‘That Man Got You Spread Out Like a Star Fish’: A Video of Russell Simmons Doing Upside Down Yoga with a Trainer Has Fans Questioning His Technique 

A video of Russell Simmons getting stretched out upside down has made him the next target for comedic memes. 

Russell Simmons Masterminds of Hip-hop NFts
Russell Simmons’ yoga video leaves fans with questions. (Photo: Russell Simmons/Instagram)

The Shade Room obtained an already uploaded video from @itsheatinhere on Instagram that showed the Def Jam Recordings co-founder in a spine-bending position by his male yoga instructor’s hands and feet. 

From the clip, Simmons looked rather comfy as he bounced up and down and shifted in different directions while his trainer stretched out his entire body. 


While yoga often stimulates mental and physical relaxation, several fans felt that Simmons’ type of activity was too comical to take seriously. 

“Brooo WHAT so many questions and I don’t want answers”

“Ain’t ENOUGH wellness in the world to have me out here upside down with a man feets on my thigh”

“Aw naw UNC that man got you spreaded out like a star fish. VIOLATION”

“Fifty Shades of Black” actor and comedian Affion Crockett decided to poke fun at Simmons in one of his latest Instagram videos. During the bit, the 48-year-old did a voiceover impersonating Simmons’ inner thoughts while being held in the air. 

“I’m having so much fun. I’m bouncing upside down,” Crockett spoke, while imitating Simmons’ lisp. “This little piggy went to the market, I feel like an upside-down turtle, this is crazy. Oh, wait, starfish.” 

He continued, “Is my butthole supposed to itch? I can’t feel my balls. They love gravity. This is awesome. Is this massage vegan? What’s your name, Paul? Nice to meet you white man, who I don’t know.” 

After Crockett’s video received loads of attention, Simmons decided to repost it to his Instagram page and join in on the laughter. 

“This is hilarious i literally could have really said all of that silly s–t,” he wrote as his caption. 

“Honestly im overjoyed at life im the luckiest man on earth.. If God asked for a refund I wouldn’t be mad i have already lived 65 wonderful years and watched my daughters become incredible kind compassionate woman what else is there?”

As his message came to a close, Simmons described Crockett as his “little brother” and comically threatened to knock him “the f—k out” before writing, “i love you.” 

Simmons has been very vocal about his health and wellness journey throughout the past few years. 

In 2016, the entrepreneur opened up his own two-story yoga studio in Los Angeles, but stepped down from his responsibilities to the company two years later amid sexual assault allegations.

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