‘Hollering!’: Donald Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Paula White, Who Once Prayed for Angels of Africa to Reverse the 2020 Election, Is Now Asking the Nation to Pray for Trump Over His Legal Issues 

Televangelist Paula White called for prayer on social media for twice-impeached former resident Donald Trump following his indictment for criminal activity. Trump was indicted by a grand jury in Manhattan on March 30.

The evangelical is Trump’s spiritual adviser and infamously prayed for the 2020 election to be reversed by the angels of “Africa and South America.” White also spoke in tongues during her racist prayer.

Paula White Donald Trump
Televangelist Paula White prays with Donald Trump on Jan 7, 2020. (Photo: NowThis News / YouTube screenshot)

White preached that she heard a sound of “abundance of rain” and the sounds of “victory” before going into a bizarre prayer asking for African and South American angels to make Trump victorious.

“For angels are being released right now. Angels are being dispatched right now. Amunda, acka, atta, racka, dayda, packa, sanda, atta, amba, orsa, katta, reekay, panda, atta, reekay, deedy, asha, tar. For angels have even dispears… dispatched from Africa right now, Africa right now, Africa right now. From Africa right now…. From Africa. From South America. Angelic forces. Angelic reinforcement. Angelic reinforcement. Angelic reinforcement. Angelic reinforcement.”

The ex-president’s criminal charges have not been revealed, but it is expected that they stem from the hush money paid to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep his extramarital rendezvous with her private before the election, according to The New York Times.

Trump will have to surrender himself to Manhattan authorities next week, and the disgraced ex-president will be fingerprinted and have a mug shot taken at a New York courthouse. However, he will not be handcuffed, according to his lawyer, Joe Tacopina.

“The president will not be put in handcuffs,” Tacopina told “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos on March 31.

The criminal charges will be revealed during an arraignment after he surrenders. According to the Times, Trump is facing at least two dozen criminal counts in the indictment.

White shared a picture of herself praying with Trump after the criminal indictment was announced. The post was captioned, “Today I am asking for prayer for our nation, President Trump, and his family. All of us—regardless of party—should be appalled by the weaponization of the judicial system against someone they disagree with. (Deuteronomy 16:18-20) #prayer #trump.”

Twitter users quickly replied to the post. Several people referenced White’s infamous 2020 prayer and joked that things didn’t quite work out for the televangelist in the past.

“Ask the Africans again. See how that work,” noted one Twitter user, prompting another to reply, “Hollering.”

Another person wrote, “There was a time you called for angels from Africa. What’s their ETA?”

One user replied, “I am not praying for Donald Trump nor his family. In fact I think God has a sense of humor. Amen.”

One user echoed that sentiment and replied, “I’m sorry, I love the Lord, but will not pray for this man! God forgives those who repent and ask for forgiveness, this man has not repented nor has he admitted to any wrongdoing! That’s not how praying works!”

Another Twitter user replied with a more serious post saying that she was reserving her prayers for the people who died in the Capitol riot incited by Trump.

“I pray for the families of the people that lost their lives at the capitol riot,” she wrote. “While he rallied everyone to come and be with him (because he would be there….he said it), he never intended to go. Then sat back like a coward and watched as evil ran rampant and did nothing.” This prompted another user to reply, “Can I get an Amen!”

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