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‘Imagine Your Mom Doing This Online’: Kandi Draws Mixed Reactions After Posting Video of Her ‘Seductively’ Dancing from Swing

If it’s one thing to know about Kandi Burruss, it’s that she’s not afraid to show others how to spice it up in the bedroom. As a Valentine’s Day treat, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star dropped a steamy video promoting her very own bedroom swing set. 

Burruss hung from a door as she put her flexibility on display while attempting several tricks as her balance on the toy stayed intact. Each time the 46-year-old successfully accomplished a move, a new hairstyle and outfit popped onto her body. 

Kandi Burruss. (Photo: @kandi/Instagram.)

To help viewers get into the seductive mood, Burruss added Usher’s upcoming single “GLU” to her background. 

As Burruss’ erotic video came to an end, she received a phone call from her husband, Todd Tucker, who asked her what she was doing, to which Burruss replied, “I’m just getting ready for you later, baby.” 

The video was first uploaded to her TikTok account under @kandi and then later uploaded to Burruss’ Instagram page.

“This new @Usher song made me have to pull out the Bedroom Kandi swing! #GLU Happy Valentine’s Day y’all [red hearts],” Burruss wrote, adding, “Get the swing at”

Her video received over a million plays, with celebrities like rapper Premadonna, TV host Naz Perez and Usher hyping up her choreography in the comments section. 

Not too long after Burruss’ video upload, The Neighborhood Talk re-posted it, with fans expressing their mixed reviews about her performance. 

“No hate cause I like her… But I honestly don’t get sex appeal vibes from her like y’all be saying.”

“She’s selling the hell out of this and I’m buying.”

“Kandi please.”

“Boy I’m glad my mama ain’t on social media like this.”

“Imagine your mom doing this online.”

“You can tell the ppl with boring S3xs lives in the comments cause she definitely ate.”

“I love Kandi but idk… she just doesn’t give off ‘sex appeal.’” 

Burruss founded her luxurious bedroom toys and cosmetics company in 2011. According to Bedroom Kandi’s official site, the brand’s mission “is to empower people, both sexually and financially.”

The company’s website consists of items such as vibrators, body massagers and oil sprays. 

Burruss’ comfort level regarding her sensuality has never been an issue for her. In fact, in 2019 the Xscape vocalist created the Kandi Dungeon Tour that featured burlesque-like performances from rapper Trina and singer Tamar Braxton. 

There was even an episode of “RHOA” during season 13 entitled, “Welcome to the Dungeon Ladies” that highlighted Burruss’ sultry dungeon show. 

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