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‘When I Was Everybody’: Eddie Murphy Reveals Surprising Moment He Knew He’d Made It in Hollywood

Comedian Eddie Murphy revealed when he realized he’d made it in Hollywood recently, and the answer may surprise you. Murphy got his start in showbusiness as a regular on “Saturday Night Live” back in 1980.

Following his time on “Saturday Night Live,” Murphy went on the star in films such as “Trading Places,” “Beverly Hills Cop,” “Harlem Nights” and “Coming To America.” However, Murphy said the moment he realized he had “arrived” was while he was filming his comedy “The Nutty Professor” in 1996. The talented actor flawlessly played several members of one family in a hilarious scene in the film.

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Eddie Murphy arrives at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan, 5, 2020, in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage)

The actor described playing nearly every character in the scene. “’Nutty Professor,’ when I was everybody around the table. I was like, ‘Hey, look, I am everybody at this table. I have arrived, I have arrived. I’m everybody? I have arrived.’”

Murphy is currently starring in “You People” with his former “Saturday Night Live” co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. The film also stars Nia Long, David Duchovny, Jonah Hill and Lauren London. The comedian praised the cast as a “super-talented” group of people.

“This cast was an amazing group of people and actors and actresses to work with. It was a bunch of super-talented people around the table.”

The documentary “The Last Stand” about the talented entertainer is in the works as well. Murphy said he was apprehensive about filming a documentary at first but later agreed because of his unique and lengthy career.

“They’ve been doing that documentary for … They started that when I went back to host ‘Saturday Night Live.’ So what’s that? Three years ago, four years,” said Murphy. “Well, I have been in the business so long, and there wasn’t anything like that, and I’ve had a unique career. So I was like, ‘Everybody does documentaries now.’ I’ve been doing it long enough, and there’s enough stuff that there’s an interesting story there, how it all happened, and it’s all documented.”

Murphy added that the documentary will end with his receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 2023 Golden Globes. “The end was … because we had probably ended, maybe, three or four months ago, then was like, ‘Hey, I’m going to get this Cecil B. DeMille Award. That’s a good way to end it.’ So the end will be that, winning that, getting that award.”

Murphy is also working on the fourth “Beverly Hills Cop” film. “You People” is currently streaming on Netflix.

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