

    They believe that they can abuse us ar any age. He knew he was wrong which is why he attempted to bribe the children. I hope the parent filea a lawsuit.

  6. Valerie Edwards says:

    Put he in jail and don’t let he out that is so wrong to do any kids like that

  7. Melisa Johnson says:

    My God all the abuse on children. What a shame the world is really at the end them babies are going to be scared for rest of their lives and scared to call the police when something really goes wrong. I’m hoping that they get the help they need. (I know people don’t want to hear or believe Trump really started the race card and now people are doing whatever they want and however they feel just ashe does now and No justice and no peace. ) Good and bad is paying for it I’m very concerned citizen.

  8. I’ve said it ONCE and I’ll say it FOREVER SISSY POLICE

  9. L w says:

    What do you think these kids going to grow up and think about policeman and policewoman or even being in law enforcement you can’t paint a bad picture before and tell them to forget about it. Memories are hard to forget GOOD OR BAD

  10. The DFO says:

    The fact that they don’t give the names of these cops automatically means they’re protecting them, and nothing in the way of punishment will be the result of this. This us why we need our reparations. When we’re economically empowered, we’re able to use our dollars to get the justice needed against white supremacy. People think it’s all about giving black people money, but it’s way more than that. It’s about empowering us, which they’re doing their best to avoid. They can’t keep this up forever, though.

  11. Nino Brown says:

    First of all bribery is illegal. That’s his first charge. Assault on a minor is his second. Intimidation is his his third. That goes along with bribery. That’s somebody’s child don’t matter the color of him. That fool should be in jail. He’s not above the law!! He has to abide by them also. Krazy

  12. Atlanta Williams says:

    It’s sad that us as colored people have to continue to go through this kind of abuse by police 🚓 same thing no justice no peace we all God’s children you’ll get what’s coming to you by God I’m praying for the families

  13. ALAN W says:

    I truly believe that this isn’t necessarily a racist act. The article said it was in response to the children supporting gang activities. White or black support of gangs only leads to drugs, crime, and violence. Was the action of the policeman okay? Absolutely not!! He should be sanctioned for what he did possibly even dismissed from the force. There are much better ways to talk to children concerning gangs and violence. My heart goes out to the children and their families. By the way, I’m White and not all whites are racists.

  14. Dark Angel Descends says:

    He’s only 9 year old. He and his friends admire violent gang members. That’s what the video said.

    His mother is a mess from the little I saw and looking for free money ( read lawsuit).

    I don’t trust the words and claims of anyone regardless of age, whom admires violent gangs members.

    He’ll end up in prison or dead before age 25.

  15. Dark Angel Descends says:

    @DFO….The only way ANY group is empowered is by making their own money as a group & FIRST building IN their own communities with their own women/ people. Examples of groups that have done it: Whites, Asians, Indians, Jews, etc.

    IF reparations are given, most if not all, will end up back in the NON – Black hands.
    How? Buying their European cars, buying
    (like ‘you know who’ AND BLM Ms. Patrice) expensive houses in Martha’s Vineyard’s, European clothing and shoes lines, European cars, going to vacation in European & Asian countries (not Africa for sure), expensive restaurants owned by non Blacks, spending that reparation money drinking in Europeans restaurants’ their wines/ champagnes.

    Also jewelry/ overly priced teeth grills in Chinese Johnny’s store and last but not least…….SMH…marrying White, Hispanic or Asian women that birth mixed kids that once grown, marry White people.

    Look at the Black wealthy athletes or celebrities. Whom do they usually marry or spend their money on? The non – Black women AND men of White communities.
    Halle Berry, Tina Turner, Kobe Bryant, to name a tiny few, ring a bell?

    Unless Blacks first become responsible & direct their money INTO THEIR OWN, those “reparations” will mostly end where their money always ends in NON – Blacks’ hands.

    Btw….There are thousands of expensive powerful companies all over the world owned by NON Blacks eager that Blacks DO get BIG reparations.

    Ps…And yes, they can indeed “keep this on forever” as they are the ONLY ones that can decide to give or not to give THEIR money aka reparations.

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