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‘Tempers Flared’: Black Woman Charged After Fatally Shooting a South Carolina Woman Who Spat At Her During Parking Lot Dispute Over Who ‘Had the Right of Way’

A parking lot argument proved to be fatal for a South Carolina woman who police say spat at a driver who confronted her about blocking her in traffic.

On Tuesday, Feb. 14, not long before 4 p.m., Alexandria Cress Borys, 26, was putting groceries in her car at a Kroger grocery store in Irmo, a suburb of Columbia, South Carolina, when she crossed paths with a vehicle driven by Christina Harrison, 23.

WISTV states Borys was shopping with her sister-in-law, niece, and nephew on the day of the incident.

South Carolina Parking Lot Shooting
Christina Harrison, left, is accused of shooting Alexandria Cress Borys, right, on Feb. 14, 2023. (Photos: YouTube screenshot/LiveNow from Fox)

Local outlet FITS News reports sources close to the scene said Borys was nearly struck by the vehicle driven by Harrison, whose view had been obstructed by another vehicle parked in a fire lane. Witnesses agree that at that point an argument ensued between the two women.

According to Irma Police Chief Bobby Dale, neither woman knew the other before the shooting.  

However, police say the two’s heated argument was “over who had the right-of-way” in the grocery store’s parking lot.

Fox News reports that Chief Dale said in an email to the network that at one point during the exchange, Borys, who was on foot, spat at Harrison, who was driving in her white Ford vehicle. Dale stated that after spitting at the Black woman, “Borys turned away and was simultaneously shot.”  

The bullet struck Borys, who was white, in the back of her head.

Tyler Borys, the woman’s husband, said, “From what I have pieced together, they had either concluded the argument or Alex was walking away. It’s indicating she was shot with her back turned.”

After the incident, Harrison drove away but turned herself in to Irmo police at 5:30 p.m. the same afternoon. Harrison handed herself over to authorities while police were still at the scene of the shooting.

Dale said Harrison, a woman with no known criminal history, was then charged with murder, unlawfully carrying a pistol, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. She was later booked at the Lexington County Detention Center.

According to The Lexington County Bond Court, Harrison was scheduled to make an appearance on Wednesday, Feb. 15,  but her lawyer waived the hearing.

A representative from Kroger’s corporate office said the store is working with law enforcement regarding the shooting and have “provided video to help the Irmo Police Department in their investigation.”

The spokesperson said, “This was a senseless tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of the victim.”

In a prepared statement on Facebook, the chief said, “Unfortunately, this is a situation where tempers flared, and someone let anger get the best of them. One rash decision has impacted the lives of two families and countless others who witnessed this tragic event.” 

“Senseless is the only word I can think of to describe what happened today,” he concluded.

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