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‘Lady, Put the Gun Down!’: Houston Mom Charged with Shooting 6-Year-Old After Teen Shows Up to Her Home to Pick Fight with Daughter

A Houston woman was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after witnesses said she shot a 6-year-old boy in northeast Houston.

Brittney Sanders was identified as the shooter and arrested on March 2.

The incident started at Spring High School as a fight between teenage girls escalated and moved off-campus. One of the students was driven to Sanders’ home on Cypresswood Green Drive, located just 8 miles away from the school’s campus. An adult was identified as the driver of the car that drove to Sanders’ home.

(Left) Mugshot of Brittney Sanders from Harris County Sheriff Department, (right) Sanders being taken into custody. (Photos: Screenshots from Fox 26 Houston News and Harris County Sheriff’s Department Twitter page)

Sanders’ daughter was involved in a school altercation, and that is why the group came to her home. The fight continued from the school, and at some point, Sanders went inside her home to retrieve a gun. She then returned and fired a warning shot in the air before firing multiple shots into the vehicle.

“I started screaming,’ Lady, put the gun down!’ She wasn’t listening,” the witness recalled. “She started shooting again. She started getting closer and shooting one more round again. She got even closer and shot two more shots.”

A 6-year-old boy was sitting inside the vehicle and was the only one hit, according to Precinct 4 Cpt. Buddy Gheen.

“It does appear it was a designed meet-up,” said Gheen.

The boy was shot in the arm and thigh but was reported not to be in critical condition.

“The suspect then fires two to three more shots towards the vehicle, striking within that vehicle a 6-year-old male. That male was transported by that vehicle to the hospital,” Gheen said.

Sanders made her first appearance in court on March 3 after being booked into Harris County Jail. Prosecutors pushed for a $60,000 bond, but it was set for $20,000.

A Harris County judge questioned the motive of the two adults involved that could’ve prevented this tragic situation.

“It’s difficult enough for me to conceive of driving my child to somebody else’s house to pick a fight,” the judge said. “Much less to bring my 6-year-old with me, especially in a state like Texas.”

So far, Sanders has been the only one charged.

“I still recognize that a 6-year-old child was shot,” the judge said. “I also recognize there are a lot of factors that play into that happenstance. Primarily, yes, for the defendant to bring a gun out and pull the trigger.”

According to Harris County Sheriff’s department, Sanders has bonded out and now is currently awaiting triaHowever, a. A trial date hasn’t been set. There also have been no new updates on the condition of the 6-year-old boy who was shot.

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